Marvel x KP expanded-verse.


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Sooo... I know some of you are already going for your pitchforks and torches after seeing the topic title, but wait a bit and here me out, kay?

Alright, I'll spare you the background and get to the nitty gritty.

I am expanding the Kim Possible universe by crossing it over with a mash-up of Marvel-verses. I have some ideas that I've set in stone, roughly speaking:

1. Wilson Fisk (The Kingpin) and Montey Fisk (Aka Monkey Fist) are cousins.
2. Global Justice and SHIELD are partner organizations, dealing with minor and major league villains and criminals respectively. Ever wonder why Paste-pot Pete hasn't shown up to fight the Avengers or SHIELD lately? GJ is dealing with him.
3. Kim has an Aunt on her mother's side who is from the Marvel-verse. I have couple ideas for this, but that would be spoilers.
4. One or more of Kim's martial arts teachers is from the Marvel-verse.

What I'm looking for is more possible connections I could include. Oh, and suggestions as to who taught her.

Well, I've got my fire-proof jacket on, so have at it!

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Well, thematically the two 'verses match up surprisingly well. The whole mad scientists and so on fits in pretty well with Marvel. As does the way that no one bats an eye at the fact that a teenage superhero is going around saving the world. The KP side is much less prejudice soaked, but the Marvel side isn't always rife with hatred so that can be worked around. I've actually had an idea for a fused 'verse like this for the last week or so involving Magneto.

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Isn't Global Justice basically a homage to SHIELD anyway? Both of their directors even wear eyepatches. And Disney now owns Marvel's intellectual property so them both becoming officially part of the same shared universe is actually a real possibility.

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You know I'd never really thought of it as a SHIELD specific homage as much as a generic superspy organization. It really is though isn't it? The sibling thing between Gemini and Dr. Director even plays into the whole Nick Fury/Max Fury sibling rivalry as well.


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Huh, no fire. That makes me glad.

First time GJ showed up I did a double-take. Until she introduced herself, I thought Dr. Director was 63'd Nick Fury.

And, as pointed out on the Haven, there is a very, very, tenous link between the two. Kind of like a several degrees thing. But, Kim showed up in an episode of Phineas and Ferb, and that show had a big crossover with Marvel... so by that logic, all three exist within a shared continuum.

Or something like that at any rate.

Returning to the OP, does any one have some suggestions as to martial arts teachers for Kim? I have one, possibly, but I'd like at least a few more options.

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Yeah, I've actually got something along these lines planned. You should get in touch with me.


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Really? Well... PM sent.

Emerald Oracle

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Are you still taking general thoughts, or are you going for dedicated collaboration?

If you're still wanting thoughts then as far as Instructors go, Shang-Chi is a good bet. He has trained heroes in the past and created whole martial styles to take advantage of their particular peculiarities. If not him then I could see Iron Fist or maybe Tiger's Beautiful Daughter taking an interest in Kim. As far as other Marvel Martial Artists go I don't think any of the other Immortal weapons fits Kim's schtick very well.

For the Marvel Universe in general I just know that Wade gets in hacker battles with Hiro Takachiho and Amadeus Cho, and I can see Ron running into Dog Brother #1 or possibly bonding with Edwin Jarvis over food and supporting heroes.


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Mostly general thoughts. I have the story most planned out, but I want to flesh out the background and details to make it a bit more complete.

Hmm... Shang-Chi. Yeah, I think I could work with that. Possibly use a variation of how he met Danny Rand in the Ultimate-verse to give Kim's interest in martial arts a bit of a boost. Yeah, that could work.

As for Wade, in addition to Hiro, I planned on him having an old rivalry/crush on Sarah Garza. I have never heard of Dog Brother #1 though.
Dog Brother #1 is one of the 7 Immortal Weapons of Heaven. Each Weapon is a superlative martial artist at least as good as Iron Fist. They consist of Iron Fist, Prince of Orphans, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter, Bride of Nine Spiders, Dog Brother #1, and Iron Phoenix (who is a substitute as the designated weapon of the last city is dead). Each is the warrior champion of a different celestial city like K'un Lun.

Dog Brother #1 is the champion of the Undercity, which is basically the platonic version of every slum and bad part of town on earth and is connected to same. He also has a bunch of dogs that he runs around with. He's a champion of the downtrodden and oppressed and has animal empathy, so I thought that Ron might have synergy there.

Of the other Immortal Weapons, the only ones that I can think of as relevant here are maybe Tiger's Beautiful Daughter, who comes from what is basically a city of Asian Amazons, and the Prince of Orphans, who is John Aman a golden age hero known as the Green Mist and who serves as the Elder Statesman/Cool Old Guy of the group.

If you're open to suggestions for tech heads there's also Suzi Endo, Cybermancer. She's worked with Iron Man and War Machine in the past


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Huh. Cool suggestions, and I have to admit they sound pretty interesting, but I'm going to stick with characters I'm more familiar with.

Suzi Endo. Yeah, I can dig it.

Oh, and Jack Hench's big rival is Sunset Bain.
oh totally. In any sort of cross you should go with what you know, it makes it hella easier to write. If you like Kung Fu comics I would recommend the first couple arcs of The Immortal Iron Fist arc and the Immortal Weapon mini-series though if you can find them.

Is Roxxon Involved with the Jack Hench/Sunset Bain Evil Rivalry thing? Because if we're talking Evil Marvel Corporations then you can't forget about Roxxon, especially if you're drawing from Ultimate as well.


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Hmm... possibly. That will be for an arc down the line, but it is something I'll consider.


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Alright, first bit of stuff is up in the Cartoon Previews sub-forum.