I need feedback

I'm currently writing a fanfic called The Hollywood Warrior. It's about the relationship between Tori Vega and Shelby Marx as they tackle the challenges of being two souls sharing the same body. The problem is; I have no clue how to improve because I'm not getting much feedback. So, if somebody could review my work and tell me how I can improve, that'd be nice. It's available on Fanfiction and AO3


The Sentient Fanfic Search Engine mk II
Hmmm... You did not give either a series name they are from or actual links to the stories. For that matter, you probably should mention what you think needs improvement or the type of advice actually seeking or hoping to get.

Looking into it out of curiosity I discovered they are from a series called Victorious. I won't be able to help as I never heard of either person, or even the series for that matter. No clue what the series is about so can't help with checking anything for things like characterization.

For those interested, and do know of the series, the story itself can be found at:
- https://www.fanfiction.net/u/6900979/Maxx-Phoenix
- https://archiveofourown.org/users/MaxxPhoenixV1/pseuds/MaxxPhoenixV1

Warning... the above links are *deliberately* to the author profile pages, not the stories... Turned out the AOOO story link has a explicit warning on it. No tags in AOOO, but there is adult content in them. This probably should have been posted to the lemon audult section of the site... A MOD may want to move this, I leave that up to them to decide.

The second link was surprisingly harder to find than I would have thought. Typing the story name as the search parameter in AOOO did not work for me.