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Spurn by the rage-inducing ASM 700, I at first declared my avulsion to all new things Marvel and then started wondering about the various What Ifs and Elseworlds. Add to it that I'm finishing my Sci-Fi novel, this came out. A fusion of Marvel and Space Opera which I'd call, simply, Marvel in Space. This is the brief premise I came up with.

Marvel in Space - Setting

Year 3025 AD - The energetic crisis forced humanity to look at the stars for their future. Those nations that wanted, looked behind their differences and united in the Human Space Program. In 2925, twenty great space ships of the Cradle Class left Earth, headed towards twenty different identified planets with conditions able to sustain human life.

One hundred years later, three of those ships have settled on planets devoid of intelligent life. Five now share their intended destination with alien cultures. Four have taken theirs with the strength of arms. Three others have become their own destinations, expanding into sprawling space stations. Of the other five, nothing is known, lost in the sprawling cosmos.

Among the second group of Cradles, the ship Mida has been turned into a space exploring vessel, tasked with mapping the galaxy and re-establish physical contact with the other ships. This is the story of one of its crew members...

The last part ties in to what I'm writing right now, which is the origin of this Elseworld's Spider-Man, here christened The Legendary Spider-Man. I'll post that in a few hours, when I have enough material to submit to your attention.

Up to now, I've only came up with the origins for Spidey and the X-Men, which would go something like this...

Among the second group of Cradles, the ship Pitagora has landed and settled on the planet of Xeros, peacefully and openly welcomed by the local sentient races. But tension is quickly rising on the matter of inter-species relationships, and the peculiar off-spring which come from such unions...
As it goes right now, I'd use TLS as the main storyline, through which I introduce from time to time all the other 'titles' as the plot goes on.

So... Thoughts?


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So, is this a story idea for fanfiction, or something?

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nick012000 said:
So, is this a story idea for fanfiction, or something?
Yes it is? lol I thought it'd be clear. Wait, here's what I've written of The Legendary Spider-Man up to now.

Note: For the elder Parkers, think of their Ultimate Versions.

Year 3025 AD - The energetic crisis forced humanity to look at the stars for their future. Those nations that wanted, looked behind their differences and united in theHuman Space Program. In 2925, twenty great space ships of theCradle Class left Earth, headed towards twenty different identified planets with conditions able to sustain human life.

One hundred years later, three of those ships have settled on planets devoid of intelligent life. Five now share their intended destination with alien cultures. Four have taken theirs with the strength of arms. Three others have become their own destinations, expanding into sprawling space stations. Of the other five, nothing is known, lost in the sprawling cosmos.

Among the second group of Cradles, the ship Mida has been turned into a space exploring vessel, tasked with mapping the galaxy and re-establish physical contact with the other ships. This is the story of one of its crew members...


ôCome on, Ben!ö The two men fastened their pace, pushing their already weary bodies past what should have been their limit. With injuries like those, the uneasy terrain and the time they had been going at full sprint, that should have been the limit.

But the inhuman screech coming from the darkness, deep in the rocky tunnel, managed to make them break those limits, at least long enough to reach the entrance again. ôCome on... Richard... We have to-Have to tell...ö

ôNo, Ben.ö Richard suddenly stopped at the mouth of the cave, much to the shock and horror of his older brother. ôWe cannot. This has to stay a secret.ö Another screech chilled BenÆs spine and made the younger brother grimace. ôWhat we found is... ItÆs too dangerous. Our research was incomplete. We went in cock-sure, and... This is the result.ö Richard gripped his hands hard, then the next screech woke him up. His eyes were now determined and focused. ôEverything thatÆs happened here today must remain a secret. We found nothing. There was a cave in and the whole team died.ö His lips morphed in a sad smile. ôEveryone but you, Ben.ö

ô... Richard, what are you-!ö Ben jerked at the sudden motion from his younger brother, but managed to catch the object thrown at him. His eyes widened as he realized what it was. ôRichard, this-Oof!ö

ôGoodbye, Ben.ö Richard said as his older brother flew away from the strength of his kick, before planting the charge he had managed to grab from his wifeÆs backpack. As it went live, the screech transformed into a roar as an amorphous shadow appeared on the far wall of the tunnel. ôPlease take care of Peter.ö The younger brother then turned around and started running in the direction they had just come from, straight at the monstrosity they had been running from.

ôR-Richard, no!ö Ben shouted while the light and beeping noise of the charge increased in intensity and volume. ôRICH-ö


ôR-Ri-Rich... Ard...!ö

ôBen, wake up!ö Ben Parker gasped as he shot up to a sitting position in his bed, a layer of cold sweat covering his whole body, his breath ragged. A soft but firm hand was holding his left shoulder, keeping him steady. ôYouÆve had that same dream again.ö

ô... I wish it was a dream, May.ö

ôWhat?ö The grey-haired woman said, confused.

ôNothing.ö Ben turned around with the excuse of reaching for his glasses and tie, to tie his long hair back in a pony-tail. The haze of sleep had almost made him forget. Forget about his secret. The secret he had kept from his wife, from everyone. The secret that shamed RichardÆs memory. The secret that had saved them all.

ôYou always get like this when the anniversary of his death comes around.ö The short haired May sighed, hugging her husband of thirty years around the waist. ôEighteen years and you still havenÆt come to peace with it.ö

ôIÆd have an easier time if half of the Mida didnÆt dishonor my little brotherÆs memory.öæStupid bastards. If they only knew.Æ Then, again, he couldnÆt fault them. Not with the report they had been given about that mission. The report he had made himself. ô... What time is it? Did I wake you?ö

ôYes, but the clock was set to wake us up about-ö

ôGood morning, Lab Head May Parker and Major Benjamin Parker.ö An electronic voice and a white light filled the room while the pristine white walls raised, revealing the expanse of space through transparent, glass-like material. ôThe time is 7:30 AM, Old Earth Time. Your personal schedules have been updated to your personal communicators. Have a nice and productive day.ö

ô... Remind me again why the computer always calls your name first?ö Ben asked, a trace of humor surfacing in his tone.

ôBecause as Lab-Head, I out-rank you, my bespectacled Major.ö With a chuckle, May planted a sweet kiss on the manÆs left cheek. ôCome on. Field operations are not going to plan themselves.ö

ôHmm, you sure we canÆt be late, say... A twenty minutes?ö He turned around in her embrace, a mischievous look in his eyes as he observed his wifeÆs purple irises, which even after thirty years, still held that same fire and that something that always managed to make him-

ôDonÆt you even think about it, you two!ö A shrill voice resounded from the other side of the roomÆs door, making both spouses roll their eyes. ôDo I need to remind you these walls are awfully thin

ôJust turn on the sound-proofing, Peter!ö May said, grabbing tight around BenÆs neck and pulling him down for a kiss.
?ôNonono. ThatÆs not how it works.ö The door opened, revealing a lanky teen with messy brown hair wearing blue pajamas rounder and thicker than BenÆs own ones. ôAs a coexisting teen figure, IÆm obliged to find each and every way to not let you old people have sex while IÆm in a range of half a mile.ö

ôAnd youÆre damn good at it, you miscreant.ö Ben said as he turned to face his nephew. ôAnd who are you calling old

ôThe average human lives to a ripe age of 130 years old, so you two donÆt exactly fit the definition with your shared 120...ö Peter grabbed his chin, assuming a thoughtful pose, and then a large grin. ôBut IÆm also supposed to be calling you that. ItÆs in the job description.ö

ôAlright, Peter. We wonÆt have any morning quickies.ö May sighed as she sat up as well. ôNow, unless youÆd like to see us shower and change...ö

ô EEEEW! WhereÆs the brain-bleach?!ö The twenty years old ran out of the room, eyes shut and tugging at his hair, hoping to strip away the mental images along with it. The elder Parkers laughed at his misfortune, May enjoying the little payback.

ôHeÆs a good kid.ö Ben said. May nodded.

ôYeah. I just wish he wasnÆt so nosy.ö The man sighed. In more ways than one.
Marvel in Space - The Legendary Spider-Man

Part 1 - With Great Knowledge

ôGood morning, May. Peter.ö

ôGood morning, miss Osborn.ö Peter greeted back with a wave as the couple of aunt and nephew joined their colleagues in the lab.

ôGood morning, Amanda.ö May said, saluting her colleague more informally than her nephew. ôHow are Norman and Harry?ö

ôJust fine, thank you. Our resident Chief Lab Head is getting further and further engrossed into his research, and my air-headed son is well on his way to become another weapon-toting goon.ö The brunette sighed, holding her head. May rolled her eyes.
?ôAmanda, you know the rules. No tirades on the need for weapons in this age on the job.ö Peter made himself scarce and walked his way to his personal work station. Amanda was a nice woman, but a bit over-bearing. He removed his satchel and put it on the desk, before retrieving his lab-coat from the nearby hanger.

He turned on his terminal, sorting through the messages and the jobs for the day. He had two experiments scheduled with two senior lab members for the morning. One more for the afternoon. æIf we manage to conclude the morning ones early, I could cut in some time to work on my pr-Æ ôOoff!ö

ôHey, Pete! Love-mails are so last year!ö An obnoxious voice resounded in his ears while someone body-slammed him into his desk. He groaned, but smiled. The voice and the affectionate æPeteÆ meant Harry Osborn. The only person who could get away with something like that without... Well, his resentment. He turned around, his own blue eyes meeting green and reddish brown hair shorter than his own. ôYouÆll need to do better than that, to impress your dear-ö

ôShut the hell up, will you?!ö He whispered, breaking out of the headlock and slapping a hand over his friendÆs mouth. ôWalls have ears!ö

ôAw, come on. WhatÆs the worst that could happen? Rejection? Public humiliation?ö Harry said, lips breaking between ring finger and pinky.

ôThe first. The latter is a long string of memories from Secondary School, thank god.ö He sighed, releasing his friend. Yes, Flash Thompson and his other cronies would have had a field day with his one-sided infatuation. Again. ôSo, I prefer letting my secret crush fester under a pile of fear and unattractive body features.ö

ôTold ya you should have entered the Field Operation team. Look at this!ö Harry flexed his right bicep, his black and orange skin-tight body suit showing off the taut muscle. ôPeak body shape in six months. My old manÆs special conditioning works wonders!ö

ôNice for you, but, isnÆt that kind of cheating?ö Peter said with a raised eyebrow. Harry groaned.

ô Everyone cheats, Peter. At life. And, hey.ö Harry lowered his head, starting a conjuring whispering with his friend. ôIf a little cheating is what it takes to break the status of social pariah, bring it on.ö

ôHmm... I wish I could be as easy-going as you are, Harry.ö

ôAnd I wish I could have half of your brains.ö Harry grinned and patted his friend on the right shoulder. TheyÆd found each other when no one else would have them. Harry, the ungifted son of the Chief Head Lab. Peter, the son of the biggest disgrace in the history of Mida as an explorer ship. ôAre you by any chance assigned to Recalls, today?ö

ôNah. WeÆre tackling those two new elements we picked up on Argos-5.ö Peter shook his head. ôTesting them for everything, you know. Durability, flexibility. We may have some new toys for you Field Ops very soon.ö

ôYou can be my secret Santa any time, Peter!ö With one last pat on his friendÆs shoulders, Harry turned around and waved as he walked away. ôIÆll see you at lunch.ö

ôOkay.ö Peter smiled as he watched Harry go, before focusing on his duties again. He had thirty minutes to prepare himself for the first experiment.

He would be done in twenty.


Ben rapped his fingers against the table again, trying to find something new and interesting into the files of his trainees, which he had already gone through twice in the past few days. æWhatÆs taking Jameson so long?Æ The Overseer of Mida was rough, sometimes overbearing, but he was a professional, and he hated making people wait just as much as he hated waiting. ôRobbie, whereÆs Jameson?ö

ôI donÆt know, Ben.ö The Commander General of Field Operations shook his head, ebon skin twitching as he frowned. ôItÆs not like him. HeÆs probably been held up.ö

ôBy what, I wonder.ö Norman Osborn cut in, his right hand squeezing at air, his annoyance clear in his body language. ôThis is pointless. We all have tasks that await completion.ö

ôLike the next step in the Conditioning Program, right, Norman?ö Ben said, earning the scientistÆs attention. He chuckled. ôI swear, thatÆs all the trainees seem to be talking about, recently.ö

ôHmph. I bet.ö The Chief Lab Head allowed himself a small smile. The Conditioning Program was the reason why Norman had been appointed his title on the Mida, and great things were expected from its evolution. ô... How is Harry doing?ö

ôVery well. HeÆs my top trainee.ö Ben answered with a smile. Harry had taken to the Conditioning and his training perfectly. ôHeÆs been working harder than any of the others, and it shows. I have half a mind of having him be my second in command during the next field operation.ö

ôReally, now.ö Norman observed, his face impassive.

ôHeÆs putting his heart and then some in it. Almost like he wants to prove himself.ö The grey haired major continued, pushing his glasses further up the bridge of his nose. ôI wonder to who.ö Any further debate was cancelled when the door opened, and a familiar pair of mustaches appeared, followed close behind by a woman with black hair holding a pad.

ôLadies and gentlemen, I apologize for my delay to the meeting I scheduled.ö J. Jonah Jameson said as he took his seat at the figurative head of the large round table. ôIt couldnÆt be helped, though.ö

ôWhat was the hold-up, Jonah?ö Robbie asked, the only one in the room with enough familiarity with the man to refer to him by his given name.

ôI had a brief altercation with the honchos back on Helios.ö Jameson explained. ôThey werenÆt exactly set on my proposal of today.ö He then turned to the woman who had come inside with him, who had already grabbed the remote which controlled the roomÆs projector. ôMiss Brant, if youÆd please.ö

ôYes, mister Jameson-I mean, Overseer.ö Betty Brant bit on her lower lip for the slip. Professional deformation. She had been JamesonÆs secretary for four years before he had been nominated Overseer of the Mida. She lowered the lights and blue light formed the projection of a planet in the middle of the table, with all its topographic lines. ôThis is our next destination, the Sixth Planet of the Argos system. The only one in it able to sustain human life.ö

Suddenly, a projection of the Mida appeared, hovering above the planet surface. Three smaller projections in the shape of ovals detached themselves from it and travelled to the planet. ôFive days ago we dispatched the shipÆs sentry drones to make the routine reveals. They came back in two days ago, and tonight the Tech Team finished downloading and decoding the data.ö

The Mida disappeared, the planet shrunk and a series of diagrams, values and numbers suddenly appeared to surround it. ôThe air is breathable. The planet is rich in wild but with no sentient life, but weÆve found traces of a past civilization, dating back to circa 700 years ago.ö Ben suddenly tensed at the mention of that exact amount of time, and even more as the projection acquired more colors than just shades of azure to project pictures took by the drones. A ruin, which architecture was drudgingly familiar to the major. ôThe ruins we found are compatible with other constructions of the Shuu-Pa empire.ö

ô... But this planet wasnÆt on the chart provided to us by the Gunri detailing the empireÆs extension.ö NormanÆs eyebrows shot up ever so slightly. ôAnother uncharted planet. Just like eighteen years ago.ö

ôYes, Chief Lab Head Osborn. Just like on Falcon 3, the Shuu-PaÆs settlement amounts to a small village in a temperate zone of the planet. And just like on Falcon 3...ö The photo reel disappeared, leaving place to a map of what looked a multi-level dungeon under the surface of the planet. ôThe drones have detected a large underground structure, sprawling underneath the settlement.ö

ô... God almighty.ö Ben clenched his fists, whispering out the exclamation despite himself. æNot another one.Æ He clenched further, trying to repress memories of that day. Memories of teeth, blood and gory deaths. Deaths of good women and men, among which...

ôYou all know that I made no mystery that I never shared the common opinion that Richard Parker was a nutjob.ö Jameson continued as the tridimensional map continued slowly rotating on itself. ôMy own son was on that mission, and any man, any cause he believed in that much, I believe. I believe that you canÆt blame the man for the outcome.ö

ô... Richard is mostly blamed because he believed investigating Falcon 3 would lead us to uncover the mystery behind the Shuu-PaÆs sudden galaxy-wide extinction.ö Ben interjected, his voice level despite himself. ôWhile we found nothing. Only empty ruins, with no useful hint-ö

ôBullcrap. YouÆve declared yourself that you couldnÆt explore the place in full before everything came crumbling down on your heads, Parker.ö Jonah continued. Any other occasion, he would have shaken his hand. Right now, he blamed his stubbornness. ôI say itÆs high time we prove that my son and your brother didnÆt die for nothing, Parker.ö

ôDid Helios give us green light?ö Robbie asked.

ôYou know me, Robbie.ö Jonah grinned, and wished he could have one of his cigars on hand at the moment. Damn space-travel regulations. ôThis time we take no chances. I want the best men we have on this, both for science and protection detail. Parker, I want you leading the operation.ö


ôThatÆs an order, Parker. Seriously, whatÆs wrong with you? I thought youÆd be jumping at the opportunity to clear your brotherÆs name. To sweeten the pill, the operation is going to happen on the anniversary.ö He clenched his hands into fists again. Yes, he should. There was no logical reason for him not to be excited at the prospect. Not without arousing suspicion. Not without having to explain. Not without having to tell them what they found. Norman was already staring. Smart, observing bastard.

ô... I just wanted to know if there was someone in particular youÆd like to recommend for the mission.ö Ben let out, and Jameson just shrugged his shoulders.

ôHell if I know. I give the orders, but youÆre the ones who know your men. Do you have any recommendations? Ben?ö He turned his gaze to the reddish haired scientist. ôNorman?ö

ôWell, to keep it in the family, IÆd recommend young Peter Parker on the mission.ö BenÆs eyes widened and he stood up in outrage.

ôStop screwing around, Norman! This isnÆt a game!ö He shouted, unable to control himself anymore. ôPeter is not suited for field operations, especially this particular one!ö

ôTrue. He may lack in... Physique, for field operations, but the efforts heÆs put into continuing his parentsÆ research into the Shuu-PaÆs empire make him the perfect candidate for...ö Norman trailed off as he noticed the shock on BenÆs face at his words. He smirked. ôYou didnÆt know.ö

ô... Peter has been what

ôEver since Secondary School, I believe. I only discovered it because he works on it on his personal lab terminal, in his free time. It hasnÆt impacted his work output in the Lab. Incredible.ö NormanÆs smirk grew wider. ôIt seems that youÆre not aware of the full extent of your nephewÆs genius, are you?ö

ô... And you are, Norman?ö Norman shrugged his shoulders at BenÆs question, rotating in his chair.

ôIÆm at least aware of the potential my most promising scientist possesses.ö The man said, joining his hands in front of his face. ôI see much of Richard in him. He really is his fatherÆs son.ö

ô... True.ö Ben internally cursed himself for not paying more attention. æWhy did I believe that PeterÆs interest would have stopped at the questions he asked me?Æ

ôWell, seems like we have a candidate to lead the Science Team on the field.ö Jameson said, getting up from his chair. ôI leave you charte blanche, gentlemen. Bring me results. And maybe a live Shuu-Pa, if youÆre able.ö


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You've definitely improved. This may be your best work yet.

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zeebee1 said:
You've definitely improved. This may be your best work yet.
Thanks for the feedback, Zee. And yeah, I'm really liking what's coming out of my mind, recently.