Masaki Family Reunion


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Premise: Emperor Azusa has decided he should meet all of Yosho's descendants, and reveal to them their heritage, partially as a way to repair his relationship with his son, and partially to alert them to the fact that Earth is increasingly proving itself a danger to the galactic community at large. So, characters from across Anime and Marvel (Some of whom are totally unaware of their relation to the Masaki Household) are invited to an Island resort where there's food, fun, and a massive revelation about theor bloodline.
Characters I've locked down.

Tenchi: Natch

Kenshi: He'll be returning home (with Washu's aid) and bringing his entourage with him.

Kaname Chidori: Escorted by Sagara Souske, because learning he's the bodyguard and consort to Royalty is just too much fun to pass up.

Jubilation Lee: Escorted by Ororo Monroe (Team Mom) and Logan (Team Dad and former student of Yosho) From a point when the X-men were more heroic and less...well whatever they are now.

Amadeus Cho: Escorted by Hercules (He got better) and Athena.

Characters I'm iffy about

Peter Parker with his Wife Mary Jane (possibly when she's pregnant): Because having MJ forced to defend her man from power seeking Jurain Nobel Women who feel that her Marriage to Peter would simply relegate her to consort/mistress status once THEY marry him would be fun to watch. Even more fun if she has to do this while pregnant with Peter's child....who said Nobel women view as a future Play mate/big sister/baby sitter for Peter's true Heir provided by their womb.

Remy Lebou: I just like the idea of a Prince of thieves being an actual Prince, especially if he's still primarily after Rogue. Also I'm pretty damn sure he'll be tweaking the noses of Jurian Nobels which the Devil Princess of Jurai will find endlessly amusing.

Monica Rambeau: Snarky, powerful and not interested in taking shit from anybody. Tell me you don't see Funaho or the Devil Princess herself taking Monica under their wing and grooming her to be the true power on or behind the throne.

Kamal (The New Ms. Marvel): Not sure why I like this idea...I just do.

Victor Von Doom: How would Doom react to learning he's Jurian Nobility? Would he try to claim the Empire as his birth right, or simply view it as further proof that Doom is destined to rule his world.

Thoughts? Any other character suggestions?

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An interesting thought, though if you're putting it into practice I'd cut down on the number of threads unless you're making it a round robin. Most of it's good though, and Doom finding out he's related to all these crazies is an entertaining thought. Also, I'm torn on the Jubilee thing. On the one hand an earlier less dickish time is good, on the other hand, I want her to be able to bring Shogo so everyone can coo over him only to find out that he's related too somehow. Just for laughs.


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The original idea was to have one central story line dealing with the overall adventure, and then a few stories by other people focusing on the experiences of that group/person in particular. Like at one point the family reunion would go into Space and Meet Jurian Nobility on the Emperor's ship. The main caste, which would consist of the ones I have locked in, would be the ones focused on as the group experiences Jurian court politics up close, while other stories would deal with the details of how certain individuals dealt with things. Doom being supremly unimpressed with the Nobel's of Jurai and constantly putting them in their place would be good for a few chapters and a laugh, while MJ defending her territory from predatory women would also be good fun.