Magical Effect (working title)


The Original M2J
Vault M2J, Chapter 88, Magical Effect

This is one of two Mass Effect X-over ideas I've been playing around with. Above is a link to the timeline I drew up one day for my HP/ME X-over called "Magical Effect (Working Title)".

It features a 200+ yr old, immortal, MoD Harry and an Earth filled with all sorts of sentient and sapiant creatures who have evolved to use dark energy (magic) without the use of Eezo. The reason why magic reacts badly with modern day earth tech is due to the fact that because there is no eezo on Earth, thus there is no medium capable of channelling magic to make it work with technology until the onset of Mass Effect.

The fic would be DH-Compliant, but not Epilogue compliant, There'd still be Ron/Hermione, etc. but no Harry/Ginny.

I haven't done much of the actual story yet, but it would be massively A/U for the Mass Effect Series right from the get go. One huge example is the Battle of Shanxi. Due to the existence of magicals, particularly in the form of advanced wards and goblin tunnels, civilian casualties are minimal, thus General Williams does not surrender to the Turians until the 2nd Fleet boots them out of the system.

Also, given the increased number of sapient races on Earth, the Human System Alliance would be called the Terran Systems Alliance and Earth would have TWO ambassadors (one human, one goblin) instead of one (all other sapient species being a client race to either humans or goblins).

Though this story is about Harry living as an immortal in post-Mass Effect society, I put it here in the games section because it takes place in the ME-Verse, a massively A/U one, but one all the same. I doubt Harry would have much to do with Shepard and Co during the ME1 storyline or maybe even the ME2 one either, but it would be happening in the background- especially since he would be a family friend to the Williams family.

I'd like some advice one how certain characters would remain the same and how others might be different- particularly, the human crew members. Would Shepard be a basic soldier, biotic, magical or tech guy? A combination (no mage/biotics, it would have to be one or the other)?

Given the widely different family history, how would/should Ashley be changed? Would she be more/less tolerant of aliens? Would she be the same model soldier trying to live up to the family reputation rather than trying to live it down?

What would be the general Terran reputation in the galaxy? After all, Goblins are almost like a mix between the Volus and the Krogan. Veela are almost an Earth equivalent to the Asari.