Katekyo Hitman Reborn Idea

I am currently trying to write a KHR fanfiction where Tsuna is a ghost and it is actually based on a prompt AU I found on tumblr. However, my [sad] self sort of needs someone I can use as a soundboard/beta to actually plan my story out. I have the rough skeleton via the prompt, but fleshing it out is a bit of a problem as of right now.

The idea/prompt revolves around Tsuna having been murdered (by accident) two years prior to the KHR storyline. Nana is still in Namimori, and Iemitsu hasn't really found out his little "Tuna-Fishie" being dead. Tsuna, to partially relieve himself of boredom and to partially help others from becoming like him, has started leaving paper cranes on the desks of troubled kids and inviting them to the third floor music room no one uses anymore. He talks with the kids he invites and does his best to help them with their problems. Even Yamamoto, Gokudera, Ryohei, Chrome and Mukuro, and Hibari have all seen and talked to the ghost [and know he is a ghost].
Here enters a problem: Since Iemitsu is an idiot and doesn't know about Tsuna being dead, they have selected him as the heir for the Vongola and have Reborn come to train the dead kid. Tsuna actually still visits his mother after his death, and Nana knows he is dead so she's still rather sad whenever she sees him but she is grateful to at least be able to see her little boy.