Akamatsuverse Love hina Rick and Morty crossover.


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I decided to do something when I was feeling either really bored, angry or a little depressed over the last couple of weeks. Write a crossover of rick and Morty and Love hina.

I don't have any plans or planners, like with the Private engagement story. I'm just writing stream of consciousness with this one.

so updates will be sporadic and Rick and morty elements will trickle in as time goes on. Let me know what you think. I can also discuss some ideas I have, if anyone wants to hear them.



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Here's the FFN Link to chapter 1


And here is Chapter 2, ready for review, suggestions, and comments.



I've been thinking about what to do with Shinobu for this fic.

Here is what I've come up with so far.

1.) I don't add her. She won't appear. This is probably for the best, as she tends to vanish into the background of most fics.

2.) She moves to the Hinata. However, Rick initially pegs her as a 'Jerry' type, as in she makes herself pathetic to manipulate and survive off of others, so Rick doesn't like her at first. Whether or not that changes, depends on where the plot goes.

3.) Shinobu moves to the Hinata and pisses off Rick with her About-to-cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat' attitude. Somehow Rick gets her to open up and everything comes out. Rick takes pity on her and tries to help her in his own way, which isn't a healthy way, as he suggests bottling it all up and focusing on hobbies and stuff until it all goes away.

I bet some of you were wondering why doesn't Rick doesn't like Shinobu right off the bat. Simple, he's an ass.

I'd like to hear some of your suggestions, everyone.


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One thing I sorta am thinking about is an Evil Keitaro plotline.

I don't want to copy the Evil Morty Plotline, so I'm not going there.

What I want to do is that in one of the future chapters, Evil Keitaro does a 'kidnap and replace' on Keitaro.

When the girls realize that Keitaro has been replaced, they decide to beat up Evil Keitaro to get him to give back Keitaro.

However, Evil Keitaro has some of Keitaro's strengths, like being immortal/nigh-unkillable and being able to perfectly copy an attack after he's been hit with it a few times.

Yeah, bit of a way to show that if Keitaro put some effort into it, he'd be a scary opponent.

What are your thoughts, forumers?


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Hn. Not an outright awful start, the kind of thing I should've seen earlier.

Not too surprised that Rick and Hina aren't related directly, though I'm noticing no hints of Haruka-as-Keitarô's-cousin. Taking the 'aunt Haruka' part seriously as usual?

Regarding the scenes, you should write them. Just because they're padding doesn't mean the chapter isn't really short otherwise. Plus, it could at least have Keitarô pull some Morty antics as usual.

Evil Keitarô is sounding like Doofus Jerry. While that might work, it'd need some work to not be just a copy of that storyline either. [Maybe Shinomu works for him.]


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H-Man, for the 'Aunt Haruka' thing, Kinda. 'Aunt Haruka' vs 'Cousin Haruka' will be important as a dimensional difference.

Yes, Keitaro, Rick, and one-or-two others will run off to another dimension in a later chapter, where the only major difference at first is that Haruka is Keitaro's cousin, but that Haruka is still called 'aunty' by Keitaro.

I had forgotten about Doofus Jerry. At the moment, one major difference between Doofus Jerry and Evil Keitaro is that Evil Keitaro does not want to take over the multiverse.

This is the current backstory for Evil Keitaro, but I will make changes if I need to for any reason. All Evil Keitaro wants is his life at the Hinata back or something resembling it. In his home dimension, he lost it from the girls' abuse and killed the girls somehow. Not wanting to face charges, he talked Rick into traveling to the Citadel of Ricks, where he then stole that Rick's portal gun and ran off. Somehow, he had the gun modified, so it couldn't be tracked as long as he piggybacked on a nearby portal gun as it was in use. Whether he modified it himself or had a Rick do the deed, I have no idea nor do I care.

Heck, I don't know if Evil Keitaro even is related to a Rick. If he is, then he killed the girls with one of Rick's inventions. If he isn't, then he did the deed with one of Su's inventions and that Rick was merely passing by when Evil Keitaro was running away from the Hinata.

However, Evil Keitaro still has a lot of resentment towards Motoko, Kitsune, Mutsumi, Su, Sarah, and Naru. Although the latter, Evil Keitaro feels really conflicted about because he still loves her.

Having Shinobu work for Evil Keitaro does sound like a really nice idea. Even leaving it up in the air of whether it is this dimension's Shinobu, Evil Keitaro's Shinobu, or another Dimension's Shinobu entirely sounds like a nice mystery.

...I'm a bit saddened that Evil Keitaro has more depth to him than Keitaro. At the moment, Keitaro is little more than a wooden board with a smiley face and glasses. I'm gonna have to try to fix that if I can. Perhaps by writing those scenes like you suggested, H-Man.


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Alright, finally got time to write this at a time where my muse is willing to work with me.


Keitaro knocked on Naru's door. After a few moments, Naru opened the door and did not look pleased.

"So what are you here for, Keitaro?" Naru asked. When she noticed Motoko, her mood brightened a little. "POh, you're here, Motoko. Everything alright?"

"The Landlord and I are here to collect the rent," Motoko stated.

"Yeah, Motoko said it was about that time," Keitaro said.

Naru looked away at a calendar. "Huh... so it is. Give me a moment."

Naru walked towards her desk and began to look through it as she said, "I'm glad you showed up with him, Motoko, even if it is against your will."

"Yes, even if he is a worthless male," Motoko replied. Keitaro looked like he had been struck.

"Don't forget spineless," Naru added with a smirk as she found her wallet. "At least we can be sure he won't try to steal the money and use it on porno."

Keitaro tried to glare at Naru, who ignored him as she headed back to the door.

"I doubt he would. I would make sure to punish him before killing him and that's assuming that I get to him before Haruka hears about it," Motoko said with a smirk.

"Yes, we all remember what she did to that pervert that tried to look up the skirts of her girls," Naru said as she took out the amount for the rent. She first made it look like she was about to hand it to Keitaro, but quickly handed the amount to Motoko. "Better the money be in safe hands, than his."

After Naru closed the door, Motoko said, "Next up is Su's."

"Give me the rent money. It's my job as Landlord to handle it," Keitaro said, finding his voice.

"After we deal with Kitsune. She has sticky fingers when it comes to men that she can enchant," Motoko said as she walked towards Su's room.

A blushing Keitaro followed after her, doing his best to forget the mental images.


Su's turn.


Motoko was the one that knocked.

"She is a child, so keep your hands off of her," Motoko said before the door opened.

Motoko was nearly tackled by a incoming Su. After Su wrapped herself around Motoko, she asked, "Hey yah, Motoko! What are you and mister landlord doing here?"

"We are here to collect the rent," Motoko said in a gentle voice.

"Oh... Can I pay in bananas?" Su asked.

"No. the government requires rent to be paid in Yen," Keitaro cheerfully said.

"Oh... Bit of a shame. Bananas are more more tasty!" Su replied as she hopped of of Motoko and ran into room.

Keitaro took a step towards Su's door, but was blocked by a glowering Motoko. Before either of the two could speak, Su appeared, holding a wad of Yen.

"I'll take that," Motoko replied as she took the Yen wad and began to count it.

"Mr. Landlord, can we play a game?" Su asked, looking as innocent as possible.

"No! I forbid it!" Motoko quickly spat out, her mouth acting faster than her brain.

"Aw... Okay, Motoko! If you say so," Su said. She first looked depressed, but quickly cheered up as she spoke.

When Motoko recalled what kind of things Su considered a game, the Swordswoman cursed herself.


Kitsune's turn.


"Hey, Mr. Landlord! What can I do you for?" Kitsune purred as she posed against the doorframe as sexy as she could.

"We are here for the rent," Motoko said, her displeasure being barely overidden by her sense of duty and honor.

"Oh, you're here, Motoko," Kitsune said in an annoyed tone. "You can go away now, Motoko. The adults have private matters to discuss."

"I have problems accepting you and the Landlord as 'adults', but you will pay rent like eveyone else, by Yen," Motoko said.

Kitsune then leaned against Keitaro, making sure to press her bosom against his chest. "Oh, Keitaro. Money's a little tight at the moment. I had to sell my bra to get money for some food this month! Can't you be a dear and-"

Keitaro blushed like mad. Steam was staring to come out of his ears.

"Kitsune, Cease your actions at once and pay your rent, like the 'adult' you claim to be," Motoko spat out, her sword hand was starting to itch.

"Oh, just quit being a stick-in-the-mud and go train somewhere. We all can see how you hate being his assistant, so I'll offer to let you off the hook and take your place," Kitsune replied as she looked towards Motoko. She then looked back at Keitaro and cooed, "How about it? You and me, taking care of the Hinata... I'd even let you take care of me in all the right ways and-"

Motoko roughly separated the two and glared at Kitsune. She growled, "I will not step down and let you become his assistant, just so you can waste the rent on gambling and alcohol. I will remain his assistant!"

"Ooohhh! Sounds like you're becoming smitten with him!" Kitsune giggled as she covered her mouth. "If I'm preventing the two of you from a private rendezvous in a closet, I apologize!"

Both Motoko and Keitaro blushed. Motoko spat out, "Just pay the rent, Mitsune Konno!"

Kitsune giggled as she plucked the money from her cleavage and put it in Keitaro's hand. "See you later, Mr. Landlord. Don't be a stranger!"

After Motoko and Keitaro left, Kitsune then headed towards Naru's room.


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Well, it should be interesting, if nothing else.

My main curiosity here is how Su and Rick are going to interact. Rick's tech seems to be more advanced, so I'm thinking either hating her for being such a newb, or taking her on as the apprentice he always wanted, before he got stuck with Keitaro and Shintaro.

The standard Love Hna dynamic proably isn't going to last very long, because Rick isn't going to tolerate that shit. Once the grls start bugging him, things are going right to hell for them.

Cautiouly optimistic about how this is goin ot go. Good luck!


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Truthfully, I was just going to let my muse come up with something when the time came for Rick and Su.

But I'm tempted to try and follow your suggestions, zerohour. If I do, I'll make sure to credit you for it.

Heck, it might be possible to do both.

One way for that that I thought of is Rick first starts off hating Su for being such a newb and mocks her. Eventually, she gets fed up and tells him off, somehow in a way that impresses him enough that he offers to let her become his apprentice.

Heh. What would be the best way for Su to react when Rick nonchalantly reveals he already has a complete research book on Keitaro's immortality? Shock? Horror? Or disappointment that she didn't do it first?


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Tempted to write a scene where it reveals that the Hinata inn is scared, now that Rick removed the Annex's soul, so it's speeding up the plot of Love Hina in hopes that'll it stops Rick.


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Seems like I'm rushing things in this chapter.



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Here's something based on a review from cornholio4. Not sure if I should use it.


While waiting for Rick to come back from buying something, Keitaro decided to wander around the Citadel of Ricks. He was surprised when he spotted Motoko. However, he quickly noticed something was wrong about her.

Instead of being dressed in her Hakama, she was wearing blue pants, a white shirt, and a black vest. Motoko was also playing on a limited edition Zelda 3DS.

As he headed towards her, he asked, "Motoko? What are you doing here?"

Pausing her game, she looked up and asked, "Urashima? What are you doing here?"

"I came here with Grandpa Rick. how did you get here?" Keitaro asked.

"Grandpa Ri-Oh, I get what Rick mean when we came here," Motoko said, mostly to herself with a laugh. "I am not the Motoko from your dimension. I am from a dimension where Rick married someone of the Aoyama clan. So in a way, I guess that makes us cousins. How is my counterpart in your world?"

Rubbing the back of his head, Keitaro answered, "Kind of a bitch and sticking with Shinmei-Ryu tradition, using a sword and banishing evil spirits. How is the me in your world?"

"Bit of a wimp and totally into Naru. I'm trying to get him off of her, but it's a difficult task," Motoko answered. With another laugh, she asked, "Hey, if I can get my Rick to allow it, can I come visit your world? I'd like to see just how different the Motoko there is."

"I guess... Why aren't you in your Hakama and where's your sword?" Keitaro asked.

"Why use techniques that rely on swords and belief, when science is far more reliable?" Motoko asked back with a smirk. "Oh... The arguments I had with Tsuruko about being the heir. How she wanted me to bring the Shinmei-ryu into the new era, but in her way. I wanted to use traps like the ones in Ghostbusters, but she wants to use paper seals. Eventually, Rick and I left Kyoko and came to the Hinata. What about you? What's your past?"

"My mom and I got into a fight about me failing the entry test to Todai and me keeping my promise to my promise girl. After that, me and Rick went to the Hinata," Keitaro explained.


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Chapter 4. It kinda feels like I'm running out of steam. Maybe I'm trying too hard to think of how to write Rick's lines and it's starting to get me depressed a bit.



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In the middle of writing chapter 5.

For a later chapter, if I decide to have copy or have some version the plot of Rick Potion no.9, then I'll have a scene where Rick watches and records Mantis-Monster-Kanako kill Hinata. All because he hates Hinata that much.

As for why? I dunno. At best, the reason I can come up with is that Rick hates how Hinata manipulates everyone around her and claims it's for the greater good. He at least does it for his own amusement. Otherwise, I'd have to come up with some reason like 'They once dated and it went badly for both'.


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Chapter 5


On a side note, I've stopped watching Rick and Morty. Last one I watched was the last episode of season 2. What I've heard and read of Season 3 does not interest me. Probably because of the fan-Dumb.


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Been a while, sorry, TFF was annoying me.

Funny stuff so far. A few jokes that could be different [and "Otohime-Style: Hypno-Breasts" sounds hilarious], but I like your work.

On the Rick Potion No.9 thing, maybe Rick does this one because Granma Hina was specifically messing with Kanako because she's got creepy interests, so Rick Cronenbergs her on purpose.

But maybe don't have Rick Cronenberg people like that again. Change the mutations. Maybe he's trying to wipe out the Setas because those guys are like Japanese Jerries and a pain on his butt.


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Thanks for reading the chapter, H-man!

I asked someone to look over the chapter awhile back, making sure that I got Rick right, as I'm a little worried I'm not writing him correctly. I'm gonna have to check in on them in a few days.

For the Rick potion No. 9, one of the thoughts I had at work was that Keitaro asks Rick to make it, changes his mind while Rick in mid-brew and leaves the room. However, Keitaro comes in back and asks Rick to make it. However, that time, that Keitaro is Evil Keitaro, trying some plan or something. Maybe trying to direct this Keitaro to another dimension where things are more 'right' for Evil Keitaro, but Evil Keitaro can't kill that Keitaro himself for some reason.

But Rick damning the world, just to get back at both Granma Hina and Seta does make this Rick scarier.

Changing the mutations for Rick potion No.9 is a very good idea. I just have to figure out what kind though. My first thought that the mutations would be of a beetle variety, simply because Rick was watching something like Kamen Rider or something. People get changed into either a stag beetle form or a japan rhinoceros beetle form. Either that or he simply steals stuff from a manga called Apocalypse Zero. I think I'll just stick with the bug forms, as Apocalypse Zero probably would be probably be hard to do with my writing skill. That I'm uneasy looking at the series for too long.

I was going to argue against Seta being a Japanese Jerry, but then I remembered the interdimensional cable episode, where Alternate Jerry was a successful actor. So 1000 awesome points to you for your suggestions.

I'll probably write an omake to use the "Otohime-Style: Hypno-Breasts" line. Gonna have to flip a coin on ending the omake there or have hypno-ed Naru decides to motorboat Mutsumi's boobs.


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Okay so on the beetle transformation, could be Rick is trying to do something horrible and he's getting angrier that the beetlemen are fueled by JUSTICE so he ends up creating more kaijin. It doesn't quite solve his problem but the Cronenbergs aren't killing him so who cares.


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I originally was going to go with Granny Hina tells Rick off for meddling with Keitaro's life, then Rick decides to speed things up in Keitaro's relationship with Mizuho to get even with Hina somehow... Only to wind up Beetle-cronenburg-ing people. Still need to think about it.

I'd probably have Rick mutter something about how he's gonna be mocked by the other Ricks for it, since the other Ricks didn't go into this event until their Mortys/other grandkids asked them to create a love potion.

As for transformations, I figure the first wave will be 'looking like the Kamen Rider or Kamen Rider costumes'. Second wave of transformation would be 'hideous beetle monsters'.

Third wave... Need to think about it as well. Maybe everyone effected by the virus turns into a bug-chimera monsters or something.


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"Huh. Who'd have thought this would unleash demons from that place Doom calls Hell?" -burps, takes a swig- "Why isn't the sword maniac dead yet?"
"We of the Aoyama clan are immune to the corruptive power of demon blood! Now once I've slain enough demons I shall have your head, Rick Sanchez!"
"Okay. Have fun I guess." -leaves-

Something like that?


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That does sound interesting and fun. Should I decide to have Keitaro return to his home dimension, it'd be nice for him to meet more than just his parents and Haruka.

I'm also considering if I should have this Su be brought to the new dimension.

Otherwise, this Rick would truly be a dick if the first Su died because of the virus and he simply went on to have another Su be his student. Then again, would he be Rick otherwise?

You really are a fountain of inspiration, H-man.


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This was a rather difficult chapter to write, to the point I was tempted to cancel this fic. Even now, I don't think it's a good chapter.


Motoko will show up later.

Here's what I have planned in a spoilerbox.

Motoko becomes a monster girl and has her way with her sister and probably a good number of Shinmei-ryu students/teachers. They'll become immune to the virus that'll have Rick and Keitaro abandon the dimension... or is this what will cause the two to abandonship? I have no idea.