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Unohana is scary.


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Fail. Try 5:32 <a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>here.</a>


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All hail the holy necromancer. For he brings good things back to life...


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crazyfoxdemon said:
All hail the holy necromancer. For he brings good things back to life...
It isn't a necro. Meinos posted some more of the fic.


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A necro is nothing more than an update. Really, this is both.

Meinos Kaen

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Edited a couple things in the first snippet and added more. Enjoy. :D

"Ok. This time they really went too far."

"N-No, it's alri-OW!"

"Hanatarou, they booby trapped your broom!" Isane said, enraged. Kiyone flinched as her older sister pulled yet another splinter out of Hanatarou's right arm before turning her glare on her. "You don't have anything to do with this, right?"

"O-Of course not! I'm not so... Ruthless." The shinigami said in her defense as another member of their division pulled the last splinter out of their patient's arm before cleaning the cuts.

As suggested, Kiyone had followed Hanatarou around all day. The 7th seat had done nothing that could validate Kiyone's theory, much to her chagrin, and she had been witness to some of the daily bullying the boy was subject to but the day had ended abruptly when Hanataro's broom suddenly exploded in his hands and filled his arms with wood splinters. "I agree with you, nee-chan. This is way too much for a prank."

"Indeed. I'm opening an investigation about this." Isane declared as she strapped a few bandages to wrap Hanatarou's arms with.

"No, Isane-san. It's okay... I mean..." The two sisters turned in Hanatarou's direction as one woman. "That could cause trouble, right?"

"C-Cause tr-!" Isane groaned. The image of the perverted Hanatarou disappeared from the younger sister's mind.

"It's okay. I'm used to it." It was replaced by another one.

"... Yamada-san, I may have a theory about why your Zanpakuto doesn't want to talk to you."

"Uh? Really?" The shinigami said as he checked he bandages. "What..."

"IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE A WIMP!" Hanatarou cringed while his division colleagues instinctively plugged their ears just in time. As Ukitake can sadly testify, Kiyone can be quite loud when she wants to. "PEOPLE PRANK AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU AND YOU DON'T EVEN REACT! NOW THEY TRY TO BLOW YOU UP AND YOU DON'T EVEN WANT TO KNOW WHO WAS IT?!"

"Yeeee! I-I'm sorryyyyyyyy!" he screamed, cowering in fear, much to Kiyone's further annoyance. She glared at him.

"That's it. You're coming with me."

"U-Uh?" Kiyone suddenly grabbed onto Hanatarou's arm and started pulling, bringing him away.


"Sorry, nee-chan. I just can't stand it. A guy this wimpy... Come on!"

"Noooo!" The 7th seat cried pathetically before he was forcefully shunpoed away.

"... That... That... Aaaargh!" Isane roared, pulling at her hair. "Why must she always be like this..."

"Oh, I think it's fine. It's not like your sister wants to harm Hanatarou, right?" Isane sighed and turned around, the visage of her captain calming her down a bit.

"Not intentionally. But my sister is known for letting herself be... Dragged into troublesome endeavors." The squabbles with her fellow third seat are legendary. She wished Ukitake would make up his mind and choose a new lieutenant, already. "And Hanatarou isn't exactly one to oppose being bullied around."

"Well, as long as she doesn't do anything to worsen the wounds on his arms, she should be fine." Isane nodded... And then realized something. She slowly turned in Unohana's direction, her eyes wide. The older woman was smiling.

"Captain... Hanatarou had the incident less than half an hour ago."

"Did he, now." She replied amicably.

"... The point is... How did you know..." Isane stopped. Unohana was still smiling but her eyes were now opened. "... Nevermind."


"Alright. Here's the plan." Kiyone released Hanatarou as soon as they arrived at their intended destination, a meadow near the 13th Division's quarters, cue him tripping and falling on his face. "I don't care how or when, I'm gonna beat the wimp and make a fine shinigami out of you!"

"B-But... I'm a seated member already..."

"Then start acting like one! I'm not asking you to suddenly become as cool as Captain Ukitake, but at least to stand up for yourself. As the 13th Division's next Lieutenant, I can't let this slide! Now sit." Hanatarou wanted to remind her that he was in the 4th, but thought against it and acquiesced. "Now, what do you know how to do other than healing?"

"Huuu... ... Chores?"

"... Something concerning fighting?" Kiyone deadpanned. Hanatarou laughed nervously.

"Sorry. Well, I'm adept at using healing Kido and I know a few defensive chants... But it seems that there's something wrong whenever I try using offensive Kido." Kiyone raised an eyebrow at that. "The outcomes are never pretty..."

"And your Zanpakuto?" Kiyone said, and she noticed a physical reaction, like he suddenly felt uncomfortable with the subject they were discussing. "What are its powers? And why do you not carry it around with you? It's not only because it won't talk to you anymore, right?"

"... N-No other reason, really." So there was another reason. That he wasn't willing to share.

"I see. I guess that your swordmanship isn't that good because of that, too." Kiyone sighed, huffing and raising one of her locks in the process. "This is going to be a long process."

"Well, thanks for tryi-"

"Sit." He sat. "I'm not letting someone like you serve under nee-chan... I'm gonna need help, though." She was the one who got back on her feet, this time. "Alright, you"re off the hook for today. I'll come looking for you soon, though!"

"Ehm, Kiyone-san..."


"What was the point of coming all the way out here, then if you only wanted to ask me a couple questions?"

"..." Now she felt stupid.


"That was so strange, Isagomaru. She isn't like Isane-san at all." As always, Hanatarou recounted his day to his Zanpakuto while he readied himself for bed. "And now she said that she wants to... I guess train me. She said I was too much of a wimp. Oh, my..." Hanatarou had stopped talking when he heard a familiar sound. "Hisagomaru... Did you say something?"

He was only met with silence. "I guess... I imagined that. Well, good night." What Hanatarou didn't know is that his zanpakuto had indeed talked, although only in a whizper. And the whispered words were 'I think I like her already'.


"Meeting adjourned! See you next week!"

"Come on, Yachiru." Kenpachi motioned her and the little lieutenant immediately jumped and latched onto Kenpachi's shoulder.

"Bye, everyone!"

"Have a good day."


"Byebye! Nemu, wait!" The purple haired shinigami was joined in her walk by Kiyone, who proceeded to adequate her pace to her quarry's one. "Should we go back together? Part of the way it's the same."

"Sure." Kiyone smiled, happy that the girl hadn't refused. She never knew how to act around Nemu outside of the SWA's meetings, and even there the girl was a strange as her 'father'. Not in a dangerous or lethal way, fortunately. "So... What are you going to do, now?"

"Mayuri-sama is currently occupied with a long duration experiment, so I will have to coordinate the division members."

"Huh. That will be a lot of work." She would know about it. Whenever captain Ukitake became too ill, it was up to her and Sentarou to do just that, and they were in two. She wondered how one person managed to do it alone.

"Not really." She replied. Kiyone nodded and decided to just ask. No point in dancing around it.

"Nemu... Your captain is like, a mad genius. You're somewhat of a scientist too, right?"

"... Being Mayuri-sama's aide requires being knowledgeable in a numberof areas, yes." Nemu said, turning in Kiyone's direction. "Why the interest, if I may?"

"Well, I kind of need help figuring something out." She admitted, crossing her arms in front of her chest. "Remember last week, when we talked about the guy from my sister's division? The one whose zanpakuto won't talk to him no more?"

"I recall."

"Well, I've talked a bit with him, and he also admitted to not being able to use offensive kido. Like, at all. He says that every time he tries, bad things happen or something like that."

"Oh." Nemu said, her slight inflection of voice proof of surprise or at least interest. "Interesting."

"Since you're a science wiz of some kind, I thought you could know something about both things, you know. I just can't stomach that kind of wimpy shinigami..." Nemu nodded, and put a hand to her chin.

"Regarding the zanpakuto, it might be difficult to determine the cause of its silence unless it's clinical. For the kido... Maybe Mayuri-sama might have once studied something like that. It might be in his files." She turned to Kiyone again. "It would be easier if I could examine him with proper equipment, though."

"Hmm... So, basically, I have to convince that scaredy-cat to come get examined by the 12th division whose captain is quite infamous for his ethics or lack of thereof?" Nemu nodded. Kiyone grinned. "Not a problem."


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Poor Poor Hanatarou


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Kiyone is mean...and cute. Is a pairing being suggested or is it a 'Hanatarou levels up' fic?

A necro is nothing more than an update. Really, this is both.
A necro is when someone posts a comment long after everyone else has stopped commenting and it does not add anything new or relevant to the topic.

Meinos posted a new segment of the fic two days ago, the comments after that were on topic and were close to the time the new segment was posted. Ergo, they were not necros. Also I don't think writing more for a fanfic can ever be considered a necro.

Meinos Kaen

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"K-Kiyone-san... While I find it quite believable that someone may have injured himself extensively, working in the 12th Division..."

"My, aren't you observant!" Kiyone observed with a grin as she kept on dragging the growing nervous Hanatarou, who she had 'caught' with the excuse that they needed a medic at the 12th Division's barracks.

"You said the barracks... But this is the main building. With the labs. And the morgues." He started to plant his feet, and Kiyone internally frowned. He was catching up but it was too late. They had reached their destination.

"Barracks, morgue, cemetery, whatever." Kiyone opened the door dragging the 7th Seat with her. "Nemu, we're her-Ghk!"

"Iyeeeee!" While Hanatarou's shriek of fear was pathetic, even Kiyone couldn't help but comment vocally at the... Device in the room.

"Kiyone-san. Yamada-san. Welcome." The lieutenant welcomed them, dressed as usually, normally. Like she wasn't standing beside something that looked like a very impressionable child's re-imagining of a dentist chair crossed with an automatic autopsy-maker 3000, copyright Kurotsuchi Mayuri. "You're very much punctual."

"N-Nemu... What the hell is that-Stay still, you!"

"It's just the machinery we will adoperate for the examination of Yamada-san." Said Yamada renewed his struggles. "It is perfectly safe."

"Wel, you're the doc-Damn it!" Hanatarou managed to free himself but Kiyone reached the door in time. "No way. Get on the death ch-I mean, the examination chair."

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" The male shinigami started running around the fairly large room, much to Kiyone's annoyance, since she was currently unable to catch him again.

"Damn... Nemu, can you help me restrain him?!"

"Of course."

"Noooo! Leave me aloooon-!" Hanatarou stopped. Kiyone froze. Nemu just blinked.

"... Nemu. What are you doing?"

"Restraining him."

"No. You're hugging him to your chest. Your enormous chest. He froze because of the shock." Indeee, Hanatarou was limp in Nemu's embrace, his body shuddering slightly every few seconds. "... I think he's bleeding from the nose."

"It happens. Still, mission accomplished." Nemu replied as she picked the captured Hanatarou bridal style and set him onto the strange machine, strapping him in place. "Shall we get on with it?"

"..." Kiyone brought her hands to her chest and squeezed. Then pouted. "Nee-chan is big too. Why am..."


"Ah! Y-Yes!"

Lord Raine

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Using breasts as a restraining device? My God. She really is the daughter of a genius.


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Lord Raine said:
Using breasts as a restraining device? My God. She really is the daughter of a genius.
Why don't we see this more often?!

Its Genius :eek:


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Well, it's not like it failed the last time she tried.


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zeebee1 said:
Well, it's not like it failed the last time she tried.
And it's doubtful it will fail the next time she tries, either...


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Rakhasa said:
zeebee1 said:
Well, it's not like it failed the last time she tried.
And it's doubtful it will fail the next time she tries, either...
Or really any time that she tries it in the future..


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To be fair, Hitsugaya's gained a resistance over the years. It was a long and painful process to achieve that few could have survived. :(

The Sandman

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~NGD OMEGA~ said:
To be fair, Hitsugaya's gained a resistance over the years. It was a long and painful process to achieve that few could have survived. :(
...or it's just that he started the training before he hit puberty.

Meinos Kaen

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"Seems like we've found the source of Hanatarou's san condition." Nemu said out loud, her methodical analysis of the 4th Division Shnigami's body now over. "It's something that Mayuri-sama already researched. It's-Kiyone-san?"

"Hmm... Thanks, Captain..." The blonde third seat had dozed off on a nearby chair. "I won't... I won't fail your... Truust... Zzz..."

Nemu stared for a few seconds. She then approached the sleeping Shinigami and nudged the chair back. Gravity did everything else. "WAH! We're under attack!"

"Kiyone-san. I'm finished." Nemu's voice made her realize where she was. With a heavy blush, she stood back up and approached the thankfully intact although unconscious Hanatarou and the machine he was strapped on. The tall girl gently nudged him awake. "Yamada-san. Wake up."

"Huuu..." Hanatarou moaned softly as his eyes fluttered open. "W-Where am-Ah!" He remembered. "Aaah! What is this thing?! Why am I undressed?!"

"We're done with your examination." Nemu went to work on Hanatarou's restraint, who calmed down considerably when he saw he was being let go. He even sat up slowly on the contraption's chair, even if he started patting his body to check for missing or new pieces. "I managed to uncover the reason of your ineptitude in using offensive Kido."

"Huh? Really?" Hanataro received a nod.

"So? What is it?" Kiyone asked, eager to know.

"Well, to put it simply, it's because you don't like violence." The two non scientist Shinigami in the room still blinked at that declaration. "It's not only a Zanpakuto's power that can get influenced by a Shinigami's will. Our own bodies are made of reishi and a strong enough will can manipulate them, even unconsciously. The existence of Quincies is proof of that."

"So, let me get this straight." Kiyone rubbed her forehead, trying to prevent a headache. "You mean that since he hates violence, he's that good at healing kido but sucks at the offensive kind because his body obeys his head?"

"That's a crude version but it's accurate enough." Nemu acquiesced. "Still, that doesn't bar Yamada-san from learning restrictive and support kido. His body should be able to handle that without problems."

"... It's a start, I guess." Kiyone sighed before gathering Hanatarou's uniform and throwing it at their owner. "Get dressed."

"A-Alright." Hanatarou obeyed while Nemu stared at him. He gulped. She looked like a polite girl, but still... Kurotsuchi. "What is it, Nemu-san?"

"... Nothing." Nemu averted her eyes as soon as he got dressed.

"Alright. Let's go!" Kiyone grabbed on the male shinigami's arm and started pulling him away. "We're starting Kido training, Kiyone style! Thanks and bye, Nemu-san!"

"Eh?! B-But-" As the duo left the room, Nemu brought back on screen the full scan of Hanatarou's body. She zoomed on a particular area.

'Never seen Reishi act this way in a body.'. Nemu brought a hand to her chin, feeling something stirring in her gut, which she couldn't identify. Also, she couldn't explain why she hadn't told Hanatarou and Kiyone. Little did she know that it was something that identified as the 'daughter' of a scientist: her first inkling of academic curiosity. 'Should I observe him a little longer?'


"Isane, I think it's late enough. We should close the compound's main door."

"Five more minutes, please." Isane replied curtly as she kept on observing the road in both direction. The female 4th Division member with her sighed.

"Isane-san, Hanatarou is an adult and it's not the first time he hasn't come back on time."

"But he was doing chores, usually. He never was carried around by my sister all day."

"Heh. Speak of carrying around." The two 4th Division members turned around and gasped. Kiyone was indeed carrying a strangely stiff Hanatarou.

"Kiyone! What did you do to him?!" Isane took the package off her shoulders, finsing in some kind of paralysis, his body not moving but his eyes wide.

"Restrictive kido training. We were at the part where he had to learn how to resist or break out of the effect of one." Kiyone declared, laughing sheepishly with a hand behind her head. "Then I realized I didn't know how to annul that one."

"For the love of-Restrictive kido?!"Isane palmed her face and then promptly hoisted the 7th seat up on her right shoulder. "Right now I don't have time, but we need to talk, Kiyone!"

"Okay, okay. Just tell him that the next session is in three days! Bye!"

"Next-! KIYONE!" Isane's shouting fell on no ears, her sister having used a quick shunpo to jettison away. She palmed. Of all the things, she had to be better than her at Shunpo.


"There. All better, right?"

"Thanks, Isane-san." Hanatarou sighed, content with being in control of his muscles again. Isane, fortunately, knew how to annul that particular kido spell.

"That girl... What is she thinking?!" Isane groaned, crossing her arms and shaking her head. "First she takes her to the 12th Division, of all places, and then she-I will talk to her! I swear she won't do it again!"

"Ah, don't worry, Isane-san. I don't mind."

"Hanatarou, you can't-"

"At least she means well." That made Isane stop. Hanatarou smiled as he talked. "I mean, she may be careless and rowdy, but she was doing it because she wanted to help me... In her own way." The lieutenant kept on staring while Hanatarou moved his head to the nearby window. "It's the first time it happened to me in years."

"Hgk." Isane suddenly felt something, a sharp pain in her chest.

"It's also the first time someone tried to help me with my bullying or to teach me something, except for Captain Unohana-Isane-san, do you have trouble breathing?"

"N-No." Isane answered from her collapsed position, a hand on her chest. 'I think I need a drink.'


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Ack! I cant believe I missed this for so long ><! I really like this so please go on!


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nick012000 said:
Maybe he needs to meet a new member of the 11th Division who decides to adopt him as his little brother after seeing the other guys in his squad picking on him.

Hanatarou, meet Kamina.
Sort of a necro since I'm replying to a post three years old, but...