HP/ High School DxD idea


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Zeoticus Gremory is in London, considering to invest in Grunnings. He comes with his wife and young daughter, Rias (8), and Vernon invites them over for a dinner to try and schmooze them. To better their chances, he kicks Harry (6) out for the night to complete their 'respectable' image.

After dinner, young Rias sneaks out to explore the neighborhood, Dudley left earlier because he already had plans to hang out with his friends and Harry-hunt. Rias finds them and blasts them, attracting her parents. With a good deal of threats and hearing from Rias about the power Harry showed, Zeoticus discovers the wards around Privet Drive, and informs Vernon he is assuming guardianship of Harry--mainly because of how much Rias begs.

Back in Hell, Zeoticus summons an old contracted Magician he contracted, who fills him in. Harry is a 'wand waver'. Before the Great War, magical families would often force their squib children into contracts with Devils for powers and knowledge, which led to some darker spells and bloodline abilities. But this fell out of favor and was eventually forgotten. But they kept in touch with the Wizarding World. So the Magician knows who Harry really is. In order to protect Harry, Zeoticus informs Rias Harry cannot join her peerage, but can become a contracted magician to their house, with the elder Magician mentoring Harry.

Harry comes to see Rias as a big sister, promising her that he will work to get stronger to help her, eventually offering to help her get out of her marriage contract with Riser. Sadly, the contract with the Tri-wizard Tournament supersedes a Ratings Game.

Would be a journey for Harry, getting familiars and such, before getting pulled into Hogwarts--while Zeoticus is having Harry educated in both magic and science, he set up a work-around to Dumbledore's blood wards to trick them into thinking Harry is there. Had Dumbledore bothered to monitor them closely, he would have realized Harry never seemed to leave the house.

It would be a mixture of the DxD universe, though Harry's involvement won't be until he's a bit older, with the canon storyline, but some of their effects will be with Harry's, including minor demons, magic, and his own struggles to get stronger to protect his sister.

Harry tapped his fingers on the table as the Goblet spit out the names of the contestants. True, it would be fun to watch, but he had his own worries at the moment. His sources were saying Riser was going to try and rush the marriage again, and he knew his Big Sister would fight back.

I need to calm myself, he thought. Even if it happened tomorrow, he would be there for her, even if he had to step in as one of her peerage--and hope her parents never found out.

"Harry Potter?" called out Dumbledore.

His left eye twitching, Harry slowly stood up. He didn't know who put him in this, but the vengeance he would bring to them, even worse than when he had tricked Serafall with cookies mixed with chocolate laxative.

Thank the Void she never learned it was him ... and that idiot Devil who took the fall.


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If Harry is made peerage, that causes two things.

First, the Blood Wards collapse and alert Dumbledore that something has happened.

Two, it could expose the Gremory Clan to the Magical World once more, as they would be forced to participate actively in helping Harry respond to any attacker.