Let's make a terrible RPG


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So, since we don't have any RPGs going right now, and I don't really feel like running something right now, let's have some fun and design an RPG system.

Of course, since building something complex and coherent would probably be too dull for a forum game, let's try something a little more chaotic.

The Rules:
-I will post what we're trying to fill
-They will remain open for one week, or until all of them are filled.
-If any information is empty at the time limit, I will fill it in after a hefty round of drinking.
-Information is filled on a first come, first serve basis.
-Rounds will continue until we have a basic rules framework established.
-Submission of fluff and story will be judged by the participants as a whole. Anyone can submit, but it has to avoid the burning scorn of most other players in order to be made a part of this horrific tapestry we're weaving.
-Suggestions for future rounds is also accepted. Despite the fact that we're driving blind, I don't mind a few panicked directions from the backseat.

Important Note: This is just for fun. If we end up with a system that is vaguely workable or coherent at the end, I will be both impressed and disappointed. Mostly disappointed.

So Starting off, let's establish a basic framework for this future train wreck. Let's decide the basic stats that determine a character, as well as what the most common dice roll will be! If you are posting a stat, please give a short blurb of information stating what it is as well as its purpose.

-Dice system (XdY format, please)

Stat1: Friendliness
-Friendliness is the first impression you give to people, as well as how easily you can build friendships. The perfect stat for someone seeking to become a diplomat, president, casanova, or just have a lot of buddies.


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Okay, which thread are we supposed to post in? Or are you going to combine results if you like them?

Either way, Stat2: Stamina
-Stamina is pretty much a requirement to be a functional living being, since without any stamina, you keel over. Great stat for an athletic type, controls your 'health' one way or another, and probably also works for appearance.


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half baked cat said:
Dice System 1d42
Bad cat! Bad!

Please use dice that you would get in a basic gaming dice pack
d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d%.

As for which thread to post in, the one in general talk seems to be getting more popularity, so that will probably be the "main" thread. As I mentioned, I'm using the time stamps to determine who posted first, so if someone posted the last stat at 1PM here, and someone else posted 1:15 PM in the other thread, the one posted first would go into the game.


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Stat 3: Hip size. Male OR female.


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Common dice roll: 1d20 + 1d6 + 1d6

From, T = 20, F = 6, F = 6; which totals to 32.


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Shirotsume said:
Stat 3: Hip size. Male OR female.
Well, that was a bit weirder than I expected. Just the kind of oddity I was hoping for.

So here's what we have so far:
Stat2: Stamina
Stat5: Hip Size
Stat6: ?
Stat7: ?
Dice system: 1d20 base with 1d6 as bonus modifiers. Not sure If I understand what you're aiming for rdde.


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We're TFF, and the letter T is the 20th and the letter F is the 6th.

D&D's common roll is on a simple d20. Since there is no d32 (from T + F + F or 20 + 6 + 6 = 32), I want our common rolls to be d20+d6+d6.

It's a stupid thing, but hey, we're making a terrible RPG here, are we not?


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Low Rad means you're boring. You work for the man. You hit people with your sword (boring right?) High Rad means you are cool and existing. You shoot sharks from your sword, which are one fire and have lasers. Some abilities might have tiered effects based upon your Radicalness. Maybe you can gain it in play by sticking it to the man and loose it by conforming like a square.


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So, here is our current setup:

Stat2: Stamina
Stat5: Hip Size
Stat6: Radicalness
Stat7: Luck
Dice system: 1d20 base with 1d6 as bonus modifiers.

Alright, I'll try to figure something out to do with this as our core right now. While I cook something up, feel free to submit Items.

Rules for Items:
Rule 1 -Up to five items per post.
Rule 2-Stick to the basics for now. If they can't use it from the start of the game, please don't post it. Tanks and similar items are allowed, but Super!Tank, AI!Tank, Transforming!Tank are all out. Keep it in its basic form, and it's good to go.
Rule 3- Items can be submitted at any time.

IN an effort to consolidate this, please post all future submissions here. I'll still check this thread and post updates for awhile, but it would really help if we only operated one thread.


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Do we get Radicalness or Chest?

I think Chest would be a great stat for intimidation. Get it high enough, and when you stand in front of someone they get intimidated by how big your manboobs are.