Losers Inc.


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Has nothing to do with the Jeffery Dean Morgan Movie.

Basically after reading many things about Marvel and the subsequent comics that have come out, I got this crack idea. It's a team up fic where anything can go down since the people staring in it have been Fate's (Marvel Heads) spitoons for a couple of years now and I think there maybe comedy gold in it.

The first member: Cyclops/Scott Summers. Former leader of the X-men. Current Mutant revolutionary on the run from the Avengers. The guy soooo many people love to hate in-universe.

Reason why he's here: Lover of redheads and blondes. Unlucky leader. Stoic guy with moments of funny.

The second member: Amazing Spiderman/Peter Parker. Former Vigliant webslinging Superhero/Avengers member. Currently dead. Yeah. That happened.

Reasons why he's here: Lover of redheads and blondes. Unlucky good guy. Sarcastic quipper.

ETX: Can add a third member of your own choice. Can be either male or female.

So the basic idea is that there is an AU where the two know about their current circumstances and decide to go out of the universe and go on a buddy cop trip. Could span the multiverse and even cross into DC.

Taking any ideas or authors.

So any takers?