Let's talk about crack fics

What's your opinion on crack fics? If you like them then post your favorites here or shill your own and see if other people like them. I await your response.


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I think Crack Fics usually only really work as Oneshots, simply because the vast majority of the time, the cast has only the tiniest of connections to the actual character.

Also, any fic which is just "Random stuff happening, hurr durr, bad guys are cats now, and that guy is naked for lols!" is inherently awful. Also, being mobbed by fangirls. Cut that shit out.


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Honestly if a good author writes a crack fic it can still be amazing, the problem is that a great many "crack fics" are written by terrible authors who then use the excuse that since it's a crack fic things like "character" and "having a cohesive plot" don't matter.


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