Funny Images!


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Because I couldn't find such a thread in the talk forum, and there was no hellsing forum... I'm making this forum.

Feel free to just drop in video game images... mmm'kay?

As for the source of this image, it was from the land of chans. And it is amusing, hopefully, this won't be a repost.

Also... for those who've read hellsing, you should know where this scene is from. :lol:



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Oh sweet baby buddha ... there is no way in which this is not awesome.



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There is awesome.

And then.

There is brawl.

Game over, bastards.


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Sweet baby raptor jesus on an unicycle.

This is not awesome, this is Awesome with a big, fat capital A.

And Mario as the Major... ~~~~~ heheheeHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE.



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...suddenly, I'm imagining some sort of crossover where this Mario begins invading some other dimension or dimensions, looking to stir up...Brawl. And making it all terribly bad ass.


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Can't you imagine Peach as an Intergal analog? To THIS Mario?

The fierce battle as Mushroom Kingdom is razed? Or is that... Sarasland? :p

And of course, it'll be a three way battle... Major Mario vs Peach vs ????? B)


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...I can't help but think that Kirby, given his ability to take the powers of those he eats, ought to be Alucard. Though Metaknight could work, I suppose.

Awesome barriers have been attacked. Xeelee response forces have been dispatched. Enemy pushed back throught great sacrifices. Breaching expected to occure within the time of a next appearence of such comics.

Xeelee Response Forces survival expectations: 0%


The Awesome, it can not be stopped.
I'm missing something critical, apparently. Nice artwork, though.
Ah. Never have read or watched the series, so I'd have missed that. Thanks.


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:blink: :blink: :blink: Is is just me or is that a seriously fracked up Pikachu.


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Nice, I wonder which new Brawl Battlefield will be anointed?

For some reason, just had a flash of a Dark version of Negima and all of the Students participating.

Gah, now thinking of the Animations from the updated Dead Fantasy 2.


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I'm just gonna just give the links this time, because I don't wanna super-stretch the damn page more than necessary. Also, a lot of transgender-ism in the comics listed here. Thus it's not for everyone.

Midnight Bliss'd Bowser

Amongst the Gerudo

Amongst the Gyarados - Link in Pokemon?!?

Competitive Zelda: Twilight Princess (no TG)

Blind 1 (no TG)

Blind 2 (no TG)

Zelda Imp Zelda as an Imp ala Midna (no TG)

Possessed Zelda: Twilight Princess (no TG... kind of)

A few more "Brawl" comics...

Kirby Chew (Does Kirby count as TG when it transforms?)

Falcon Moves

Zelda Security

Hot and Bothered


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(Click to get to the Deviantart Site for the super large sized glory)

A different Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser. ^_^

And yeah, Lord Arm... Snake has the right of it.


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Huh, HailNekoYasha finally put together their own site, it looks like. Interesting.

Edit: Oh, man, I forgot how funny some of these were... :snigger: