Nasuverse Lance of the Titan


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Lance of the Titan
Chapter one


"My lord, another barrier has been torn asunder!"

The minion ran towards his master before he was stopped and dismissed by the irritated voice of the Titan:

"Send some automatons to reinforce the other barriers in that direction then! Stop bother me, I'm busy!"

The minion quickly bowed and ran off, unwilling to anger his master.

The muscled man stood at the top of Ayers Rock in the middle of Australia, carving rune as quickly as he could since he was running out of time.

"This is an amusing sight. The mighty Titan, who brought chaos and conflict to the world, has been reduced to this state. Is this the result of your so-called Titanomachy?"

The man snarled at the sight of the ancient magician.

"Zelretch? Have you come to mock me? To jeer at the one who brought the world to its knees?"

"The world? Kneeling?"

Zelretch gazed over the wastelands that surrounded the mountain. Armies were fighting against the minions of the titan, and the defending barriers fell one by one by the spells of the united world.

"...If you'd call this kneeling then I'd shudder at what you'd call standing."

"Aye, they united. Centuries of conflicts, all of them forgotten by the acts of one such as me."

"To be fair, you have commited numerous atrocities. It's no wonder why everyone hates you."

The man continued with carving runes, but his teeths were clenched, due to the fury he felt.

The magician then changed the topic.

"So you've made up your mind?"

"...Yes. I'm almost done with the preparation."

"It is a daring move, I'll give you that. But it appears that your wards are too weak to be able to buy you enough time to finish your little project..."

"I don't care. I've come too far and I'll not give them the satisfaction of torturing and executing me!"

"Well, at least I've warned you. It's a folly, an incredibly foolish act, but you make the decision in the end."

"At least I'm not using your cursed Second Magic!"

Zelretch smirked at that comment.

"The chance of possible risks would be reduced if you'd accept my offer and use my powers to reinforce your ritual."

The man spat some blood on a few of the runes, which lit up in a omnious light.

"True, the power of the Second Magic would make it more stable. But using it on the ritual would grant you much more influence on me and the world. That's a risk that I will never take!"

The ancient magician then stopped smiling. It appeared that the courtesies were over.

"...As you wish. But let me warn you. I'll be there as well, and that me won't be as good-willed as this me."

The man scoffed at the threat, while he gestured for his two vassals to get close to him, to prepare for the jump.

"Tell that you then that he's welcome to try to challenge me, if he have the guts for that."

"You are overestimating yourself. But go, run as the coward you truly are! But don't worry, you will be welcomed, by swords, fire and blood!"

"I've heard enough of your empty threats, old man. The ritual is complete so this is goodbye for now!"

The man released the magic spell and the mountain lit up as all the runes started to glow.

And when the united army finally tore down the last barrier, the trio disappeared in a vortex that torn time and space asunder, leaving Zelretch alone on the mountaintop.

"Such a foolish and arrogant child. To think that I had expected more of him..."

Then he noticed that the sky lit up as countless magical missiles flew through the air and raced down towards him and the mountain.

"...Let's see how long the lot of you can last against me..."

And then he unsheathed a dagger from beneath his robe.

"Now then, let's have some fun!"

And then the magical power of the united world clashed against the strongest magician, in the wake of the escape of the Titan...


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“Your Grace!”

The king of knight waved forth the man-at-arms who apparently had important news.

“Speak brave warrior. What worries you?”

The soldier kneeled before his king.

“It’s the ships of your fleet. The vanguard and scouts report that every vessel has been destroyed!”

“What?! How is that possible?! How were they destroyed?!”

“I-I am not sure. The reports say that it looks like they were cleaved in half but that should be impossible.”

“…Cleaved in half… Thank you for this information. Go and rest for now son, you’ve earned it.”

The warrior bowed in gratitude and honor and hurried off towards the outskirts of the encampment.

The king of knight contemplated the news that had reached them.

“…Wise Merlin, is it possible to cleave an entire fleet of warships with sorcery?”

A cloaked figure stepped forth.

“Your Grace, it is not something that I’ve heard is possible but the will and power of Fae and Gaia are mysterious and powerful. It is simply not known, but we cannot say that it is possible.”

“…I see. Thank you for the council. How far is it to the coast?”

One of the rangers who served as a commander for the campaign stepped forward.

“Maybe a day’s march or so? Less if we leave within the hour.”

“Then we’ll march. Sound the horns. Prepare the men. I want to see the remains of my fleet with my own eyes.”

“Your word are our law!”

The commanders saluted and bowed before they left the tent to relay the orders to the common soldiers of the army.


“How is this possible?”

“I-I don’t know, Your Grace.”

The king stood beside Merlin on a cliff, observing the ragged coast that served as the southern borders of the kingdom.

The coast was littered by the wrecks of hundreds of warships. Most were cleaved in half while others were torn apart.

“Were there no witnesses? No survivors?”

“The vanguard and the scouts have not found any yet, Your Grace.”

“Your Grace!”

The royal turned around to the voice of Mordred.

The red knight served as a knight of the round table, one of the champions of the kingdom.

“Speak, fierce and brave Mordred.”

The knight kneeled before the king.

“The army grows unease. They believe this tragedy is an act of the Fae. They dread of what will happen to the plans of conquest.”

The king stood silent, looming over the mighty knight.

“…I do not know the cause of this atrocity but it is a disgrace and mockery towards my rule. But my ambitions are unchanged. This army will conquer the continent beyond these water and the lack of ships is a mere setback.

Tell the soldiers to prepare to march!”

“March were, Your Grace? Home?”

“No, we will march south. I am blessed by the Lady of the Lake and water cannot be stopped by my power. Let me know when they are ready to march, and I’ll open up a path for us.”

“As you command, Your Grace!”

Within two hours, the army was ready.

Twenty thousand knights, mounted on chargers.

Forty thousand men-at-arms, armed with spears and long swords.

Five thousand archers, armed with longbows and crossbows.

And standing before all of them, in front of the sea that separated their island from the rest of the continent, stood the king of knights.

“Men! Harken on my words. Today, we create history. We will cross this sea and conquer all lands that stand beyond it!"

The army was in awe as the legendary blade of Excalibur was drawn and raised above their heads.

It was a beautiful blade, created by the Fae themselves and gifted to the king by the Lady in the Lake.

The king then swung the sword downwards with both hands towards the sea and a current of gold blasted forth, cleaving the waters in two as a broad golden road of magic was created, walled by towering walls of sea.

“The road is open. Go, and bring glory to our country!”

The cheering roar thundered across the coast as the army charged forth, for glory and for their king.


The vanguard rode in a broad line, lances held high while the armored knights ignored the whirling currents that served as the walls of the walls.

But then they noticed something strange. A man stood before them on the golden road, several leagues in front of them.

The man was clad in black armor and red clothing, and his short white hair waved in the strong winds.

“Cease this folly and turn back. Only death and tragedy awaits you on this road!”

The man shouted a warning that was heard by all in the vanguard but the promises of glory and conquest made them deaf and the charge never lost momentum.

“…So be it. Perhaps you can forgive me in the afterlife…”

The man spoke and waved his arm, which allowed a barricade of large swords to pierce the golden road, pointed towards the charging vanguard.

The knights nor their steeds had no time to react and slammed into the wall of swords, which cleaved and pierced both horse and knight, exploding into a shower of blood and panic.

The man then summoned two swords which he threw against the walls of water, cutting them which allowed the sea to come forth, to crush and drown all men who rode and marched south.

The king felt that something was wrong before the magic was cancelled, no, before it was cut off, and watched with horror as the sea walls collapsed over the golden road, killing all who had entered the path that was created by the power of Excalibur.

Thankfully only a tenth of the army had managed to enter the road, but that was still a loss of thousands.

“...Who did this?! Who is responsible?!”

The shout was in general and no answer or reply was expected, which is why the shock was so great when a voice rolled over the sea, claiming responsibility.

“I did the act. I killed your soldiers, king of knights.”

A spire rose from beneath the waves with a man standing on its very top.

No, it wasn’t a spire.

It was a sword. An enormous sword that reached for the sky, with the man standing on the pommel, looking down on the soldiers as if they were ants beneath him.

The king snarled in rage and charged forth, Excalibur in hand.

“You seek vengeance by slaying me? A noble goal but how do you plan to reaching me?”

The king ignored the man and simply ran onto the water and continue the inhumanly quick charge, not bothered by the uneven footing that the waves caused.

“…Impressive. And your courage is to be praised. But your efforts are futile. Cease your folly or drown in despair.”

The king was unfazed, the fury intact.

“You slaughtered my banner men! I’d rather have despair than let you get away unpunished for your crimes!”

The man nodded sadly.

“Then it shall be so. By the rights and powers that I’ve been granted, I deem you, Arthuria Pendragon, the king of knights and Britain, an enemy of mankind!”

And then the man jumped off the sword, falling towards the king with sword in hand.

The king drew her other sword, Caliburn, the sword in the stone, and swung both legendary swords at the criminal, who met the mighty blows with two sword strikes of his own swords, one black and one white.

And the army on the shore stood awestruck and terrified as their king dueled an unknown enemy on the surface of the sea.


“Protect the king!”

“Save the king!”

The army charged forth in desperate devotion to protect their royal leader who stood crucified on a hill of swords.

The stranger and the king had dueled for hours over the sea, exchanging blows and sword strikes, neither managing to gain an advantage over the other.

It was first when the army, in a desperate desire to protect their king tried to intervene by shooting down the enemy with arrows and quarrels.

The man turned his attention to the army and began to slaughter it, before the king managed to intercept him.

The duel continued for a while, as the man sought to butcher the soldiers and the king sought to protect them. In the end, the king fell into a trap and the man entrapped the hero with a jungle of conjured swords, which ended with piercing the king, crucifying her in a mocking and cruel way.

She did not die due to the magical regenerating powers of her sword sheet Avalon but it was a slow and cruel death as she was forced to see her men and subjects dying at the red man’s hands as they attempted to save her.

The butcher continued for hours. Slaying men-at-arms, distance fighters and knights without a care in the world. He made swords rain down onto them and made swords grow from the ground, like sprouts that sought to pierce and cut all who ran into them.

The Knights of the Round Table were the ones who performed best against the enemy. They fought well and almost managed to save their king on several occasions but they were simply not enough and the king cried in despair when each one of them were slain.

And when the sun went down, the southern shores of Britain was dyed red from the blood of roughly 50000 men, who died against one man.

And alone on the hill of swords stood the king of knights, crucified by cruel swords and mad by grief and rage.

“I curse you. I promise that I will find you one day and make you pay for this! I curse you!”

“Curse me all you want. It doesn’t matter, since I am beyond salvation. Goodbye, Arthuria Pendragon, the king of knights and Britain. You fought well. Allow me to show you the price of your ambition.”

“Curse yo-!”

Her final word was silenced as the man decapitated her with a single swing of his sword, making the head, frozen with an expression of hatred, fly down the hill of sword.

He ignored the fountain of blood that doused him as he gazed across the battlefield.

“…I hope you are happy now… Alaya…”

And then, when he had performed his duty, time and space was torn asunder and dragged him away for that timeline.


Author note: The prologue is now "done" but I'm not quite happy/satisfied with the second part so I'll try to improve it later.
Next chapter will focus on Shirou.


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Er...... Did you mean for this to come off as a complete Archer wank-fic? Alaya only gets involved in things that threaten mankind as a whole. Uniting them under the banner of King Arthur(ia) is kind of the opposite. In addition to this, you completely forgot about Avalon's second function. An impenetrable barrier on the level of true magic is not something even a counter guardian can beat. Hell, types are supposed to be the strongest things in existence and a true magic user took one down in a duel.