Hey, Justice League Unlimited; ya missed one.


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Deep within the woods of Bengali, housed within a skull-shaped cave, a powerfully built man in a deep purple costume sat upon a throne carved from solid rock, with a number of skulls shaped in the stone. Narrowing his eyes beneath his mask, he again read over the letter that had been delivered to him via his long-established communication system with the Jungle Patrol.

To the Phantom,

We, the members of the Justice League, would like to extend an invitation to join our soon to be expanded ranks, alongside many other heroes. Though we are from all walks of life, and posses wildy diverse skills and abilites, it cannot be disputed that we all have one thing in common; a desire to protect the peoples of this world and others from the forces of evil. We believe that banding together to present a united front is the logical evolution of our cause, and it would please us greatly if you could find the time to meet with us and discuss the possibilty of your standing alongside us in the near future.

Underneath was a series of co-ordinates where a 'Javelin' would be waiting to pick him up, followed by a final few parting lines stating how much they were looking forward to meeting him, and ending with two signatures; Kal-El, and Diana of Themyscira.

Handing the letter back to the portly man whom had delivered it to him, the Phantom leaned back in his throne, propping his elbows on the arms and lacing his fingers in front of his face contemplatively. "...the Justice League...hmm..."

Guran nodded, folding the letter back up neatly and tucking it back into its envelope. "A most interesting offer, isn't it?"

The much taller figure nodded slightly. "It is indeed, old friend. I suppose it couldn't hurt to hear them out, though whether or not I accept is a different matter entirely." There was silence for a few moments, before he spoke up again questioningly. "Themyscira...was it the tenth, or the eleventh Phantom that washed up on their beaches?"

"The tenth, I believe." The pygmy grinned widely. "Your ancestor was quite verbose in his admiration of their...'culture'. Shall I dig up the appropriate tomes?"

"If it's not too much trouble..."


Never seen this crossover before; the Justice League Unlimited meets the very first skin-tight costumed hero; The Phantom, aka; The Ghost Who Walks. The guy is Bad-Ass, no question.
Sounds interesting.

Just thinking how the Batman is going to respond to one of the original character s on whome he was based.

Can't wait to see their first meeting. or his first meeting with Diana.


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The phantom is so much cooler than them.

Having said that.



Might be interesting.

And diana probably knew his ancestor.
Don't forget, she know's freaking artists from ancient greece. So if she was on the island when the tenth phantom washed up on it's shores.... she probably met him.


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007 said:
I'd be willing to read it.
I warned them, I really did. But did they believe me... *Beats Simmy before he wakes up.*


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Goddamn, it's times like this that I really wish fail pics were allowed. But since they're not...



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This guy keeps bloody necroing.