Iron Fic 4-8


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Iron Fic 4-8: Burning Bridges

Sometimes you have to take a different path than the one you'd expected to. Your friends are going one way while you need to go another. Perhaps your goals differ from theirs, or your plans call for you to go alone. Or maybe you've just had enough of them. Either way you're leaving and they can't follow. You have to burn your bridges behind you.

For this challenge, write a story about friendships gone bad, relationships broken for a higher cause, and betrayals. Feel free to make it as melodramatic or epic as you like. Having the story take place on a bridge probably won't score you extra points, but it's a nice touch.

Despite the obvious slant I gave in the introduction, this doesn't have to be a relationship story. If you want to explore factional conflict or war stories you absolutely could. The A-Team might be a good fit for this...


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Here's my entry.
<a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Iron Fic 4-8 OreImo "Bridges Burnt"</a>
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Fucking Time Limits.

Going to write something for this anyway.