Magic: The Gathering fan-set


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Yeah, I am that kind of nerd. Or rather, I consider it to be a fanfiction, just happens to have rules text also.

I am looking for playtesters and possibly proofreading and artwork (zero payments will be made for any of this, before you ask.)
I have already a full block of custom cards ready for testing and properly formatted for magic workstation so don't send me ideas just yet (I'm working on a second one but I want to see what responses are like around here before I ask anyone to get more involved than playtesting.)

If there is any interest in it, post here. I will send text files which can be imported into MWS. We can arrange some testing of various game types - MWS has support for sealed and constructed play.

I can also include a guide for how to import the cards from text files and a basic guide on how to use MWS.

Haunt, Kicker, Vanishing, and Fateseal are all real keywords that I decided to use.
Menace: A new keyword. When a creature with menace attacks, you may tap target creature defending player controls.
Ambush: A new keyword. During the declare blockers step, you may pay the ambush cost of a creature card in your hand to put it onto the battlefield, blocking a target creature that it could normally block.
Intensify: A new keyword. When a creature with Intensify attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on it.
Raise: A new keyword. When a card with Raise is sent to the graveyard from anywhere, you may pay its raise cost to put it into your hand.

I will wait for interest in it to appear before posting more.

EDIT: Would appreciate if you indicate whether or not you want to be sent info or text files.


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Sounds interesting. If I have time I'd definitely be interested.


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This pastebin should be active for 1 day.
To use:

Copy the entire text into a .txt file. Name it anything with no special characters. It must have the correct extension.
Open Magic Workstation, and select Tools/Analyze Add Remove set.
Go to Add tab.
For edition name and key, you may use any unique strings of proper length. "Erasure" and "ERA" work fine.
Tick "Get Data from Text Spoiler."
Change nothing from the now-editable fields except "path to spoiler." In path to spoiler, select the text file created earlier.
Click through until the set is created.
Save the MASTER.MWBASE library at the top.
Exit MWS.
Reload MWS.
Go to Analyze/Add/Remove sets again.
Select Analyze.
If the set you just created is not available, but you can see cards with the unique edition key in the library:
Go back to add, and add a set with the same unique edition key. Do not get data from text spoiler, just add without spoiler. It should say "edition created with 0 cards" or something similar.
Check if it can be analyzed now.
If it can't, you may need to start over.

EDIT: If the set you just created is available, but the analyze function does not find any cards, go to "remove" and get rid of the set and start over.

Pastebin is set to expire in 1 day. Let me know if you can't access it.

EDIT 2: As a side note, header information is totally incorrect (mws ignores any line that does not start with a key word or phrase iirc)
Cards are not properly numbered, may not have their final wording, lots of them are off template and they might even be out of order.
Cards are not finalized, as the intent of this phase of the design process is balance for sealed and constructed play.