Iron Fic 4-3


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Iron Fic 4-3: With Added Giant Robo

We all dig giant robots. Most of us grew up on Power Rangers or the local equivalent, we know Gundam and probably follow or have followed at least one obscure Japanese anime that has giant robots in it. There are of course many franchises and stories that do not have giant robots in them. Let's fix that travesty.

The challenge this time is a simple one: Take a franchise suffering from a lack of giant robo and add giant robo. Maybe it's the sentai style fusion robot called out at the end of the episode to defeat the super-sized enemy, or maybe the entire series is replaced by Macross-style real robots duking it out.

Feel free to have the series become sillier or more serious depending on the style of robot involved. The challenge is made!



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I give horribad fic because I sleepy!

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Damn, beaten because of flood control...


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