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Iron Fic 4-4: Ghost Stories

Those of us on the physical side of reality still don't know what to make of ghosts.? Enough of us monkeys believe in the paranormal, but are ghosts the returned spirits of the departed, their echoes, or something else entirely?? Or are they the manifestation of five thousand years of superstition and lies?

For this Iron Fic, write a ghost story.? Perhaps your characters are trading stories around a campfire or someone is telling their story after something reminded them of a thing that happened to the friend of a friend.? Or you can reimagine the source material with the characters as ghostbusters, or ghostbusters with a dash of Mythbusters and Scooby-Doo, out to disprove the existence of the supernatural.? Perhaps your story will be about a haunting, from eithe her the victim's or the ghost's perspective.? There's no need to stay with the supernatural explanations for events; a ghost in the machine is a ghost as well...
The challenge is made!



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Oh the Ghost puns there are!


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Mah, I feel asleep right after posting that.

Sure, put it in SB if you want.

EDIT: But, damn, planning and writing a full story in 4 hours is hard. This one was a complete failure.