Guess who's dead now.

Max Wright
Most famous as the Dad on 80s puppet sitcom ALF.

Billy Drago
Most famous for his roles as the villain in Brisco County Jr., The Untouchables, and X-files.
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Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Motors CEO Lee Iacocca.
Yasuhiro Takemoto, director of Lucky Star, Haruhi, and Dragon Maid confirmed dead due to KyoAni fire.
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Just received word that my sisters father-in-law has passed away from cardiac arrest. As I understand it, he had been in the hospital for about a week over a few problems, and was believed to be getting better. She and her husband are currently with his family. Us down here will be sending flowers, but we may not end up going north for the funeral.
Futoshi Nishiya, another name released as a victim of the KyoAni fire.

Character designer and animation director for Nichijou, Hyouka, Free, Haruhi, Lucky Star, Dragon Maid, A Silent Voice, and others.

Lord Raa

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YouTuber Grant Thompson, AKA, The King of Random has passed away after a paragliding accident.


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:eek: Wait, that asshole died!?

:mad: He didn't get to stay in jail long enough in my opinion.

Any idea if his death was an "accident"?


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I'm no fan of conspiracy theories, or cliches in real life events... but at the same time you cannot help but wonder at how suspicious it seems that he would die in a jail of suicide cell a mere couple weeks after a supposed earlier failed attempt at one....

With all the reasons various very powerful people could have to want him dead right now...

You simply have to ask... was it really a suicide?


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Let's be honest, there's conspiracy theories, and then there's just the obvious. Much like it's incredibly obvious that the one escort did not, in fact, commit suicide by shooting herself in the back of the head 3 times, and then lock herself naked into a double padlocked duffle bag with her hands cut off.... Jeffery Epstein did not commit suicide.


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Well, apparently, Epstein was found hanged in his it was ruled as "suicide". (While I have no trouble believing that he would kill himself, I am more inclined to believe Epstein had "help" with his "suicide"...)

Also, he had been taken "off" from the suicide watch at some point prior to this (how long ago, I have no idea, no one has actually said anything).

The FBI have started an investigation into this, for what it's worth.