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Good. This looping Ash has to be champion of every region. There are other posibilities with more pokemon universes like pokemon special.


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Its more the fact that red had an earlier loop ad mentioned he hated Ketchum loops... I decided that Ash probably hates Red loops


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I cannot remember, but when did we.start doing the Heatranvestite (the smug bastard/bitch) joke again?

I am sure it was in the Ranma loops.


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How did I miss the Red loops for so long?


Once I come up with a good idea, I'll be posting it. Just be warned, some of my ideas have been twisted in the past :rofl:
Dang. Over a year without another post. Might as well try posting this little blurb and getting some better minds back here. Though I don't think there's much in ideas for this universe, even if it kinda loops naturally now that I think about it.

If there was one thing the four of them could agree on; besides the fact that none of them were ever going on a vaction again after this, it was that they all hated the new guy. Always going on about his family. 'I hope they made it out alright.' or 'They had better not have killed them.' or even on occassion 'Was that my wife you stabbed to death?' And when he wasn't talking about them, he was always being a pest in some other way. Ruining perfectly good plans on taking out the enemies by charging in head first with that damned claw of his; whining about how he had military training and should get the guns, even when he missed every shot and begged the rest of us for more ammo. She always cheered a bit whenever he was launched onto his back from the stronger infected, and made sure to take her sweet time patching him up.

A cold finger tapped her on the shoulder, prompting Xian to turn over onto her back as well as to thank José for the notice. A cheerful groan was her reply.

That was why she perferred the first island, he wasn't there....most of the time. That was also the reason she immediately egged him on the moment she heard Purna's bet, doing the entire adventure alone. If he wanted to shout about how he was the best and all that, then he could damn well prove it. It also meant the first chance to actually relax on the TROPICAL RESORT, and not have to worry about getting eaten by whatever was around the corner. And Purna also made sure that the infected would leave them alone; by draging that Ram out in a headlock (where did she find him anyway?), reaching down his throat and turning him inside out before informing the infected that that would be a mercy compared to what she would do to them if they didn't focus on the 'fresh meat' as she put it.

She turned her head to look at the admittedly attractive lady sunning in the chair next to her. At least they were alone by the pool, Logan having decided to have a drinking contest somewhere with a couple of the Walkers (didn't he realize they couldn't get drunk, at least she didn't think they could) and Sam had already disappeared into the hotel with a half dozen bikini-clad Infected (she wasn't even going to go there) before she had picked out a bikini of her own. Who knows, maybe a few more shots and she would work up the nerve to properly thank her for this chance. At least they had a lot of time, 3 'days' and that one Infected had said John still hadn't been able to leave the beach.

Edit: Changed a bit to get rid of the video game concepts.

And I feel that I may need to explain this. Basically, it's a psudo-loop universe. (The whole 'New Game +' bit. Starting over with your character at it's current level.) They go through the Banoi adventure, get on the choppr, then boom. Back to the starting bungalow. Over and over again until they get past the expected restart point one time, think it's all over only to start the Palanai adventure. However, only the original 4 are doing the loop. They got pretty comfortable with fighting as a team, and John becomes a 5th wheel pretty much. This is the first actual Loop, and don't realize that A - They are as strong as Level 70s in a Level 1's 'playthrough', and B - John's not Awake and panicing over being transported to Banoi. Plus, this could have been the first crack that started all the other Loops .


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A quick shorty I wanted to get out of the way.


Much like Shepard, Liara T'soni had many points of re-entry when she woke up to a new Loop in their universe. Though much UNlike Shepard, her entry points all were she was in a meld with the Commander(Commanders if you count the numerous other versions of Shepard running around including her own).

Unfortunately, that also meant that there was a chance she would Wake up mid-coitus. She wouldn't normally mind such an awakening, but usually the only times she ever seemed to Wake up to those was when she would have died a horrible and painful death Which came as jarring, especially when you died with a Dragon's Tooth impaled onto you and slowly and painfully killing you as you're whole biology is forever twisted, converted and warped, to Waking up with Shepard's body moving on baser instinct with the absence of thought, down between your legs and ea-


Anyway, as it seemed, Liara gasped and shuddered, eyes opening as she looked around her surroundings.

"Liara, you ok?" Came Shepard's voice, concerned.

Liara took a quick examination of her surroundings.

The well-lit spacious and relaxing blue of the SR1 was had always been a welcome sight, especially with memories of simpler times.

"I...I am not feeling too well Shepard." Liara automatically responded, looking into Shepard's eyes. She was mentally delighted to see that spark of knowing behind those eyes. But there would more of that later. Right now they'll have to follow a quick bout of acting to avoid suspicion among their unAwake peers.

"Come on. We can decipher the beacon later. I'll take you to Chakwas to get you checked out." With that Shepard slung Liara's arms, wrapping an arm around the asari's waist for support, and guided her towards the infirmary. The arm's position virtually put Shepard's hand within easy caressing distance of Liara's bottom.

As soon as the door hissed shut, Wrex snorted in amusement. "They're pretty much going to fuck in one of the storage closets anyway." The other occupants of the room, Ashley, Kaidan, Garrus and Tali voiced their agreements.

"So who fucked up and got us restarted?" Garrus was the next to talk.

Kaidan answered, "Well, since we didn't Wake up to Liara calling Shepard by various titles of divinity, it was probably a soft reset rather than a hard 'oh god my spleen' reset kind of thing."

Idly, Tali murmured out loud, "I wonder when Shepard and Liara are going to realize that we're sometimes awake too?"



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I guess I'll try my hand at this. Here's a Fire Emblem Awakening loop idea, tentatively titled ReAwakening.

Avatar (let's go with Robin) kills Grima at the end of the story only for the universe to explode because of interference from the Outrealm Gate, which future!Grima tied himself to as he passed through it.

The AMG being who watches over this part of the multiverse happens to be Old Hubba, who decides that this is cheating on Grima's part and invokes the system force (or whatever it is that allows the loops to occur, I can never seem to find the original loops anywhere) to create a set of loops for Robin to run through while he figures out how to make the Outrealm Gate stop spazzing out. This is worrying for Robin because while Hubba is a lot more than he lets on, his senile old pervert act is legitimate and the fate of existence rests in his hands. Frankly, that's not good enough.

During the first or second loop however, Robin discovers his own solution when he meets whoever his wife was in the original timeline and she's Awake. The trigger for a girl awakening in this iteration of the loops turns out to be having married Robin in a previous timeline; the connection exists through Morgan, who is already orphaned outside of time and exists independently of the loops. Fate isn't immutable but it still exists, and Morgan's existence is the knot that ties the threads of Robin and his wife together. When the Shepards meet Morgan and she's awake as well, Morgan hits on the idea of strengthening Robin's bonds with the rest of the army until he's able to absorb Grima into himself rather than the other way around.

Chrom is right when he says that bonds have power, but the strongest bonds aren't those between friends; they're the ones between loved ones and family. This entails marrying every single named girl in the army and possibly a couple of the Einherjar as well across dozens of loops. It also requires maintaining the ensuing harem between all the Awakened girls, particularly with temperamental personalities like Sully and Tharja in the group. When Robin has the entire female half of the army backing him up with the Power of Love (either romantic or platonic in the case of his children) then and only then will he have the power to subdue Grima and end the loops.

In the meantime, Morgan spends a lot of her time having wild adventures away from the main plot, like leading an expedition over to Valm to get Tiki and Sariya in on the fun before the end game or hooking up with Tharja and Nowi and wrecking havoc in Plegia.