Gargoyles/TMNT Crossover


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This idea has come up a couple of times, and for some reason, it popped back into my mind. I went to, and there WERE a couple of crossovers, but they were way too short for my tastes., so...

I don't really have any solid ideas about this, so I'll open it up with a couple of questions.

-How do they meet?
-When do they meet?
-What is their reaction?
-What about Xanatos and Shredder? How to they fit into this?
-Same question for other characters, major and minor.

My thoughts:

-I think that they would most likely either meet on patrol or at a crime scene. Depending on the circumstances, it could be a tense couple of minute,s or if the hotheads get antsy, there could be a period of conflict brought by misunderstanding.

-Timewise, it would probably be better to meet earlier on, definitely before Goliath goes on the Magical World Tour. If the timing is right, The Turtles could accidentally start a turf war against the Mutates.

-Aside from the reactions of the Turtles/Gargoyles, the actions of their human partners, April and Elisa. April will probably start asking a lot of questions about the Gargoyles, while Elisa will launch her own investigation on the turtles. It would be interesting to see them try to throw off and misdirect each other.

-Shredder and Xanatos... it could vary. They could be allies or enemies, depending on where the writer wants to take it.

So, what do you guys think?

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Which era of Turtles are you using? The most recent one (the current series, the CG movie) would be far too easy to put together.

Anyway, I once had a pulp comic of the Turtles, back in the early 90's. (It got stolen, dammit.) There was something about living trees and an underground wrestling ring. ... I really wish I could find some of those old comics, from before the '87 Saturday morning series.

...back on topic: Which era are you using?

zerohour said:
April and Elisa. ... It would be interesting to see them try to throw off and misdirect each other.
Xanatos-ing each other? :snigger:


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Like I said, it's an open idea, so I'm looking over wikipedia to figure out which era would work best. One of the darker incarnations would probably be best, since it would mathc up the atmospheres of both shows pretty well.


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Xanatos wouldn't bother dealing with someone like Shredder. Both of them are too used to being in charge to handle the other for any amount of time. And when you consider Xanatos ended up being more grey than full on evil in the end, whereas the modern cartoon/original comic book shedder was totally evil, I'd have to say they would not work too well together.

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Wait till Thanksgiving break, when I'll actually have a chance to go out and buy a season on DVD; then I'll get back to you.

For now, Orgo and Physics. :headbanger: :headbanger: :headbanger: