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Title says all. You should all know the drill. Time to breathe some life into this insanity...

First up....

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

That's up to Special Agent Waldo of Acme to find out.


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Okay I had a strange thought not too long ago after watching the Venture Bros. episode with the orb thing that Rusty tracked down. We saw him acting mostly competent and responsible, something that isn't really in tune with the normal Dr. Rusty Venture we see. At least not the adult one.

That got me thinking. After all you don't turn survival instincts and intelligence on and off like a switch most of the time. Then I started thinking about JJ Venture. How did Jonas Venture Sr., or anyone else, never notice him during a medical scan of one kind or another?

The answer? Because Jonas Jr. wasn't there. Rusty set the whole thing up with the same kind of cloning technology used to keep bringing back Hank and Dean.

Okay the basic thrust of things here is that Rusty has been running a huge Xanatos Gambit of acting like an idiot living in his father's shadow for the purpose of escaping his father's shadow. After the trauma of his childhood the last thing he wanted was to keep living the kind of life his father lived. The only problem is that the OSI and other government agencies keep bothering him for various things and he can't escape it. When his obvious "incompetence" fails to get them off his back he creates someone that can be what they want, namely Jonas Venture Jr.

I figure I should start the fic somewhere after the orb with a confrontation between JJ and Rusty as JJ discovers an anamoly in his DNA that makes him track his brother down.


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I was thinking about a minus/Danny Phantom crossover.

For those who don't know minus here's a link to the comic and here's a link to the TV Tropes' Page.

Tell me what you think.


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Shaderic said:
Title says all. You should all know the drill. Time to breathe some life into this insanity...

First up....

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

That's up to Special Agent Waldo of Acme to find out.
Carmen Sandiego steals Death itself...

And Mandy wants him back.


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Reboot Idea I've had for a while in my head. What if it had been Enzo who got knocked into the rocket, not Bob? I'm thinking Pirate Captain Enzo.


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Hank Hill, devoted member of Fight Club. Now imagine Hank quoting Tyler in his voice and try not to laugh.


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A X-Men Evolution/DearS crossover where Magneto or Apocalypse wish to use the DearS for their own agenda and try to convert and subvert Ren and Io in order to do so. Io would probably be easy to sway to the Master of Magnetism's side, I believe.

For some reason I think it would be funny if Kurt Wagner replaced Takeya as Ren's reluctant master.


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Just a thought that struck me (with fear).

Namely, Freakaziod gets thrown into the world of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. Bonus points for Floyd the barber hooking up with the Hair Hunt.

Basicly, this is one of those moment that make me go :blink: at my brain.


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Don't ever bother checking for your sanity again. You've lost it, and you're not getting it back.


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Okay I've been on kind of a Darkwing Duck kick lately and had a strange thought pop into my head today. For those of us old Enough to remember, or willing to go to Youtube to look up the old episodes, Launchpad was less than fond of Morgana when she was first introduced as a femme fatale style villan for Darkwing. Granted, she reformed quickly and soon became a member of the Justcie Ducks and all that, but she still retained a temper and was willing to use magic when DW insulted her intentionally or otherwise.

Now, being the good sidekick and surrogate brother that he is, I can't see Launchpad just ignoring that Morgana could still be a threat. especially when DW was so infatuated with her from the start that it DID put the Masked Mallard in significant jeopardy in Fungus Amoungus.

Of course it's not like LP can just tell Drake to stop being interested in Morgana if if Launchpad himself does not trust her. DW is smitten with her and Gosalyn likes her. Taking that approach would be doomed to failure. No, what you would need is a way to take Drake's attention off of Morgana and onto a female that wouldn't be quite so dangerous.

Lucky for LP he happens to know such a girl that he could easily approve of, namely his younger sister, Loopy McQuack.

For this to fly I have to set a few things up like how to get Loopy herself interested in DW and willing her help her big bro, but I can see some fun hijinks as Launchpad keeps trying to get Drake interested in Loopy and away from Morgana. Especially of Morgana starts to see what is going on and decides to fight back.

One route would be Launchpad visiting how family for a holiday like Mother's day and mentioning he was worried about the kid of "bad girl" Drake was going for to his mother. It's not hard for her to make a similar leap as LP and help arrange things.

Another would be that after telling his family several stories about Drake (not Darkwing realted ones obviously) and Gosalyn over the years that Loopy has developed a small interest in him already and volunteers to check out this woman seeing her brother's best friend and make sure she's acceptable. After all, Drake and Gos are practically family and she can give the Morgana situation a woman's perspective and advise her bro on how to proceed. Hilarity can ensue from there.


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zeebee1 said:
Was Launchpad that smart?
It depends on how you look at things. He was actually chastizing DW for letting Morgana get to him when she was introduced. If you assume that he never let that distrust go he doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to try to set Drake up with another girl to "save" him. And from there it's a pretty simple leap of Launchpad-esque logic.

1. Drake is like a brother to him.

2. Drake needs a good girl that won't fry him or turn him into pudding for saying the wrong thing.

3. Gosalyn could use a good mother figure.

4. His sister Loopy is a nice girl and is single.

5. If Loopy and Drake ended up together, he'd really be Drake's brother.

6. ?????

7. Profit!

Anyway, the only part that might be hard is getting Loopy to go along with things, although she's been shown to adore Launchpad and might help just to be nice. Now whether it becomes a matter of Launchpad's mom Birdie helping to set things up or Loopy herself trying to help her brother protect a friend, once things get set in motion he doesn't exactly need to be a major force in terms of planning or intelligence.

The real snag will be whether or not Loopy actually becomes attracted to Drake. If she's just feeling Morgana out to assuage LP's fears it's one thing. If she decides she might want Drake in the family in a more concrete way, feathers might start to fly.


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zeebee1 said:
So, when are you writing this?
When I can get the time I suppose. Between work, a newborn kitten I am nursing back to health after my German Shepherd nearly killed it, and upcoming jury duty my schedule is pretty full.


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Just a different take on how the fight with Ahsoka could have progressed in the last episode of Clone Wars.

The sight of Ahsoka Tano hacking and slashing at him with both of her lightsabers was like a blast of ice water to the face for Anakin Skywalker as he tried to bring his padawan back to sanity. A small part of him wondered if his own face had looked to different from its normal self when he had slaughtered the Sand People in the aftermath of his mother's death.

"Don't make me do this, Snips," Anakin warned.

"I've always hated that name," Ahsoka snarled as she tried her best to end her Master's life under the Darkside compulsion that had been forced upon her.

In another time and place, Anakin's hesitation would have allowed Ahsoka to disarm him, only to infuriate her more as he regained his saber and continued to best her. But here, in this moment, all he could see in her was a darker mirror of his own pain and he knew the only way to try to help her was the same way Padme had helped him.

Anakin's face bore a defiant look as he deactivated his saber stood still, staring into the amber eyes of his addled apprentice.

"What are you doing? Activate you lighsaber. Fight me!" the Togruta girl demanded.

Anakin's stern expression never wavered as he tossed the weapon aside and calmly responded, "No."

"Do you think so little of me that you won't need your weapon? Is that it? You will take me seriously, Master, Ahsoka spat backas he grip tightened around her own sabers.

"I do, Ahsoka. But I won't fight you. I won't risk huring your because someone else is affecting your mind. I've been where you are. I've felt that rage and hate when my mother was killed and I won't help the Dark Son to ruin you with it," Anakin replied with a pained look in his eyes as he took a step toward her and reached out with his right hand.

"If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny, Skyguy," Ahsoka snarled as she charged at Anakin with both sabers crossed in a position to cut the Jedi Knight in half at the midsection. Needless to say, she was more than shocked when Anakin refused to move from his position and calmly waited for her to end him.

From his position above the conflict Obi-Wan could only watch in a kind of fascinated horror from where he stood next to the Light Daughter as he prepared to witness the end of his own first student and the hands of Anakin's protoge.

The world seemed to stand still as Ahsoka made her cut only to stop herself as the two blades of energy grazed Anakin's tunic but did not quite reach his flesh. She sneered into Anakin's face face, tears in her eyes but made no move to finish her strike as she hoarsely deamnded, "Fight back."

"I can't. I care too much about you to hurt you like that," Anakin replied with a look of serenity as ho moved his hands to rest on the girl's shoulders.

Ahsoka shivered at the contact but did not recoil away as Anakin had expected her to as she deactivated her lighsaber and dropped both her arms to her sidesbefore falling to her knees before the Chosen One. "Anakin," she whispered brokenly as the tears became harder to hold back.

Anakin never hersitated as he dropped to his knees as well and hugged the distrught padawan to his chest. Ahsoka fought with herself for a moment before dropping her sabers and clutching him at the waist as she began to sob pitiously into his chest. "It's alright now, Snips. Just let it out," he encourages her gently as he did all he could to comfort her in her brush with madness as PAdme had conforted him in the garage of the Lars homestead some years before.

"I couldn't fight him. He bit me and said I was his now and then-" Ahsoka tried to explain only to be shushed by her Master.

"It diesn't matter. You'll be okay now. I promise. And I've always been proud of you Ahsoka. Always," Anakin soothed as he help her.

The tender moment was interrupted as a voice that soudned uncomfortably clode to the kind of snarl you would expct from the likes of Darth Sidious eroupted with a furious "No!" The Dark growled as he appeared before the pair looking for all like the Darkside itself personified.

"No, she isn't. And she never will be. I won't let you hurt my friends. And I certainl y won't let you use them as pawns against me," Anakin declared with a glare in the direction of the strange native they had discovered on this world.

"You can't stop me," the Dark Son glowered only to pause at the look or warning on Anakin's face.

"Yes. I can," Anakin reponded with an icy chill that would have made almost anyone elvalute their options.

The Dark Son was brought up short as he recalled how the Chosen One had already stopeed he and sister both earlier during the Father's test. With no more tha a final sneer he reverted his his bat-like form and flew off into the night.

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I like that rather better than canon.


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If we're going use Carmen Sandiego, then she should be facing someone like The Dark Knight or 'L'. Ah a prolonged game of cat and mouse that spans the entire world....could be good fun.

A fun one for Exo-Squad, what if Admiral Winfield hadn't been knocked unconsious during the pirate attack. How would he have delt with the Phaetons uprising. Would he have immediatly launched a counter attack or would he have settled in for a longer campaign. If nothing else what would The Exofleet have been able to do without suffering the losses they did under that idiot Captain Marcus.


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Transformers Beast Wars/Valkyria Chronicles crossover.
Because there is a way to link these two together if you really want to. And has some interesting circumstances for the Maximals and Predacons to deal with.
The Axalon and the Darksyde crash land on the Valkyria Chronicles world at the start of the Invasion of Gallia. The Axalon in Gallia the Darksyde in territory newly conquered by the Empire and not yet entirely subdued. Ragnite is an allotrope of Energon that is dangerous to Cybertronian circuitry unless filtered. Sadly the during the filtering process a significant portion of the Ragnite becomes toxic waste dangerous to both Cybertronians and Organics.

Now here is where it gets interesting. The Predacons(with the exception of Megatron and of course Tarantulas) are shocked to see just how brutal the Empire is in their treatment of Darcsens. This will of course bring up their own history as descendants of the Decepticons who were much much worse in their time. Megatron would use his advanced technology to gain support from the Empire, and access to their Ragnite(Energon) stores. In particular the technology Cybertronians use to scan for beast modes would be of particular interest to the Empire and their Valkyria research. And Megatron has already shown in cannon that he is fully capable of creating organic clones.

The Maximals having grown up in a society which has not known true war outside of history records for centuries will be deeply disturbed by what they see. Interaction between the crew of the Axalon who are explorers not soldiers and the hard pressed Gallian military would also be interesting. I can see Rhinox and Welkin becoming friends quite easily. The rest of of the Military not so much.

The search for the stasis pods would be even more important as elements of the planet's native culture would love to get a hold of them(and their inhabitants) so that they can gain access to Cybertronian technology. However due the widespread use of Ragnite as a power source it is likely even more dangerous for Cybertronians to stay in robot mode for to long. And their advanced weaponry is just as vulnerable if left out for to long. This along with scarcity of supplies would prevent the Transformers from steamrolling the Valkyria Chronicles cast. And make it difficult for any side in the war to gain an advantage without devoting a significant amount of resources to researching the new technological advantages the Cybertronians have brought to the table. Cybertronian technology would be so far beyond the technology level of of the Valkyria Chronicles world that it would be difficult for them to implement the new sciences they are presented with.

One of the things that would be most important to the story is Dinobot's reaction to just how much the Empire has twisted the concepts of honor and tradition to justify their conquest of other nations and the intended genocide of the Darcsens.


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crack idea

johnny bravo picks up mjolnir. what can possibly go wrong?


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Didn't that actually happen on the show? I seem to remember an episode with the Norse Gods...


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My Little Pony/Exalted.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders attempt a dimensional travel spell they found in a book they swiped from Twilight's library (Cutie Mark Crusaders Interdimensional Adventurers!), and wind up in Creation after (mis)casting it. They run into a monster or band of villains, and they charge in to save the day.

Sweetie Belle winds up mortally wounded, and Scootaloo botches her Morale check and takes off running, leaving Applebloom to face it/them alone. She feels power coursing through her, and a deep, masculine voice speaks as she's surrounded by the golden light of the sun. "Applebloom, let everyone see the fruits of your righteousness as you trot through strange lands."

She exalts as a Twilight-caste Solar, and promptly leads the enemy on a chase through a forest she turns into a maze of traps as she goes. Unbeknown to the other two, Sweetie Belle is offered a chance at revenge to all who mocked her, and those who killed her. She accepts, and exalts as a Midnight Caste Abyssal. The enemy is defeated by their magic and ingenuity, and as it lays defeated, their cutie marks spring into being. Meanwhile, as Scootaloo runs, she hears whispers offering her freedom from mockery, and the power to never run in fear again. She accepts, and the next thing she knows a lion made of stone appears, bursts into fluid, and envelops her before hardening into an egglike shell. She has Exalted into a Green Sun Prince, a Scourge favoring the charms of Isidoros, the unstoppable Boar That Twists The Skies.

One week later, she emerges from the shell to be greeted by her friends, all of them changed and empowered, and all of them with Cutie Marks on their flanks. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are unleashed on Creation while mainlining cosmic power direct from gods and titans. Hilarity and drama ensues.


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ôItÆs coming this way!ö Pinkie Pie managed as an enraged Ursa Major tore through what was left of the downed airship, heedless of the minor obstacle as its furious claws reached for the group.

ôRun!ö Megan shouted, hurling a small sphere, which burst before the great beastÆs eyes in a shower of light and sound. The enraged monster reared back, swiping about blindly as the mixed group scattered. Applejack and Rainbow Dash dragged a terrified Fluttershy behind them as Spike, showing hints of his future draconic potential; heft an unconscious Rarity over his head as he dashed for the tree line. Somehow, Pinkie pie had beaten them all to cover and was frantically waving them on.

Megan grimaced as she looked around at the devastation wrought in the clearing by the attack upon, and subsequent crash of their Airship. Things had been going so well before disaster struck. SheÆd made tentative but friendly contact with Equestria, and had managed to convince Princess Celestia to send her most prized pupil, along with her friends and ward, to learn more about Megan and her people, these æHumansÆ. Megan had hoped this cultural exchange would lead to good relations between the two nations, and now due to the actions of some Gnolls all her work was being undone.

Megan fell back, putting some distance between herself and the beast. Her crew, at least what was left of it after the Gnolls brought their airship down, on top of an Ursa Minor, was either harassing the poor deceased childÆs enraged mother with discouragement prods or tending to the wounded. Megan tossed another dazzler, allowing one of her prone crew a few extra moments to roll out of the way of a heavy stomp of the UrsaÆs foot. The beast took a swipe at another brave crewmen but a boulder, tossed by Twilights TK managed to turn a deadly attack into a scathing blow. The crewman was down, but if they dealt with the Ursa he had a solid chance at living.

Megan grimaced and activated her com bead ôThis is Ambassador Megan to Republic Command. Priority Omegaá Alpha. Requesting immediate assistance with Ursa Major threat in grid five, two, seven, six.ö She aimed her 'Befriending lance's thermal discouragment beam and caught the beast in its eye, turning it away from Twilight, its blazing eyes glaring at her as it roared its sorrow. ôArchangel Protocol invoked.ö She waited for it to move towards her before firing again, gaining itÆs undivided attention. ôPlease act with all haste.ö And then she charged off into the woods as an enraged Ursa Major tore off after her.


The command codes Megan spoke cut through the red tape, mobilizing the Republics military command. Planes were in the air ready to provide medical assistance or eliminate threats as was warranted. The nearest boots on the ground were in route towards the attacking Gnollsá formation long before the beasts had stopped congratulating themselves on their kill. The looping gait of powered armored Men and women eating up the terrain at an alarming rate. When they found their prey the men and women turned their Befriending lances, and arm mounted Vulcan Negative reinforcement Kinetic launchers upon the offending Gnolls. The Republic militaryÆs short communication conveyed their opinions upon the Gnolls action with a swift, precise and clear expression of disappointment that the Gnolls involved would never have the chance to forget.

Every single one of them.

The Long range communication missiles armed with æDonÆt make this mistake againÆ warheadsá that would later be launched at numerous Gnoll enclaves were simply meant to ensure the message was understood by all parties involved.


The Brigadier General watched as around him subordinates went about their tasks. The room was a study in controlled chaos as information and orders were relayed. The big screen showing the shot from orbit as the image zoomed down, closing in on the scene on the ground far below

ôUrsa Major detected in hot pursuit of the Ambassador.ö

ôSatellite CannonÆs capacitors chargedö

ôAll systemsá locked on target, minor adjustments made.ö

The General slowly chewed his unlit cigar, a habit from his youth heÆd never managed to fully give up despite his granddaughterÆs best efforts, and her disappointed frowns.

ôSir, Friendship 1 is in position and ready to fire upon your command.ö

He nodded as he took the Cigar out of his mouth and glared at the satellite image of the Ursa that dared to attack HIS granddaughter. ôBefriend it.ö His deep voiceá growled.

ôFiring Orbital Friendship Beam!ö


Megan hit the ground as the sky lit up in a gorgeous prism of colors. The sudden change cut through the UrsaÆs anger and for a moment it stopped to look up at the brilliant sky. For a flicker in the worldÆs history, a rainbow outshone the sun as Kilojoules of energy bathed the beast in a shower of light and death. For a moment its silhouette existed and then it was nothing more than dispersed particles.
Author notes, okay, I took this as far as I could. If you want to know what inspired this, it was the Image of Megan from the original æMy little PonyÆ using two pistols to bring down a dragon, and the following.


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This is a weird idea that I'd like to see more of.