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Raiton: Rasen-Koiru (Spiraling Coil)
Shaped like a Tesla Coil. The way it works is by piercing into the target far more effectively and efficiently than the normal Rasengan, then unleashes a current that damages the nervous system (and the rest of the body) at a cellular level

Doton: Rasen-Hanmaa (Spiraling Hammer)
In the shape of the head of a hammer, this powerful jutsu causes blunt damage to such a point that it turns the target's bones into paste. Even a Kaguya would have a hard time strengthening their bones enough. No explosion or direct internal damage, though. Everything goes into simply hammering into the target again and again millions upon millions of times in seconds

Suiton: Rasen-Suihou (Spiraling Bubble)
The purest form of the Rasengan, does the same as the normal Rasengan (and has the same shape), except it separates into millions upon millions of drops which separately grind into the target from outside while damaging them from the inside, then explode for enormous damage, down to the cellular level

Katon: Rasen-Magatama (Spiraling Magatama / comma jewel)
This frightening jutsu evaporates the moisture from the target's cells. Mainly targets the fat in the body.

I think I've posted these before, but not on this thread...? All of these are S-rank elemental ninjutsu, obviously.


On a lighter note:

Wind Release: Breaking Winds (the only E-rank 'elemental ninjutsu'... if you squint. If not, it's not even a jutsu): Basically what Naruto managed to beat Kiba with. Yes, I mean the fart. In British English, 'breaking wind' is an exact equivalent of 'passing gas'.

Hand-seals: What's that? I simply adopt the farting position (-Mr. Methane)



Wind Release: Winds of Change (simply put, a way to sense one's surroundings using Wind Release. Supplementary, rank unknown)
Hand-seals: Bird and/or Ram
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Katon: Doki no Hashira (Fire Release: Pillar of Wrath)* (C-rank, Offensive, Elemental Ninjutsu)

Launches a small ember that contains a lot of compressed Chakra inside. When it reaches the target, it explodes into a large conflagration. Requires excellent Chakra Control and a fair bit of Chakra, but it doesn't matter so much if the compressed Chakra is Fire-natured or not, only the 'shell' that is the initial ember. Perfect for people who are powerful ninjas, but bad at using Fire Release.

Those with even better Chakra control can control its speed and time of detonation, surprising the opponent(s) even more.

Hand-seals: Tiger, Pillar (Technique specific seal), Dragon, Tiger.


*I hope the Japanese part isn't too horribly mangled.
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I'm written up so many jutsu that I've lost track. So instead I came up with a few special ninja tools based on legendary/historical Japanese weapons.

Uchide no Kozuchi (Striking-Out Hammer) - This is a mallet which has the ability to change the size of the weapon without changing its weight for the one wielding it, allowing them to easily swing it at the opponent when it it several times its original size. That size-changing aspect makes it useful offensively as its speed and size allow it to impart great physical force while it can also be used as a shield by blocking the wielder entirely. Its name is a play on the fact that one struck by the mallet would be struck out of site.

Kanju & Manju (Tide Ebbing Jewel & Tide Flowing Jewel) - These ‘tide jewels’ are a pair of small, transparent orbs designed to interact with water, whether it naturally exists in the environment or is a product of water natured chakra. The Kanju is able to absorb water and the Manju, which is linked to the same sealing space, is able to release that stored water. They have been used steal natural water sources from enemy territory such as rivers and lake - even rob moisture from the surrounding earth and air - or act as a shield against Water Release, and then released to drown a habitat in literal tonnes of water or provide the holder with plenty of water for their own jutsu.

The basic concept of these paired tools is nothing new considering the existence of fuuinjutsu designed to handle water but the convenience and scale of the tide jewels makes them significantly more useful.

Juuchi Yosamu (10’000 Cold Nights) - This is the ancestral sword of the Yuki Clan, said to be lost when their cursed clan suffered genocide at the hands of the Land of Water. Cutting an opponent would instantly freeze the wounded area and cause frostbite to spread even further, and that freezing grows dramatically worse with the more injuries used or the longer the blade keeps contact with the flesh. Even the wielders are not safe as, from the tip of the blade to the cap of the hilt, the entire sword exists in a state of such cold that anyone who touches it would freeze to death in less than a minute and lose their limb far sooner. This was a defensive measure to prevent other clans from stealing it as only one who possessed the Ice Release kekkei genkai could safely wield by using their own chakra to counteract its effect.

Yawarakai-Te (Tender Hands) - This sword is a spirit weapon like the Sword of Totsuka with an ethereal nature that allows it to pass through inorganic matter unhindered. But when it encounters organic matter such as flesh and bone, it acts like the incredibly sharp sword it appears to be and cuts right through them. It can ignore armour and clothing - even physical obstacles like rock or wood - to kill the enemy without being blocked or slowed in any way and has been known to kill most opponents on the first strike, unaware of how defenceless they truly are.

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That Yawarakai-Te sounds a lot like how I imagine the chakra scalpel jutsu works. I really like that ice sword idea too.


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I decided to rework some Ice Release jutsu and come up with a few new ones following my Ice Release Naruto thread. This, somehow, led to me scouring the internet for every ice-related ability - or anything that could be remodelled as an ice ability - I could find whenever the mood struck me and shamelessly repurpose them for my own ends. This list also includes ice jutsu from the manga, anime, movies, and novels just for context, albeit with some tweaks.
Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals (Manga) - This is the fundamental technique of the Yuki Clan’s Mirroring Ice Ninjutsu, an esoteric branch of Ice Release that they were able to develop with their generations of study and mastery.

Mirroring Ice Crystal Palace – This is a cooperation ninjutsu which combines multiple uses of the Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals together to create a dome of dozens of interlocked ice mirrors around their target(s) to trap them inside. The casters can freely enter any of these mirrors and move between them inside the dome faster than the eye can see, working together to launch a blitz upon their enemies.

Mirroring Ice Crystal Prison - This is a sealing jutsu which allows the user to entrap a human within one of the Mirroring Ice Crystals, using their reflection-enhanced speed to propel themselves at the target and then physically drag them back inside one of the mirrors. Once sealed inside, the target is completely immobilised as a frozen reflection on the mirror’s surface who can only escape when the user allows it or when the mirror is broken.

Mirroring Ice Crystal Reflection - This ninjutsu creates a solid mirror of ice which is able to materialize the target(s) reflected on its surface. Against an enemy, the caster is able to counter their attack by creating a physical copy of them performing the same attack with the same level of strength to cancel it out. Or with an ally, they can strike the opponent with the same attack twice over as they are struck by two copies of the same ninja. It becomes an especially useful technique when more than one mirror is being used to create multiple copies against the same opponent, one being used to counter their attack while the other can potentially attack unhindered at the same time. This jutsu was actually recreated by the Fourth Mizukage with his Water Mirror Jutsu, demonstrating his incredible affinity for Water Release.

Mirroring Ice Crystal Delusion - This ninjutsu creates a solid mirror of ice that reflects the image of the environment behind it as if it were transparent which hides its presence from sight, making it useful for acting as an invisible wall. But the true power of this mirror is that the caster can control exactly what the mirror reflects; it could cast their own reflection when their true self is hidden somewhere else, cast the reflection of a friend or foe to distract them, make an obstacle appear in their path or even make it appear like the right direction instead.

Mirroring Ice Crystal Sight - This ninjutsu creates a network of mirrors made of ice which are connected to one another so that each one is able to show a vision of the world reflected in any of its counterparts. This allows the caster to see far beyond their usual range of sight, able to create small mirrors all around and above the targeted area with another close by to watch from any angle by switching between their perspectives.

Ice Clone Jutsu - This ninjutsu is a clone jutsu which uses ice as a medium to create a copy of the caster. Because it possesses mass, it is much harder to see through than the regular Clone Jutsu but has only a fraction of the original’s strength. It's a useful technique for infiltrations, diversions, surprise attacks and so forth.

Ice Release: Shadow Clone Jutsu – This ninjutsu is a variation of the Shadow Clone Jutsu which uses ice natured chakra to create a physical copy of the user. It functions almost exactly like a regular shadow clone but at the user’s will, or when destroyed, it will freeze everything in the immediate vicinity in solid ice. This version also does not return its remaining chakra to the original once dispelled.

Ice Release: Ice Block Jutsu - This ninjutsu is one of the basic means of defence for those with Ice Release which creates a solid block of ice between them and an incoming attack. The exact dimensions of the block can vary to suit the situation; it can be made long and thin or short and wide but the greater the overall size of the block then the greater the level of defence it can provide.

Ice Release: Ice Rock Wall – This ninjutsu creates a solid wall of ice to protect the caster from an incoming attack with its rock-like hardness and is coated with chakra to increase its defensive strength far beyond the capabilities of ordinary ice. It is limited in that the wall can only defend against attacks from one direction but the length and height of the wall can become as greater as the wielder requires. As is typical of this type of ninjutsu, it is the most well-balanced defence of the Ice Release style.

Ice Release: Ice Fortress Wall - The more advanced form of Ice Release: Ice Rock Wall, this ninjutsu creates a massive circular wall of solid ice around the target area that completely encloses it in its protection, preventing enemy attacks from harming those within its borders, keeping enemies stuck outside of its walls or even trapping targets inside its walls instead. In addition to the density and toughness of the walls, their surfaces are almost entirely frictionless to prevent anyone from climbing over them even with chakra.

Ice Release: Crystal Wall (Anime) - This ninjutsu is meant to be used in enclosed areas like rooms, corridors or tunnels. It creates walls out of ice crystals that grows from every nearby surface to block off the area such as closing off open doors or sealing passages to keep enemies both separated and contained as the user desires. While these ice walls aren’t the sturdiest, they are able to regenerate from any damage with remarkable speed to help ensure that any enemies try to seek alternate routes rather than force their way through by force.

Ice Release: Crystal Shield - This ninjutsu is a precision-based defence which creates a hardened shield of ice in the path of an incoming attack to intercept and block it then dissolves away. Rather than just creating a prolonged defence, it allows the caster to create protection as and when they need it, even creating multiple shields at once to block attacks coming from different angles at once.

Ice Release: Cold Finger Spines - This jutsu extends spikes of ice from all over the user’s body like a hedgehog’s bristling to simultaneously protect them from attack while counter-attacking anyone who tries to hurt them as they wound themselves on those spikes. It only lasts for as long as the user stays in place as the ice is immediately shed from their body when they start moving again.

Armour of Ice - This ninjutsu is self-protection ability which coats one’s entire body in a layer of chakra-infused ice to act as a type of armour, blunting the force of any physical attacks to protect the vulnerable flesh within. The ice can be kept thin and transparent to disguise the fact that the armour even exists, catching the enemy off-guard when they attack, or surround themselves in thick sheets of ice as they abandon subtlety for greater defensive power.

Ice Release: Ice Rock Dome of Magnificent Nothingness (Manga) - This ninjutsu manufactures a defensive barrier of ice in the shape of a hemisphere with a hardness akin to rocks. The shape of the dome allows it protect the user from attacks from any direction.

Ice Release: Ice Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness - This ninjutsu surrounds the enemy in a hemisphere of ice that is as hard as solid rock. It traps them inside the dome to keep them confined while resisting its attacks with its hardness; the user can continually infuse the barrier with chakra to repair any damage it receives. The inherent cold of the Ice Release serves as another defense as it steadily weakens trapped inside.

Ice Release: Ice Prison Jutsu (Anime) – This ninjutsu causes a block of ice to rise from beneath the target to encapsulate their entire body, keeping them trapped in a frozen state until they are released or the sheer cold of their prison freezes them to death. It is far more dynamic than its Water Release counterpart as it doesn’t rely on close maintenance by the caster and the speed with which these blocks can be created makes it ideal even against moving targets. Unable to move once trapped, it is incredibly difficult for a victim to force their way free without the aid of allies.

Ice Release: Frozen Capturing Field (Anime) - This ninjutsu freezes the ground underneath a target to immobilize and freeze their feet - or whichever body part happens to in contact with the ground - rendering them trapped for a period of time. The field can be made as long and wide as needed to capture their enemies and whenever someone else steps onto the ice, it immediately grows over their feet to capture them in place as well.

Ice Release: Glazed Frost Field - This ninjutsu freezes the ground with a near frictionless layer of ice to create a completely slick surface. Anyone who tries to run or walk on it is unable to keep their balance, causing them to slip and slide over it. Even when used on a small-scale, it can be useful for spoiling an enemy's momentum by freezing the ground in just the right place.

Ice Release: Ten Thousand Ice Petals (Anime) - The ninjutsu unleashes a barrage of ice darts towards the target. They coalesce in the air around the user's position and are fired in a continuous volley to riddle the enemy, unleashing severe damage to the afflicted areas with the sheer cold of these small missiles.

Ice Release: Profusion of Ice Petals - This ninjutsu surrounds the target in dozens of ice shards from every side which then shoot inwards to strike the one trapped inside their reach. These shards can be forged into razor-sharp blades that impale the enemy from every direction in a truly lethal technique or made blunt to pummel the enemy in a bone-breaking assault.

Ice Release: Wild Ice Storm (Anime) - This ninjutsu creates hundreds of shards of ice that swirl around the target like a whirlwind, trapping them within to deliver dozens of slices across their flesh while freezing them with the cold. At its most dangerous, this jutsu is capable of scouring the skin from one’s body and leaving nothing but a frozen husk behind.

Ice Release: Hiding in Frost and Snow Jutsu (Anime) - This ninjutsu has the user expel a thick cloud of cold air and snow crystals which completely obscures the surrounding atmosphere to render the visibility to nothing, as well as coating all of the surfaces in range in layers of frost. The whiteness of everything around makes it difficult to distinguish the terrain, making it easy for one to get lost within the jutsu’s confines.

Ice Release: Hiding in Freezing Fog Jutsu - This ninjutsu is the Ice Release version of the Hiding in Mist Jutsu. Beyond just creating a field of mist that obscures all visibility, it is filled with ice particles that hover in the air to distract the eye as they reflects and refract the light to make the low visibility even more difficult to navigate. The temperature drops far below freezing point to create an ever-thickening layer of rime upon everything the mist touches and wears down on the victim with its cold. And not only do those caught inside in the mist have to suffer its sheer cold but also the ice that continually tries to grow on their body to limit their movement and potentially freeze them in place.

Ice Release: Ice Sword Jutsu (Novel) - This ninjutsu creates swords out of ice in the user’s hands that they can use as a physical weapon for close-range combat in the absence of an actual sword. They can control the style of sword they create by designed its exact size and shape, and while not truly as effective as a real sword, it is an adequate substitute for crossing blades and inflicting lethal wounds.

Ice Release: Ice Dagger Jutsu - This ninjutsu creates knives out of ice in the user’s hand which can be used to stab or slash at the target or even be thrown at them, ideal for when they lack any kunai or shuriken on hand.

Ice Release: Ice Needle Jutsu - This ninjutsu creates senbon needles out of ice which can be thrown at the target to pierce vital points on their body. An unskilled wielder would only be able to cause superficial injuries and pain but a master would be capable of crippling an opponent with expert precision.

Ice Release: Ice Shuriken Jutsu - This ninjutsu creates shuriken-shaped constructs out of ice which can be thrown like the real thing to distract and cut the opponent. They are just as effective as a real shuriken, making them handy in the event that the user lacks such weaponry on hand. Furthermore, they are easily replenishable as they can throw volley after volley of newly-made shuriken.

Ice Release: Great Snowflake Shuriken - This ninjutsu creates a giant shuriken resembling a snowflake which they can throw at the target, spinning at high speeds to cut through the target with its razor-sharp edges like a shadow windmill shuriken. However they can control the shuriken during its flight to guide its path to attack the enemy, even moving it back on track should it miss in the initial throw.

Ice Release: Frozen Wild Shuriken Dance - This ninjutsu surrounds the caster in a swarm of ice particles that condense into dozens of revolving shuriken which are fired in every direction at high speeds to cut into any enemies around them.

Ice Release: Frost Flash - This ninjutsu infuses the user’s shuriken with ice chakra which are thrown at the target. In addition to cutting the target with the sharp edges, they generate ice wherever the shuriken strikes and inflict cold-base tissue damage to its victim.

Ice Release: Ice-Breaking Fist (Novel) - This ninjutsu surrounds the user’s fist in a solid mass of ice which enhances the force of their punch and can even be used to block an incoming blow.

Ice Release: Ice-Shaving Claw - This ninjutsu coats the caster’s fingers in sharp talons of ice that can slice flesh with ease and freeze any wounds they inflict.

Ice Release: Ice-Rending Claw - This ninjutsu creates a giant claw of ice over the user's hand which they can swing at their target to tear into their bodies. The size of this claw greatly extends the user's reach which can be difficult to predict as they adjust the claw's size mid-combat.

Ice Release: Swallow Snow Storm (Movie) - This technique creates a cluster of ice needles in the shape of miniature swallows which the user then launches at the opponent. These needles can change direction in midair and will maim the opponent with their sharp wings.

Ice Release: One Horned Whale (Movie) - This technique allows the user to create a humongous whale with a long narwhal horn which pierces through everything above as it rises and then crushes everything beneath it as it lands. It was developed for maritime warfare to break through enemy ships on the sea (or even when docked) and eliminate the crew.

Ice Release: Ice Dragon Bullet Jutsu – This ninjutsu creates a dragon of flowing ice that is propelled towards the target to smash into them. It hits the opponent with incredible force to crush them but at the same time freezes everything it hit to encase the impact zone in ice.

Ice Release: Rending Ice Fang - This ninjutsu creates a single spear of ice from beneath the target to pierce them through in a surprise attack.

Ice Release: Shattering Ice Spears (Anime) - This ninjutsu creates sharpened spikes of ice from a nearby surface that instantly rise from the ground to impale an opponent, skewering their limbs or outright piercing their vital organs in a lethal attack. The size and number of these spikes can vary greatly depending on their intent as they can range from hundreds of man-sized ones to dozens taller than a building, and they can rush towards their enemy in an oncoming wave or unleashed in every direction.

Ice Release: Spear of Ice - This ninjutsu shoots a hardened spear of ice from the user's mouth which propels it at the target to impale them on impact. The density of the spear and speed of its flight could allow it to punch straight through solid rock.

Ice Release: Hailing Spears - This ninjutsu creates spears of ice above the target which are sent flying down at high speeds to pierce through everything below them, their sharpness and velocity easily skewering any human caught in their path. Even if the spears miss their target, they can be made to shatter explosively and wound with its icy shrapnel.

Ice Release: Icicle Spears - This ninjutsu creates large icicles in the air and fire them towards the target to impale them with their sharpened points, unleashing a continuous bombardment that peppers the whole area in its spikes.

Ice Release: Heavy Hailstone - This ninjutsu instantly creates a giant block of ice in the air above their chosen target which falls down from the sky to crush them under its immense mass.

Ice Release: Great Hailstone - This ninjutsu fires a giant mass of ice towards the target which smash into them with its weight and force.

Ice Release: Grand Icicle - This ninjutsu instantly creates a giant icicle in the air above their chosen target which falls down from the sky to pierce through or crush anything caught beneath its immense mass. It is particularly suited for dealing with animal summons by skewering them from above.

Ice Release: Torrential Hail - This ninjutsu creates hardened clumps of ice in the air which drop down from above upon the target. The hailstones fall with enough force that they can break bones on impact, potentially crippling their limbs or even cracking their skull.

Ice Release: Sky Piercing Iceberg - This ninjutsu creates a giant iceberg that soars through the air towards the target to pierce them through and, more often than not, crush them with its immense size and weight behind its pointed end.

Ice Release: Rising Ice Glacier - This ninjutsu creates a massive ridge of ice to freeze everything before it within the obelisk. The size and speed of its rise means that it can unleash enough force to break straight through buildings and send them crashing down.

Ice Release: Frost Breath - This ninjutsu has the user fill their lungs with ice chakra and then expel it in a intense blast of icy vapor, freezing anything caught in the stream's path in solid ice. The longer the stream is focused on a target then the thicker the ice grows and the deeper the cold becomes. When wielded by a master, this jutsu could potentially freeze a target solid in seconds.

Ice Release: Brittle Disarmament - This ninjutsu is used to coat metal weapons in ice to blunt their sharp edges while, at the same time, rendering that metal so cold that it becomes fragile and easy to break.

Ice Release: Ice Pillar - This ninjutsu creates a solid pillar of ice that can grow as long and as wide the user needs. It can be used to lift the user to a higher position, do the same to an enemy against their will, create an obstacle to impede their way or can be made to shove them into wall or ceiling to crush them between the two.

Ice Release: Sky Walk - This ninjutsu can create a platform of ice that remain suspended in the air. These can be floating blocks which they can stand upon to stay in the air themselves, jump from to change direction in mid-air or just push off of to increase their jump height. And they can continually generate these platforms to create a rail in the air which they can run or slide along to maintain airtime for greater distances. But at the most advanced level, the caster can make these ice platform moving through the air as a transportation vehicle that supports them.

Ice Release: Frosted Wing Jutsu - This ninjutsu strategically generates coatings of ice over part of the user's body which they can manipulate to move according to their will. It follows the same principles as other Ice Release which moves ice around to attack or defend with except the ice is attached to their body. This allows them to move themselves by using that ice to simulate flight.

Ice Release: Crescent Moon - This ninjutsu shoots razor-sharp blades of ice in the shape of a crescent moon towards the target which slice through their body.

Ice Release: Crashing Glacier Jutsu - This ninjutsu expels a stream of boulders of solid ice from the user's mouth to plow into and crush the opponent.

Ice Release: Ice Ring - This ninjutsu creates a thin ring of ice around the user which expands outwards in a widening circle to slice through anyone caught in its path.

Ice Release: Ice Guillotine - This ninjutsu causes a thin, sharp pane of ice to rise up from the ground like a blade which cuts through an unsuspecting enemy from the bottom up.

Ice Release: Ice Crystal Lance - This ninjutsu surrounds the caster’s arm in a dense lance of ice which they can thrust into the target to impale them.

Ice Release: Quaking Ice - This ninjutsu freezes the ground and rocks beneath the user’s feet and fills the spaces within it with ice to make it all crack, creating a localized seismic event as the earth shakes to destabilize their opponent. It is an unorthodox example of Ice Release meant to create an effect similar to Earth Release.

Ice Release: Frost Bearing Tree - This ninjutsu creates a construct of ice shaped like a fully grown tree with branches spreading out in every direction. From each branch, it fires spikes of ice in every direction in an ongoing volley until the chakra sustaining the effects run dry. It can essentially render an area inhospitable to enemies as it forces them to stay away or stay immobile to defend themselves.

Ice Release: Thorned Ice Tree - This ninjutsu creates thorn-like ice crystals that she can manipulate to continuously grow towards her target's direction.

Ice Release: Grinding Axel - This ninjutsu creates a floating pillar of ice with large spikes protruding from practically every angle. This spiked pillar then spins rapidly while flying towards the enemy, tearing into them with its passing with potentially lethal results.

Ice Release: Wounded Ice Coating - This ninjutsu is used as a type of first aid by coating any open wounds in ice to prevent further bleeding. It is not intended for anyone other than those with the kekkei genkai as it would otherwise the cold would cause more cellular damage and is only a stopgap measure until they can receive proper treatment.

Ice Release: Ice Impact - This ninjutsu fires small spheres of ice at high speeds which burst upon impact like an explosion which covers the intended target in a thick layer of ice. The more spheres reach the target than the greater the amount of ice which keeps them trapped and frozen.

Ice Release: Ice Bullet – This ninjutsu expels a spherical bullet of ice at the target which smashes into them with blunt force to knock them down, potentially breaking bones with the impact.

Ice Release: Cold Star - This ninjutsu creates spheres of ice covering with razor sharp protrusions, resembling a star, in a targeted area to stab through any enemy standing within the vicinity. As they appear in the air within seconds, it can easily be used to launch a surprise attack that cuts into an enemy’s body without warning. And they can be made to swell in size to increase each sphere’s area of effect and make the space around them more dangerous to others.

Ice Release: Cold Star Constellation - This ninjutsu is based on Ice Release: Cold Star and creates multiple spheres of ice covered in spikes that hover in the surrounding area and be made to explode into icy shrapnel. These can either detonate on the user’s command or they can automatically burst whenever someone else draws too close to its proximity.

Ice Release: Ground Subzero - This ninjutsu generates a mountainous mass of ice using one’s own body as a focal point which encases everything caught within range in a giant frozen obelisk. It is particularly ideal when the user is alone and surrounded by enemies, luring them in close for a battle-ending blow. And while their enemies are trapped inside the ice, the user is able to move freely through it like swimming in water to finish them off or leave them behind.

Ice Release: Frozen Matrix - This ninjutsu creates a branching network of ice in the air that spread in every direction, ice growing from more ice to create a completely inhospitable environment of sharp edges and jagged points. The ice doesn’t follow a predictable pattern as it grows which makes it incredibly difficult to avoid being stabbed through as it spreads.

Ice Release: Skewered Ice - This ninjutsu extends multiple lances of sharpened ice at the target to skewer them, changing direction as they grow to pursue their target mid flight.

Ice Release: Freezing Field - This ninjutsu sends a wave of ice flowing towards the target across the ground which, once it reaches them, rushes over their body and freezes them along with anything else that was caught in its path.

Ice Release: Deep Winter Eruption - This ninjutsu creates a mass of ice in the ground beneath the target which then erupts in an explosive blast, tearing through the earth and unleashing hundreds of razor sharp ice crystals that shred everything caught within the blast radius.

Ice Release: Frost Palm - This ninjutsu produces ice wherever the caster’s palm touches, causing layers of ice to spread across their body which restricts their movements. Left untouched, the ice would eventually encase their entire body until they are completely immobile.

Ice Release: Ice Crystal Formation - This ninjutsu creates a snowflake-shaped ice crystal on a designated surface such as the ground, a branch or a wall. When someone steps on or gets near to the crystal, it erupts into a large pillar of ice that traps them within its confines. This allows the caster to capture their opponent without needing to be present themselves and works just as well on multiple enemies.

Ice Release: Freezing Point – This ninjutsu instantly freezes any water within range into ice, using more chakra to increase the volume of water being frozen. One could turn an entire lake to solid ice or freeze the surface of the ocean. But the true purpose of the jutsu is designed to counter Water Release by rendering any nearby water source unusable, force their opponent to rely on performing them with just their chakra.

Ice Release: White Dragon Blizzard (Movie) - With this ninjutsu the users thrusts his arm to send out a white dragon of snow to strike his opponent. As it flies through the air it will begin to turn. When it hits the target it will use its motion to launch the opponent high into the air.

Ice Release: Wolf Fang Avalanche Jutsu (Movie) - This technique creates a running pack of wolves out of snow which launch themselves at the opponent to tear into them with their fangs.

Ice Release: Crying Snow - This ninjutsu releases a continuous stream of snow from the user's hands that can force the opponent back with the sheer force of its passage, even blinding them as the snowflakes continue to obscure their vision.

Ice Release: Midwinter Snowstorm - This ninjutsu creates a whirlwind of snow that surrounds the target. The gale-force speed of the snow traps the victim within its currents, unable to see through the white mass and unable to force their way out until they are frozen.

Ice Release: Cascading Snowfall - This ninjutsu creates a massive volume of snow above the target which surges downwards to crush them beneath its weight and force. The snow continues to pile up while the jutsu is in effect to completely bury the enemy.

Ice Release: Gentle Snowscape - This ninjutsu creates localized snowfall where each snowflake causes an intense numbing sensation in target until it renders them immobile.

Ice Release: Great Avalanche - This ninjutsu creates and launches a large-volume avalanche of snow and ice at the target that crushes everything in its path. Its victims suffer blunt force trauma, frostbite and hypothermia if they aren’t outright crushed by the wave. The avalanche can move across the flat ground, uphill or even through the air instead of being limited to a downhill descent.

Ice Release: Snowdrop Bullet - This ninjutsu shoots a series of compact snowballs from the user’s mouth which impact the target with bone-breaking force, so dense that they surpass the hardness of solid rock.

Ice Release: Snow Rock Lock - This ninjutsu wraps the target’s body in a mass of snow that envelops them entirely and hardens it like cement, rendering them completely unable to move within its grasp.

Ice Release: Walled Snow Dome - This ninjutsu is a defensive technique which creates a dome of compact snow around the user to protect them from incoming attacks.

Ice Release: Snow Blocking Wall - This ninjutsu creates a solid wall of compact ice that, despite its fragile appearance, is sturdy enough to withstand attack.

Ice Release: Rolling Snow Boulder - This ninjutsu creates a boulder of hardened snow that literally rolls over the ground towards the target to ram them and crush them underfoot.

Ice Release: Snowman - This ninjutsu creates humanoid constructs of snow that move according to the user's will. Like Earth Release: Golem Jutsu, the size of these constructs can range from the size of a man to as tall as building, the snow that forms them made dense and hard to prevent them from being easily damage and capable of unleashing great force despite their appearance.

Armour of Snow - This ninjutsu is a defensive skill which surrounds the user’s body in hardened snow like a suit of armour, covering them in a layer that cushion the damage of any incoming blows and increasing the force of their own hits. The thicker the layer of snow becomes then the more protected one is from harm albeit at their cost of making their movements slower.

Ice Release: Last Breath Freezing - This ninjutsu is one of the deadliest of the Ice Release style, capable of killing with a single blow. Upon casting the jutsu, the wielder strikes the target with their fist which freezes their body almost instantaneously. Their blood, flesh and bones are frozen solid to the core, rendering them nothing more than a lifeless sculpture of ice. This is not a technique to be defended against but rather one that needs to be avoided altogether to survive.

Ice Release: Winter Shogun – Those who wield Ice Release naturally lower the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere as a byproduct of the jutsu they wield. This ninjutsu purposefully diffuses their ice chakra into the surrounding atmosphere to drastically cool down everything around to below freezing point, making the environment as inhospitable as possible for their enemies. The lower the temperature then the more pronounced the effect becomes on the human body; shivering, frozen skin, muscular weakness, drowsiness and frostbite.

Ice Release: Nature’s Freezing - This ninjutsu is one of the most powerful and lethal of the Ice Release style. By gathering and releasing a massive concentration of ice chakra to flash freeze all states of matter and energy around the caster. Any opponent caught within its range is instantly frozen to their core, becoming nothing more than a lifeless frozen statue with no hope of revival.

Ice Release: Wicked Winter Frost - This ninjutsu shapes the wielder’s ice chakra into a demonic face that flies towards the target in a rush of icy vapour, colliding with them and freezing them in ice.

Ice Release: Howling Blizzard - This ninjutsu expels a furious blast of sharp ice, snow and cold winds that blows away and freezes everything caught in its path.

Ice Release: Glacial Vapour Storm – This ninjutsu fires a massive wave of ice that rushes over everything before the caster, sweeping over the land to encase everything in thick sheets of ice.

Ice Release: Endless White Heaven - This ninjutsu has a massive area of effect as it transforms the entire terrain into a winter wasteland by freezing the landscape in thick layers of ice. Everything and everyone is consumed by the ice

Ice Release: Thousand Year Ice Coffin Seal - This ninjutsu is a sealing technique which traps the target in a massive prison of ice. The ice flows around the victim in ever-growing layers to bind them in place and solidifies into a giant hemisphere of solid ice that can restrain even the strongest of opponents. And the density of the ice is so great that it can resist extreme levels of force and cannot be melted even by the highest levels of Fire Release.

Ice Release Chakra Mode – This ninjutsu covers the user in Ice Release chakra as cold as a harsh winter, wrapping ice around their body like armour to protect them from harm. This ice chakra is so cold that they freeze anything they touch and drastically cools down their surroundings with just their presence. By raising the chakra level for the jutsu they are able to achieve even lower temperatures until they start freezing everything around by proximity and it becomes difficult for others to even stand near them, let alone fight them.

Glaciation Jutsu – This ninjutsu is an adaptation of the Hydrification Jutsu using the Ice Release kekkei genkai. They can manipulate their ice body to increase their size and mass with more ice, reshape their body parts into weapons and grow additional parts for extra versatility. Anything they touch freezes as they are covered in ice, whether its the ground they stand upon or an enemy they're fighting. They can merge with any existing ice, regardless of whether it is natural or created from a jutsu, traversing through it and hiding it within depending on the situation.

Water Prison Ice Lock Jutsu - This fusion technique employs Water Release and Ice Release to capture the target within a dense sphere of water to entrap them and then freezes the water to create a solid prison that they cannot escape. The caster can then release themselves from maintaining the prison, leaving the enemy trapped while they can leave freely.

Meltwater Stream Jutsu - This fusion technique employs Water Release and Ice Release to expel a rapid stream of water at the target to soak them and then freezes it into ice to lock them into place.

Flooded Ice Jutsu - This fusion technique employs Water Release and Ice Release to unleash massive wave of water at the target which is filled with razor-sharp shards of ice hidden in its depth, not only sweeping them away but tearing into their bodies.

Fractured Ice Formation Jutsu - This fusion technique employs Water Release and Ice Release to first create a wall of water to protect them and push away anyone close then uses it to shoot a scattered volley of razor-sharp icicles.

Ice Fang Bullet Jutsu - This fusion technique employs Water Release and Ice Release to create spiralling drill of water tipped with a spearpoint of ice to make a dangerous technique even more lethal and piercing.

Cold Gunshot Jutsu - This fusion technique employs Water Release and Ice Release by firing a large bullet of water at the target with a core of ice inside its depth, striking the enemy not just with a water but smashing into them with the ice as well.

Formation Ice Wall - This fusion technique employs Water Release and Ice Release to first create a protective wall of water to repel the enemy and then freezing it solid, keeping them from harm while also captured anyone close inside it.

Freezing Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu - This fusion technique employs Water Release and Ice Release to unleashes a dragon made of flowing water and ice, striking the enemy with incredibly force and freezing it into an obelisk.