Mahouka Rewrite


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I did like the setting of Mahouka, though the techno-babble makes things needlessly complicated, but one of the biggest problems is that the protagonist is OP to the extent that he upsets the entire premise of the show, which was supposed to be an Irregular at Magic High School. My belief is that on a fundamental level this is because the plot covered too many angles and needed Tatsuya to compensate by specializing in everything and giving him the utmost agency. So, why not fix that by revamping it?

A True Irregular at Magic High School

The focus primarily remains on the High School discrimination of being a Weed and Bloom, with Tatsuya testing into the Course 2 of his own accord to prove his worth while his sister and her Guardian, Sakurai Minami, attend in Course 1. Navigating the blatant discrimination, he hopes to eventually surpass his sister and prove that the system is not definitive by becoming more involved in the politics of the school. Because of the requirements (see below) Tatsuya will have an easier time relating to his classmates and their struggles, and be able to reciprocate their feelings.


1.) The relationship dynamics between Miyuki and Tatsuya are changed from the nature in canon. His sister remains a prodigy and cares about him, and even though he loves her in a familial way, he still can't escape her shadow despite being older.

2.) The insertion of the Artificial Magic Calculation Area doesn't dampen Tatsuya's emotions. That is the result of a different Mental Interference interwoven into it, meaning the use of his higher-tier powers requires that he sacrifices his emotions when the limiter is lifted.

3.) Regrowth and Decomposition are sealed while the limiter is in place, limiting Tatsuya to Flash Cast, Non-Systematic Magic, his intelligence, and his physical refinement. The Limiter itself is two-tiered, meaning only if Miyuki lifts it can he utilize both those expressions of magic. However, should he be critically injured the limiter releases the first-tier and activates the Restoration to himself before resetting it back into place.

4.) Miyuki's Guardian is Sakurai Minami because Tatsuya doesn't fulfill this role anymore and lives with them in their home, also attending as a Course 1 Student.

Any thoughts on this?