Hyperlinks in the Dark Blue Theme


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When using the Dark Blue Theme, hyperlinks look exactly the same as regular text until you hover your mouse over it and it changes to this.

It's fine in the Default Style since it looks like the standard blue but you wouldn't even notice someone had used a hyperlink with Dark Blue unless you got lucky.

Aside from that, I'm loving the dark theme so thank you. ;)


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I changed the color from white/light-grey to the hover color. Which means when you hover, all you'll get is the underline now.

And as an un-intended (though, I should have expected it), there is a lot more orange/yellow on the forum. Is the better or should I revert back?



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The orange doesn't look terrible. I could live with it. However, from a design perspective, it seems strange. I'd rather have various shades of blue working together than one color that "pops" out at you, even if it doesn't take away from the main color theme of the forum.


Obsessively signs his posts
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I'm no designer. It's blue now. Thoughts/comments?