LG-426: Alien Discovery

This is a movie fan-fic inspired by the Alien sci-fi horror-film franchise which I had to write/post before retiring from writing...since I'm a secret Alien movie 'theologian.'

Thanks for reading (and enjoy!).

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The space-exploration crew of the Weyland vessel Nostradamus included the officers Daniels (female), Hicks (male), Bishop (android), Jones (male), and Thomas (female). These officers/crew of the Nostradamus were to travel to the yet unexplored planet of LG-426 and investigate the legitimacy of a signal received by Weyland Space Corporation indicating the possible existence of intelligent life on LG-426! Captain Dwayne Hicks, a German-American, who would lead this symbolic mission had orders to execute/kill any alien intelligence possibly hostile toward humans. Officer Daniels, a rather headstrong woman, didn't like the idea of simply 'snooping around' an unexplored planet just to 'satiate' human curiosity/vanity, but she was considered a highly-trained and valuable astronaut and soldier and was therefore recruited by the Company CEO Peter Weyland himself...

When Nostradamus landed on LG-426, the first thing they noticed on the humid planet which boasted a ton of strange gray-colored vegetation was the eerie sounds of humming, seeming to come from the ground/terrain! Captain Hicks radioed back to the Company and explained the crew's theory that there was a strange and steady ubiquitous humming sound emanating from beneath the planet's terrain. The Company ordered that Hicks and his crew use their advanced laser-guns to cut into the ground/terrain and burrow underground to investigate the source of this humming sound. Hicks told the Company of Officer Daniels' unusual rebelliousness, but was ordered to strictly 'keep her in line.' Hicks had no problem with this generally aside from the undisclosed fact that Hicks had a small love-crush on Daniels and was itching to bond with her as a 'nice fellow.'

Hicks, Daniels, and the crew of the Nostradamus began using lasers to cut into the ground/terrain of LG-426 and then began burrowing to make deep tunnels, as ordered by the Company. They must've burrowed down at least 200 feet before discovering a huge underground labyrinth made of channels. These channels were made of hard rubber and were obviously flame-retardant. They wandered through this underground labyrinth and found a huge metallic lair which housed what appeared to be giant organic flower-shaped fetus-eggs(!). Hicks and Daniels began taking photos of these 'alien eggs' when they suddenly heard the sound of running footsteps approaching them all. Daniels told Hicks this must've been a death-trap intentionally made to see what foolish intelligent visitors would dare to snoop around or take photos of their baby-eggs.

The Nostradamus crew was horrified when they were confronted by a group of four rather large insect-dragon like intelligent/taking aliens who demanded to know why they were snooping around in their lair on planet LG-426! Captain Hicks calmly explained they were sent to explore the planet by the Weyland Space Corporation on Earth and see if there was intelligent life here. One of the aliens told Hicks the planet was colonized by aliens called 'Xenomorphs' who sent the intelligent communication signal to Weyland Corp. to see if humans sent explorers who were peaceful...or too ambitious(!). Officer Daniels immediately suspected these 'Xenomorphs' meant to test human character and were ready to execute/kill humans if they were too...vain. Hicks and Daniels knew they should start negotiating immediately...

HICKS: We come in peace.
XENOMORPH: You're taking photos of our baby-eggs!
DANIELS: We're just curious about your organic compatibility.

HICKS: Let us return to Earth and show Weyland these egg photos.
XENOMORPH: Why should we trust you?
DANIELS: We're a 'romantic' species; I'm in love with Captain Hicks.

HICKS: Umm, yeah, yes, that's true, Daniels and I are in love!
XENOMORPH: That's impressive that you're disclosing your sentiments.
DANIELS: Allow us to tell Weyland you're a 'privacy-seeking' species.

HICKS: We won't return to your fertile planet without treasure to gift.
XENOMORPH: Agreed; if you break this compact, we'll fire nuclear weapons towards Earth.
DANIELS: Alright, we have much to tell Weyland; thank you for your diplomacy.


Chapter 2: Day of the Jackal

This second chapter I added as a 'boon' since I loved the way the beginning story turned out, and I included an allegorical reference to the eerie Marvel Comics mutant-supervillain the 'Jackal.' After all, how cool can an Alien fan-fic truly be without a reference to some 'creepy' mutant? Please let me know if you liked this brand of 'mutation sci-fi.'



When Daniels and Hicks returned to Earth on the Nostradamus with their somewhat shocked crew, they met with the Company CEO Peter Weyland himself! Mr. Weyland was thrilled to discover that Hicks and his crew found an alien intelligence 'lair' on the planet LG-426 and was pensive when Hicks/Daniels explained their ominous warning they received from the 'Xenomorph' alien creatures. Weyland assured Hicks and Daniels that human space-explorers and Weyland Space Corporation would never abuse their power/opportunity to engage with the intelligent Xenomorphs on LG-426. Officer Daniels, however, did not feel so 'assured' by Peter Weyland's words.

Two months later, Dwayne Hicks was called up again by Weyland for a new mission to return(!) to LG-426, this time carrying a chest full of gold bars as a gift to the Xenomorphs as a gesture of their gratitude for making miraculous contact. Hicks was told that Daniels would once again be part of the mission-crew, but this time, two new astronauts would complete the crew --- Roberts (male) and Fredericks (female). Hicks was happy, since he'd begun to date(!) Daniels and wanted her with him for this return-voyage to deliver the diplomatic treasure-gift (gold bars) to the Xenomorphs. Their new spaceship/vessel was called the Newton.

When Newton landed on LG-426, Hicks/Daniels and the crew (minus Roberts who was mysteriously told to remain on-board the Newton while the rest of the crew delivered the gold-treasure diplomat gift to the Xenomorphs) transported the chest of gold bars (using a cart-and-pulley system) to egg-area of the underground 'labyrinth' they discovered on the planet on their first mission. When Hicks and his crew (including Daniels!) made their way into the same area of the underground labyrinth (where the Xenomorphs kept groups of their unhatched baby-eggs), the were once again met by the same group of guardian Xenomorphs they met on their first trip.

Captain Hicks presented the gold chest gift to the Xenomorphs and told them the gift was a diplomacy symbol. The Xenomorphs seemed pleased and replied this was a sign that humans were wise cohorts and beneficial allies for future activities. Just then, a large and strange green-colored jackal-like 'pseudo-human' burst into this gift-exchange area and announced himself as the 'Jackal.' Hicks pulled out his gun, and one of the Xenomorphs was prepared to lunge at the 'Jackal' to fight him, but the Jackal explained he merely wanted to 'chat' before entertaining more 'adventurous' decisions. Everyone then agreed that a peaceful discussion may prove helpful.

JACKAL: Captain Hicks drew his gun, so you know I'm not biased in his favor!
HICKS: Yes, and the Xenomorphs were in a defensive stance, so you're not their minion.
DANIELS: Who then the hell are you, Jackal?
XENOMORPH: What is your reason for disrupting this diplomatic gift-exchange?

JACKAL: I'm actually Newton crew-member Roberts; I was specially-sent by Weyland to ingest a mutation-serum.
HICKS: So Weyland sent you with us as a spy so you could transform yourself with some experimental serum?
DANIELS: I assume, Jackal, your intention is to forge a military/martial alliance between humans and Xenomorphs!
XENOMORPH: Yes, you're quite muscular/strong, so perhaps Weyland wants you to display 'political agendas.'

JACKAL: Correct; I'm to propose a more 'martial' exploration of the universe with a Weyland-Xenomorph alliance!
HICKS: Wow, I suppose this was all a damn secret so we'd all maintain our friendly poses...
DANIELS: I've often suggested that Weyland is a real fox...
XENOMORPH: I suppose an allied colonial space-expedition with martial strength can be profitable.

JACKAL: Weyland plans to send 100 more 'Jackals' just like me.
HICKS: Maybe we can all have a big slumber-party...
DANIELS: So Weyland seeks a 'martial' universe-colonization' agenda?
XENOMORPH: Yes, is Weyland committed to pure power?

JACKAL: Peter Weyland envisions a 'symbiotic' future of grand architecture.
HICKS: This'll be bigger than the United Nations on Earth, but with 'jackal' scale!
DANIELS: I never dreamed I'd be witness to such 'vanity complexity.'
XENOMORPH: If this works, we'll be monarchs; if this fails, we'll be gargoyles.

JACKAL: Let us toast to a potential 'empire' destiny...