Kim Possible Idea: Immersion Therapy

This is an early season 1 Ron centered idea, before chronological episode 5 (AKA New Ron). This idea still needs a little working but I think it'd turn out alright after I hammer and fill it out.

The working title is Immersion Therapy, for reasons that will soon be obvious.

After returning home from his mission with Kim to the monkey temple, or maybe after returning from Monty’s mansion, Ron’s parents find him overly jittery to the point they would say he was shaking and his breathing was just shy of hyperventilating. After talking it over what happened with him they start looking into fear specialist and set up an appointment with the within a month. (“Why do you mean I have a therapy appointment? You didn’t tell me anything about this?” “This is our way of telling you.”)

This leads to the following actions: Ron starts taking animal imitation Wushu, strongly Hou Quan, which he proves to be a natural in the monkey routine but only a little above average in the other styles, various trips to the Zoo and a return to Camp wannaweep (Where Gil is discovered sooner than cannon).

The less fear he feels towards monkeys the more abilities that start to manifest,as well as how much more powerful they become. Something that scares him a bit more, not sure if I want to keep these powers a secret or not or if Ron even would. (Side note: Due to fear training he is less fearful during missions)

During a mission against Drakken Ron accessed his powers and Shego notice, and she saw an opportunity. She would Offer to teach him how to better handle his powers as who better to teach him than somebody who has powers.

Shego starts to mold him into an apprentice/side kick as well as distancing herself from Drakken as his plans become more outlandish and just plain stupid. Starts to reach out again into her old, look out for what’s mine attitude (which starts to include Ron at some point.)

Pairing: Ron/Shego... kind've obvious at this point.

Anyway, please tell me what you think.


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Not feeling the Ron/Shego pairing.That said a later season episode did show a (forced good) Shego being kind of sisterly towards Kim, and even after she'd reverted you got the impression she kind of enjoyed being Kim's friend more than she wanted to admit. Using her training of Ron to lead to a 'sisterly' attitude towards Kim (and eventually leading to Drakken's reformation earlier tha in canon) might prove more interesting.