Iron Fic 5-7: Ruined Vacations


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You've cleared your schedule, stockpiled your vacation days, bought the tickets, reserved the lodgings and then something comes up to turn it all to shit. It might be a onetime occurrence, or part of a pattern of disasters, but no matter what the vacation is off.

There's a lot you can do to cause the scenario: Natural disasters, births or deaths, accidents, giant robots, poor planning, work emergencies, global thermonuclear war, and so on.

Write about the moment of realization, the scene where the character(s) realize that they can't carry out their vacation plans. Frustration and disappointment are there, but you can feel other things too. Perhaps secret relief or a desire to avenge yourself on that which cut into your plans.

Same rules as usual.

Note: This is absolutely not based on my life. Seriously, my July 4th vacation was amazing if mostly internet free.

Note 2: Scores and tallies for 5-5 and 5-6 will be up shortly. Thank you Ero for stepping up. Unfortunately ninsaneja isn't feeling well so we're again down two judges. I can get a few kind people judging this week, but I'd like to bring on at least one more long term judge. No experience required!


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qe1 - On The Way to Praven - M&B Warband
Spelunking: 17/20
Some odd sentence construction, run on sentences

Theme (B-Movie Staple): 20/20

Source (The Unknowable and Arcane): ???/20

Story: 15/20
Barely more than the joke

Other: 57/20
Only one submission. So um.
You win!


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I'm guessing most people were busier than I was, and since I only had 1 hour myself due to RL...

I wondered if Mount and Blade was popular enough to make this work. It's a fun game and it has a couple of mods to extend the life (although Napoleonic Wars is a paid DLC now instead of the free Mount and Musket in the past.)