Kim Possible -Watchmen Crossover


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the few Watchmen fics had me working on this.

basic premise is that Manhattan didn't off Rorschach but -you've guessed it- teleported him to an alternate dimension, w/c unfortunately is the KP universe.

and yes this is one of them fics that ron becomes badass. or in this case rorschach.

story starts in 1998 where kovacs was first transported. and for the first part chronicles the years via a new rorschach journal. up until kim is the hero she was in the beginning of the series.

the first problem I have is the timeline of the show. so Im gonna have to look in to that.

second problem is that Im no alan moore and the fact that this will be my first attempt at a fic is not helping. so Im probably gonna fuck up rorschach somehow and that is where I need TFF's help to set me straight.

and if anyone else wants to do a similar one the idea is free.


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changed time from 98 to 86 cause I want Kovacs to be old by the series start.

here's a snippet.

Rorschach's journal June 30, 1986

What did Dr. Manhattan do? that question remains even after weeks. I'm not dead why?
I was a threat to Veidt's plans yet I live. even asked for death but it was denied.

woken up weeks ago in an alley bloodied but fine. had to hide my face as people noticed me and tried to help.
was helped to the hospital where I was treated, asked what date it is nurse said
"Tuesday June 12, 1986" didn't know then if she was lying.

after trip to the hospital I bought a newspaper, the nurse wasn't lying.
my gut was churning, where did Manhattan send me? few months into the future?
seemed unlikely I can still be a threat to their utopia so where?.

I don't doubt Dr. Manhattan's powers, but why let me live? out of pity . . . maybe in any case only he can answer why.

later found out I am somewhere in Colorado town called Lowerton part of a tri-state area.
funny never heard of a tri-state in Colorado before.

later found a local library, read newspaper clippings and watched some tapes to confirm suspicion. No mention of giant monster in New York, America lost Vietnam war, Nixon's resignation, and no mention of Masked Adventurers.
my blood ran cold. spend a couple of days verifying this, all were true.

new questions form in my head like "did he know?" did he know where he sent me?.
Though I also wonder if none of us in my world did anything and instead let nature run its course would it also lead to the same
result as this world's? peace? maybe then perhaps Veidt wouldn't have to kill millions.

after that I worked some odd jobs as Walter, need food and place to stay after all.
was able to afford cheap apartment the place definitely reflect its cost.
un-kept and dirty but less worse the one I used to live in.

three days ago got new job as janitor, place called smarty mart. bought new journal with employee discount. already re-wrote contents of
old one. I must not forget must not forget why I fight.

I put on my face again that night. this place is tame no more than a few punks and small time crime bosses.still scum are scum and they ALL need to be disposed.

By the time of writing, I've put 20 gang members in the hospital, put a crime boss in intensive care and crippled two of his
guards and made my way up the police most wanted, all within the span of 2 weeks. a good start.


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Very interesting job, hope you'll be able to post this soon.