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Raiton: Rasen-Koiru (Spiraling Coil)
Shaped like a Tesla Coil. The way it works is by piercing into the target far more effectively and efficiently than the normal Rasengan, then unleashes a current that damages the nervous system (and the rest of the body) at a cellular level

Doton: Rasen-Hanmaa (Spiraling Hammer)
In the shape of the head of a hammer, this powerful jutsu causes blunt damage to such a point that it turns the target's bones into paste. Even a Kaguya would have a hard time strengthening their bones enough. No explosion or direct internal damage, though. Everything goes into simply hammering into the target again and again millions upon millions of times in seconds

Suiton: Rasen-Suihou (Spiraling Bubble)
The purest form of the Rasengan, does the same as the normal Rasengan (and has the same shape), except it separates into millions upon millions of drops which separately grind into the target from outside while damaging them from the inside, then explode for enormous damage, down to the cellular level

Katon: Rasen-Magatama (Spiraling Magatama / comma jewel)
This frightening jutsu evaporates the moisture from the target's cells. Mainly targets the fat in the body.

I think I've posted these before, but not on this thread...? All of these are S-rank elemental ninjutsu, obviously.


On a lighter note:

Wind Release: Breaking Winds (the only E-rank 'elemental ninjutsu'... if you squint. If not, it's not even a jutsu): Basically what Naruto managed to beat Kiba with. Yes, I mean the fart. In British English, 'breaking wind' is an exact equivalent of 'passing gas'.

Hand-seals: What's that? I simply adopt the farting position (-Mr. Methane)



Wind Release: Winds of Change (simply put, a way to sense one's surroundings using Wind Release. Supplementary, rank unknown)
Hand-seals: Bird and/or Ram
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Katon: Doki no Hashira (Fire Release: Pillar of Wrath)* (C-rank, Offensive, Elemental Ninjutsu)

Launches a small ember that contains a lot of compressed Chakra inside. When it reaches the target, it explodes into a large conflagration. Requires excellent Chakra Control and a fair bit of Chakra, but it doesn't matter so much if the compressed Chakra is Fire-natured or not, only the 'shell' that is the initial ember. Perfect for people who are powerful ninjas, but bad at using Fire Release.

Those with even better Chakra control can control its speed and time of detonation, surprising the opponent(s) even more.

Hand-seals: Tiger, Pillar (Technique specific seal), Dragon, Tiger.


*I hope the Japanese part isn't too horribly mangled.
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I'm written up so many jutsu that I've lost track. So instead I came up with a few special ninja tools based on legendary/historical Japanese weapons.

Uchide no Kozuchi (Striking-Out Hammer) - This is a mallet which has the ability to change the size of the weapon without changing its weight for the one wielding it, allowing them to easily swing it at the opponent when it it several times its original size. That size-changing aspect makes it useful offensively as its speed and size allow it to impart great physical force while it can also be used as a shield by blocking the wielder entirely. Its name is a play on the fact that one struck by the mallet would be struck out of site.

Kanju & Manju (Tide Ebbing Jewel & Tide Flowing Jewel) - These ‘tide jewels’ are a pair of small, transparent orbs designed to interact with water, whether it naturally exists in the environment or is a product of water natured chakra. The Kanju is able to absorb water and the Manju, which is linked to the same sealing space, is able to release that stored water. They have been used steal natural water sources from enemy territory such as rivers and lake - even rob moisture from the surrounding earth and air - or act as a shield against Water Release, and then released to drown a habitat in literal tonnes of water or provide the holder with plenty of water for their own jutsu.

The basic concept of these paired tools is nothing new considering the existence of fuuinjutsu designed to handle water but the convenience and scale of the tide jewels makes them significantly more useful.

Juuchi Yosamu (10’000 Cold Nights) - This is the ancestral sword of the Yuki Clan, said to be lost when their cursed clan suffered genocide at the hands of the Land of Water. Cutting an opponent would instantly freeze the wounded area and cause frostbite to spread even further, and that freezing grows dramatically worse with the more injuries used or the longer the blade keeps contact with the flesh. Even the wielders are not safe as, from the tip of the blade to the cap of the hilt, the entire sword exists in a state of such cold that anyone who touches it would freeze to death in less than a minute and lose their limb far sooner. This was a defensive measure to prevent other clans from stealing it as only one who possessed the Ice Release kekkei genkai could safely wield by using their own chakra to counteract its effect.

Yawarakai-Te (Tender Hands) - This sword is a spirit weapon like the Sword of Totsuka with an ethereal nature that allows it to pass through inorganic matter unhindered. But when it encounters organic matter such as flesh and bone, it acts like the incredibly sharp sword it appears to be and cuts right through them. It can ignore armour and clothing - even physical obstacles like rock or wood - to kill the enemy without being blocked or slowed in any way and has been known to kill most opponents on the first strike, unaware of how defenceless they truly are.
That Yawarakai-Te sounds a lot like how I imagine the chakra scalpel jutsu works. I really like that ice sword idea too.