Harry Potter I need help

So would anyone like to edit a story that I'm working on?? I'm Scrapping all my old works because I was like 12 when I wrote them and they're shitty. My new story is a Draco one shot and I honestly don't really know how I should write it and would like someone to help me if they would like. Help would be appreciated.
This is sorta what I had in mind

Hermione has a twin sister who is in Gryffindor (cliché I know). Basically the reader falls for Draco around 4th year after she saw him helping a small animal after it got injured. 5th year is when Draco falls in love with the reader when she was standing up for one of the younger students when pansy was bullying them and she basically told her fuck off and was able to make pansy back off and run away some how. It doesn't matter what class but they end up being partners for a project in 5th year and they both grow a little closer inch by inch. One night they both end up and the astronomy tower at the same time and they just sit there enjoying the company. Soon after that night they end up talking to each other


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I was thinking about it but the description raises way to many red flags for me to be interested, sorry. Good luck though.


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I don't mean this to sound terribly rude, but... A trite, cliche romance between yourself and generic douche-pickle richboy may be better received in a forum dedicated to Twilight.