Genius: The Transgression.


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Does anyone else want to play it? It's rather interesting.

Meinos Kaen

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I might be interested. Are you also offering yourself as a Storyteller, LW?


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Oh hahaahaha Hell no.

/me already has too many things to run and omakes to write.

I'd like to play it however ;p


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Hmm. I might be able to run it. I've gotten a few ideas glancing through the God-Machine Chronicle, though I think I'll need to read through the adventures in a bit more detail, and I've got an exam I need to study for next Friday.


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Okay, double posting a bit, but I think I've hammered out the details for the campaign, and how to update Genius to the new pseudo-edition (the rules of which I linked to above).

You're all staff and/or students at the Wellington School for Gifted Children, a school for the "special", brilliant, and strange. The school board recently sold off a bunch of schools to private companies to cover holes in their budget, and this particular school was sold to a company called Edu Tech Corp, which decided to cut costs by hiring a bunch of less-than-qualified individuals as staff members; a member of the local Lemurians decided to take advantage of this by getting a bunch of Geniuses hired for positions that their madness would usually disqualify them from.

Rules changes to Geniuses:
-Geniuses almost always have at least one of their three Aspirations relating to Mad Science in some fashion.
-Rather than the Jabir penalty to all social rolls, all Geniuses have the Madness Condition as a permanent part of their Supernatural Template; when they become Unmada, the dice pool of the Condition doubles. The dice pool created by this condition can never be used to penalise Mental or Social rolls that involve Mad Science or interactions with Manes, Geniuses, or other creatures of Mania.
-Rather than Derangements associated with their Catalysts, they gain an additional Vice instead, as appropriate (e.g, Klagens gain Depression as an additional Vice). This works as per the Vice-Ridden Merit.
-The Beholden Merit is replaced by the Staff and Retainer merits, both of whom can represent Beholden followers.
-The Workshop Merit now works as per the Safe Place merit; Size and Equipment are determined by Resources or other appropriate Social Merits.
-Katastrophic weapons may allocate their points between Equipment Bonus and Damage, to gain bonuses to hit, and then extra damage on a successful hit. So, for instance, a Katastrophic Heat Ray with a Core Modifier of +1 might have an Equipment bonus of +4 and a Damage of +2, a +3 to both, or any other combination that adds up to 6. Changing the allocation of these bonuses after the Wonder is created requires a successful Modify Variables action.
-Prostasia armor starts with an equal number of points in both Ballistic and General armor equal to its listed armor rating. It's possible to increase one by decreasing the other an equal amount. Changing the allocation of points of Armor after the Wonder is created requires a successful Modify Variables action.


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So, I started a thread for this over here, on Questionable Questing. Latewave, Meinos, feel free to come on over.