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My Hero Academia: Explosive Power

I wanted to try my hand at OP Izuku. People tend to give Izuku some overpowered Quirk from birth, but why not the possibly most overpowered Quirk held by a hero hopeful Izuku's age, 'Explosion'? 'Explosive Power' is the name of this idea, and Izuku's Quirk's official name (Explosion+OFA).

(This is still in the 'idea' stage, so it's rather rough. Also eventual God-like Izuku, so not a very serious idea.)


"I was born Izuku Bakugo, as THAT PERSON'S twin (fortunately not identical). As I grew up, I didn't manifest a Quirk. At four or five years old, the doctor said I might be a late bloomer, or have a really subtle Quirk, or something like that. At six, Kacchan -no, Kacchan is dead; in his place is some kind of monster- did something unforgivable. If I hadn't had somehow had resistance to fire, explosions and all impacts, I would have lost that eye, the doctors said. As it is, I got a terrible scar, but no loss of vision - thank the gods for small mercies.

Don't imagine that late bloomers end up manifesting in their teens or anything. When I slept that night in the hospital, after Katsuki did what he did, I woke up due to a nightmare... only to live another nightmare: my calves and feet started exploding like firecrackers and the bed's sheets caught on fire, though it was stopped quickly thanks to automatic fire sprinklers. I don't know why some people consider them useless.

Despite only being six, it didn't take me long to realize just how close I had come to killing a lot of people. My parents took me to a doctor to check out the intricacies of my Quirk, and I was crying all the way. Mom just thought I was crying out of joy and was hugging me, laughing. I could see Dad giving me looks through the front mirror, though; he seemed worried, and I knew I had been seen through.

As for Kaccha- Katsuki, he seemed elated to hear that I had gotten a Quirk - I had thought he would be jealous, but he just tried to talk to me enthusiastically, as if nothing had happened; as if me having a Quirk changed anything!

Soon enough, we arrived and the doctor asked me to use my Quirk to demonstrate, but I refused.

"Come on brat, don't be stubborn now," Mom said, "what's gotten into you?"

I looked at Dad, who tried to keep Mom from talking, but she continued - Dad was almost always able to keep her reined in when he bothered to say something, but that time, it was different.

"You've got a damn Quirk now - isn't that what you've wanted since you were a toddler and watching All Might's debut a thousand fucking times a day? It's damn powerful, too! So, chin up!" Mom said, completely missing the point.

I shook my head, tears running down my cheeks, then said, "not like this. Not the same Quirk as that villain. Hell, I might have burned down that hospital if I hadn't gotten lucky!" Pointing at Katsuki.

I saw the dawning realization on Mom's face, but it was too late, and no amount of pleading, cursing or threats on her part worked. Dad managed to get me to show my Quirk in action to the doctor just that once, and the doctor determined that I produced nitroglycerin, or something similar, from the soles of my feet and the back of my calves.

On the other hand, Katsuki was completely silent. I threw his direction a glare from time to time, but otherwise ignored him.

Katsuki eventually spoke, saying, "grow up, nerd. I didn't know you to be such a wimp! You've got a Quirk now - our old woman isn't wrong about what she said before."

"What did you say...?" I said quietly.

"I said 'grow up' and 'you're a wimp', you shit," Katsuki said.

Unfortunately, I didn't have as much control over myself then as I should, and small blasts started coming out of my legs. Katsuki was making small blasts too, probably for intimidation. Mom was yelling at us to stop, while Dad had frozen in place. I blasted forward; I knew that explosions wouldn't do much to Katsuki, so I kicked him, boosting my hit with explosions... getting Katsuki in the gut, making him double over and puke.

I put my hand on the back of his head to smash him into his vomit, but Mom stopped me and separated us along with Dad, who had regained his cool and clapped his hands really loudly (and slightly explosively) to get us to listen.

We were then promptly kicked out by the doctor... and his assistant, and his secretary, the both of whom he had called as backup in case we turned our violence on him. Needless to say, we were barred from ever visiting that clinic ever again.

From then on, I asked to be away from Katsuki Bakugo. After a tearful goodbye with my parents -I will never forget the way that Mom, though I should learn to call her Mitsuki-san now, damn it, cried in public for the first time-, I became Izuku Midoriya, and Auntie Inko became Mother. I even dye the blond part of my hair green nowadays.

I was still a favorite target of bullies, even though the Bakugo family left Mustafu, so Mother tried to enroll me in a martial arts dojo when I was eight, but nobody wanted the kid who refused to show or even divulge his Quirk. At least, the bullies eventually learned to leave me alone, mainly because I had great resistance to hits and a high pain tolerance, as well as little reluctance to punching them to submission.

They tried to get me in trouble for beating them up, but unfortunately for them, I was smart enough to be near a camera before I retaliated, in such a way that their antics were caught but the beating I gave them wasn't, so they ended up with four times as much detention as I got, and a nice five-day-long suspension each.

I was ten when I met Sorahiko-sensei. The only physical training I had done by then was building up my stamina by jogging, though my mental training was extensive. You see, I had heard that an elderly, retired Pro Hero who knew martial arts lived somewhere in Yamanashi. By that time, Mother had given up on finding a dojo that would accept me.

It took me several months, but I managed to pinpoint the man's location - he lived in a certain dilapidated building. Or, at least, that was what I hoped. At first, I couldn't believe that my conclusion was correct, but I went and rang the doorbell anyway.

After a painful, painful conversation, in which he pretended to be senile and I admitted that I wanted to make people feel safe in my presence, but had gotten used to getting into fights with bullies, so I needed to become more disciplined, he decided to take me on as a student. 'Too much like Toshinori... but more violent and much smarter', he said, though I don't think I was supposed to hear that.

I have to say, though - the man knew his stuff. He REALLY knew his stuff. He turned the undisciplined, muttering brat that I had been into a much less undisciplined brat, one that still muttered and mumbled a bit; well, at least I honed my fighting instincts, which had already been extremely advanced according to Gran Torino. The Shoot Style and Shoot Style Mk.2 were notable, too. Oh, I got abs too. Let's not forget about those.

The man managed to persuade me to use my Quirk more; after a lot of Quirk counseling, I had learned how to use my Quirk while still being responsible with it, but the counselors weren't miracle workers. Sorahiko-sensei, on the other hand, slowly coaxed me into getting used to explosions and heat, then into exploring the limits and applications of my Explosion (my tendency and passion for analyzing Quirks helped a lot) - before I knew it, I had started training my Quirk just as much as my body and mind.

Sorahiko-sensei said something about recommending me to someone named Toshinori as a 'candidate'. I didn't get what he had meant then; that came later.

I met All Might when I was fourteen. I asked him if someone who feared his Quirk would be able to be like him. Unfortunately, he rejected my dream, saying that someone who's afraid of their Quirk, he couldn't say would make a good hero... which depressed me for all of ten seconds, but I gave All Might my own rejection of his opinion - I'm not a quitter, I said, with a lot more curse words.

Then a clusterfuck (tch, I swore again. Damn that Katsuki. It's his fault) that involved, of all people, Katsuki, whom I saved from a slime-like villain without even pausing to remember I hated him (and I hadn't even known that the Bakugo family were back in town)... only to nearly get killed, myself, and be saved by All Might again.

Katsuki found me after the heroes were done with scolding me. He didn't tell me he didn't owe me anything. He didn't sass me, nor explode me. He only looked at me with an unidentifiable emotion, without saying anything, then left. I remember thinking 'what the motherfucking fuck was that shit about...?' Yes, I cursed even more in my thoughts. Deal with it or piss off. Twat.

I got into a depressive mood again, but fate had other plans, or maybe All Might did. He came to find me again - this time, in his civilian form. He introduced himself as Toshinori Yagi. I wasn't sure where I had heard that name before, but it sounded familiar. Anyway, he had an offer for me. He wanted me to become his successor; inherit his Quirk.

Another part of my life that I can never forget is when All Might said those words: 'Young man! You too can become a hero!'

After a bit of disbelief and skepticism, I accepted All Might's offer with little to no hesitation. We had barely over ten months before the U.A. exams. I somehow managed to persuade Mother to let me be home-schooled for the final year of Junior High. Mitsuki-san helped sway her opinion, I found out later.

Yagi-sensei was curious about where I got my physique, and I told him about Sorahiko-sensei, reluctantly. It was a big surprise for me, that we were trained by the same person. According to All Might, it shouldn't take too long to make my body a suitable vessel for One For All. All Might admitted that it might have been a mistake to avoid Gran Torino for so long.

"In my defense," All Might said, "I didn't want to choose my successor on someone else's recommendation, even if it was someone I trusted. I wanted to meet someone on my own."

As far as training goes, we concentrated on getting my arms to a point they could keep up with my legs without neglecting the latter by cleaning the beach, and on turning my body even more durable. I could withstand two or three of Sorahiko-sensei's hits without puking, which I told Yagi-sensei, flinching slightly... only to see Yagi-sensei flinch and shudder, himself. 'Wimp,' came out of my mouth without prompting, but Yagi-sensei simply cleared his throat. I had to put a lot of effort into NOT apologizing; I had to get over my fanboyism, because he was my teacher now.

Yagi-sensei also decided to help me with Explosion, too; it would also double as lower body strength training, since it took a lot of strength and durability to take the blasts, and put strain on my body.

When I first trained my explosive Quirk, I had needed to learn which body parts to flex to consciously cause explosions, which had taken me the better part of a month. Even after that, repeated explosions tired me out within a few minutes, and I often accidentally burned myself. It had taken a while to get used to CAUSING explosions, rather than being their target.

With Gran Torino, I got used to using it continuously, both mentally and physically, made the blasts more efficient and learned how to make decently powerful explosions. I also learned its moderate-level workings. With All Might, I took things to the next level.

After a lot of experimentation and accidents (such as when I tried to propel myself with explosions, but messed up on the timing and instead of making two identical explosions, one of my calves exploded later than the other, sending me spinning. Or when I fell into the sea and was unable to sweat enough for nearly an hour afterwards, owing to the very cold water. Or when I fell from quite a height onto a trash heap. Or when- well, you get the idea), I managed to get a more advanced understanding of Explosion.

Some of what I did to propel myself was copied from things I had seen Gran Torino do with Jet, but mostly, it was my own innovations. I didn't neglect the power of my explosions, though, nor my overall stamina... even if both my teachers had said that my stamina was monstrous.

Approximately six months after I started training with All Might, which was four months before the U.A entrance exams, All Might deemed me more than ready for One For All... and gave me a tuft of hair to eat.

"Do you know that eating hair can cause urgent health problems that need surgery to correct? Or that-"

After a rant that Yagi-sensei barely managed to stop, he pierced his skin with a needle, bled into a half-full bottle of water and gave it to me to drink. Feeling like a vampire from old movies and books, I drank. Disgusting. After a few hours, I felt something a bit unfamiliar in my gut. Since Sorahiko-sensei had corrected my tendency of following All Might too closely, instead of punching, I kicked a sand hill carefully, injuring myself. Fortunately, it was a mild injury, and took less than two weeks to heal; that was mainly because Sorahiko-sensei warned Yagi-sensei to tell me not to use anywhere near full power.

Sorahiko-sensei was very impressed that I managed to lower the output so quickly - he said that having a Quirk of my own that I struggled with learning how to control probably helped, but either way, my intuition was incredible. Yet another thing I have in common with Katsuki. Damn it.

The next time, I thought over the reason I got injured; it wasn't my foot that got injured, despite being the place to take the impact. I thought I should reinforce all of my leg, but that would make me injure my hip or something- oh.

Insert obligatory microwave simile here. The second try went far better, and I invented One For All: Full Cowl. I could use eight percent, nine at most, of One For All throughout my body without feeling like I would destroy my body. The remaining three and a half months were spent not only improving my original Quirk, but using both Quirks in tandem and sparring with Yagi-sensei and Sorahiko-sensei. Not to mention studying for the entrance exam.

I was the most proud over the fact that I managed to keep from injuring myself apart from some relatively mild bruises... the new Shoot Style variation was a bust at the time, though - while Shoot Style Mk.2 was well-suited for One For All already (the canny old man that was Sorahiko-sensei had made sure of that), Mk.3 was meant to have a very important difference (apart from me learning how to adapt my style by actually having One For All) : asymmetric Quirk application.

In other words, I tried to apply more of One For All to my lower body than my upper body and even use explosions in a similar way to perform more advanced maneuvers.

I also changed my Quirk's registration to 'Explosive Power'. I realized that I started producing explosive sweat in my hands and all parts of my feet too after getting One For All (before, it was only on the soles of my feet and the back of the calves), but I doubted that I would be able to match Katsuki's power and precision in his specialty. The explosions also became a bit stronger overall thanks to One For All boosting my own Quirk.

I happened to meet someone in the meantime and hang out with him; his name was Neito Monoma. He was a bit of a jerk, with a heart of... well, jerk. But, he really wanted to become a hero. He started warming up to me when I commented that his Quirk was really powerful, and considering how smart he was, it was even more dangerous than it seemed.

You see, his Quirk was 'Copy' - he could store up to four Quirks at a time (and non-activated Quirks could be kept without a time limit), and had managed to reach a time limit of twenty-two minutes for a Quirk. He could only use up to two Quirks at a time (which made his time limit go by twice as quickly), but could switch almost freely between them, so it wasn't a huge limitation. He had started out with a time limit of two minutes, and could only store one Quirk at a time, but improved a lot. His might be one of the rare Quirks that have few limits on their growth.*

Some of his classmates had feared and disliked him because they considered his Quirk a villainous one. Others simply thought that his Quirk wasn't very useful because it relied on having people around to copy off, so they looked down upon him. That's probably why he was so hardened. When he hated or envied somebody, he became a terrible bastard worthy of Katsuki. He also had a sense of humor that was slightly sadistic. To be honest, I'm not sure why I hung out with him then -loneliness maybe...?- but I also warmed up to him eventually. He was competitive and really passionate about becoming the best hero he could be, and I could relate with that. I like to think I was a positive influence on him.

The day of the practical exam arrived; I knew that I had passed the written exam; easily, if aiming for the Hero Course, but I believed that I had done well enough to be able to enter the General Course if I failed the Practical (a scenario I tried not to think about).

By this time, I could manage fourteen percent of One For All Full Cowl, fifteen for a couple minutes if I pushed myself and sixteen for a little bit, but it felt like the bones in my whole body were about to crack.

I ended up tripping, but rolled with the momentum. Then, a brown-haired girl told me I was awesome, and admitted she had been about to catch me with her Quirk. We introduced ourselves, I asked about her Quirk, then we rushed to the meeting place. (I managed to talk to a girl without stuttering! (Much.) Unbelievable!)

In the auditorium, we were given instructions by Present Mic. I managed to drown out my inner fanboy... and ended up muttering about my strategy and tactics in the upcoming test. Oh well. A tall, blue haired boy called me out, along with some nonsense about UA's integrity. I showed him my middle finger before I could stop myself, causing him to sputter and stop talking. Well, you can't win them all, but at least I made some people laugh.

When I reached the testing grounds, I could see a few standouts: the stuck up tall boy, a blond who mixed French into his speech and Uraraka, the brown-haired girl. I saw she was nervous, but decided to focus on the test - I couldn't afford to lose focus there. My hairs stood up, and I put ten percent of One For All into all of my body, getting ready... when the gates opened. Fortunately, I had good instincts.

I jumped and propelled myself with a few explosions, going above the crowd, reaching the top of a tall building and leaving the others in the dust, One For All at twelve percent then.

I looked around, mapping the center in my mind, all the while jumping to another building that housed a three-pointer and a two-pointer. I kicked one towards the other with an explosion, destroying them at the same time, then propelled myself down to a team of three one-pointers and two two-pointers, destroying them quickly, making sure to use short bursts of One For All at fourteen percent. I noted that the three-pointers were too durable for me to take them head-on repeatedly.

After that, I helped a stumbling, drill-haired boy by catching him and destroying the one-pointer hounding him, but left the remaining two pointer for him to beat. I propelled myself with an explosion again and destroyed a team of four two-pointers, two three-pointers and two one-pointers, making sure to avoid their attacks, and trying to make the take-down as efficient as possible; forcing them to destroy one another as much as I could. I was getting slightly tired at that point.

Still, I continued. I destroyed a two-pointer, leaving a one-pointer alone after seeing that the blond French boy had it under control, then used a leap and explosions to get myself up high again, finding four three-pointers and two two-pointers spread across three buildings, destroying them as quickly as I could, taking advantage of gravity to destroy them more easily (I threw them off the buildings). Unfortunately, I had to destroy one of the three-pointers pretty much head-on, so I was losing stamina fast.

One of the buildings had a few inactive robots inside, which I noticed by coincidence; I also noticed a large red button on each of them and pressed it. It was a self-destruct-switch, so I took out the four two-pointers and the one-pointer as quickly as I could, before they activated.

When I exited, I saw someone in trouble, and managed to keep Uraraka from being snuck upon by two robots; she was busy floating two one-pointers and a two-pointer, so the other two-pointers would have caught her unawares. I lured them to myself to keep Uraraka safe and used explosions to get behind one of them and destroyed it by pressing the switch; the other two-pointer, I simply exploded. I made sure that Uraraka was fine, gave her a thumbs up, then left for the edge of the testing ground.

I destroyed a three pointer, making sure to weaken its armor first by making other robots hit it. I destroyed one more three-pointer and two two-pointers, allowing a few other contestants to take the rest, pushing a girl away from a missile and tanking a hit for the French boy, pushing my One For All Full Cowl to fourteen percent and using explosions from my hands and feet to repel the missile and to roll with the hit. By this time, mainly because of the armor on the three-pointers, my limbs were aching.

I jumped to a building again, dropping to eleven percent of One For All Full Cowl to manage my fatigue, and found three one-pointers, four two-pointers and one three-pointer in various locations, but did not attack them all yet. First, I went to a place where there were two of the two-pointers and one of the one-pointers. I destroyed them, but by this point, I was panting hard and sweating. I didn't lower the output of OFA, but I did use more powerful explosions thanks to more sweat... which only tired me out more quickly and made my arms and legs hurt more.

Then it was the two one-pointers in another location that I destroyed quickly, then I reached a two-pointer and a three-pointer. I took down the two-pointer with an explosive punch, but the three-pointer was engaged by the stuck-up boy and eliminated relatively quickly. I went to a two-pointer, and eliminated it before it could attack a girl. She said she had it under control, but I simply left.

I knew that there were few robots left, if any but my instincts have always been sharp. I realized that the ground in a certain place looked different to the rest, so I exploded it... and was attacked by four three-pointers, three two-pointers and a one pointer that came out of an underground garage. Unfortunately, they were ready for combat, unlike the ones in buildings.

I couldn't find an opening to attack them, only dodging and weaving... then one of the three-pointers was kicked by the stuck-up boy, which gave me an opening to destroy the other three three-pointers and a two-pointer, while he took out the rest slowly - he didn't have as much power behind his blows as earlier. By this time, I was shaking slightly and my legs were a bit numb. I made sure to keep the stuck-up boy from being struck by any attacks, from the robots or by me.

Having noticed one more place where the ground seemed systematically dug up, I used explosions (through my hands, this time) to propel myself there, when I heard a horrible mechanical screech. I hesitated for the first time in this test, but decided to ignore what must be the zero-pointer and engaged the three two-pointers, the one-pointer and the two three-pointers there. I destroyed everything but one of the three-pointers before time ran out, using a super-move on the other three-pointer to keep it from attacking the stuck-up boy - to be exact, I used Ground Zero, a double stomp enhanced with One For All, and with an explosive finish. I felt like I would black out, but I simply lied on the ground with my eyes closed.

Only to open them to an old woman crouching over me, lips puckered. I screamed, but stopped when I recognized Recovery Girl. She examined me a bit, but told me I wasn't too injured, but that I should eat up first, so that I wouldn't black out in fatigue.

She gave me a few candies, I ate them, then she examined me again after she made a round of the testing ground, healing others too. She told me I had minor muscle tears in my feet and calves, along with various scrapes and bruised knuckles. She kissed my forehead, and my legs felt better immediately, but I also felt more tired. She told me to take it easy for the next day at least; she had been able to fully heal me, but even after I ate those candies (designed to be digested in minutes, not hours), I ended up rather drained.

I hadn't kept track of my points, but I was almost certain I had passed... though All Might not contacting me did make me worry, and I couldn't help being nervous about the results. A week later (with Mother acting like usual for her nervous state), I got my letter. I had gotten 91 Villain points... and 38 Rescue points?! I didn't see those coming... well, hindsight was twenty-twenty. I got a total of 129 points... for second place?

'Wait... Katsuki is first? Katsuki got over fifty rescue points, and seventy-nine Villain points? 135!?'"

(With Katsuki)

'Vine Bitch- I mean, Vine Hair, Shiozaki, whatever. Shiozaki shouldn't have gotten herself trapped near the zero-pointer, and I shouldn't have butted in. But that's what Izuku would have done, and it ended well, with me receiving forty-six rescue points, with ten more from other actions. I would have gotten more from the zero-pointer shit, but I made sure not to get hurt much, took Shiozaki away instead of attacking the shitty robot, and destroyed a few one-pointers afterwards.'

(Back to Izuku)

"According to All Might, back in the day, he got 111 points total, and his Villain points were only sixty-eight, so both Katsuki and I broke the previous record, in total points and Villain points. I also got the highest Villain points score. Ever. I wondered if Katsuki had changed for the best, but shook that thought off - I wasn't ready for thoughts like that. Maybe I never would.

On the first day, around a fortnight after we got the results, I went to 1-A's classroom, saw Katsuki up to his usual crap, was apologized to by Iida (and apologized to him in turn) and was stared at by Katsuki.

"What?" I asked, with a bit of hostility.

"So, you finally shaped up, nerd?" Katsuki asked neutrally.

"Fuck off, Katsuki," I told him, barely keeping my cool..

"...Fair enough," he said, shrugging, but his quiet acceptance unsettled me.

I also greeted Uraraka, being glad that she was in the same class. I didn't see Monoma anywhere, but I doubted he failed (I saw him in the top ten scorers), so he must be in another class in the Hero Course (there's two, so 1-B?). I also talked to a green-haired girl by the name of Shiozaki, and was surprised by the way she looked at Katsuki - like he was a complete enigma or something. Unfortunately, she refused to tell me what had happened between them.

Suddenly, a man rolled himself into the class in a sleeping bag, looking a lot like a giant caterpillar.

The man said, "this is time for your lesson; not to socialize. It also took your class over eight seconds to stop talking. You lot lack in common sense. This is the Hero Course; you won't make it with that attitude. Now, follow me."

"Uh, sir, who are you?" Someone asked.

"I am Shouta Aizawa, your homeroom teacher. You may call me Aizawa-sensei. Now, follow me; I won't say it again," was the man's reply.

I didn't know which hero he was, but apart from some guest lecturers and irregular subjects, all teachers at UA were Pro Heroes. Oh well - I would figure it out eventually.

He gave us the task of going through an extensive athleticism test, except with Quirks rather than without. Then, to give a demonstration, he asked Katsuki to go forth, saying that he had Katsuki's middle school records, and that his performance in the softball throw test was 72.1 meters.

Katsuki made an incredibly powerful explosion, saying 'die!', sending the ball 896.3 meters away (!) and impressing everyone but me. (Okay, maybe I was a bit impressed; he had improved a whole lot.)

Everyone was set to have fun with the test. Unfortunately, Aizawa-sensei did not like that. He said, "fun, you say? Very well, I've decided: I will expel anyone who comes in last or shows a complete lack of common sense."

People grumbled, but I kept my mouth shut; I could tell that he was completely serious.

When my turn came to throw the softball, I used a soccer kick (or, rather, a goalkeeper's volley), enhanced by sixteen percent of One For All Full Cowl, eighteen percent in my legs, and a huge explosion, throwing it very far. It had taken me nearly all of the time available to advance my mastery of Full Cowl: Shoot Style Mk.3 enough that I could vary the output, but I managed it.

When the counting device beeped and said '1.79 km', Aizawa-sensei smirked a bit and said, "so it wasn't a fluke, that you got the most Villain points in the history of UA."

Someone questioned whether using one's feet was allowed, but Aizawa-sensei said, "I'll allow it, considering that it seems like his specialty is his feet - I did say anything goes."

Afterwards Iida followed my example and used a goalkeeper's volley too, probably significantly improving his results in this test.

I realized just how versatile Yaoyorozu and Todoroki's Quirks are by seeing them in action, but I wasn't sure how quickly Yaoyorozu would be able to make things while under pressure, so she might have a hard time in fights... (Mumble mumble)

Uraraka shaking my shoulder drew me out of my mumbling in time for the next part. In the toe touch test, I managed to clear it - if Sorahiko-sensei hadn't insisted on improving my flexibility too, I might have had trouble, though. On the other hand, Yaoyorozu and Ashido didn't even show any strain while achieving it, despite their, uh... full figures.

The endurance race, due to me being tired after a lot of training and the previous tests (and thirsty; Iida had brought orange juice with him, but I had no such thing, and Aizawa-sensei refused to let us leave even for a bit, or give us water before we've finished all the tests) despite my usual stamina, did not go to me. It was a close thing, but Iida won it by a hair, with me second.

Yaoyorozu's scooter was fast, but I think she was about to run out of whatever she needs to make things - that must be why she made a much weaker and smaller model than she did for the fifty meter dash (sensei didn't allow her to keep the previous one). I asked her and found out that she needed the lipids in her body to make things. She still ended up first in the test, though.

After all those tests, the results came in:

1. Momo Yaoyorozu, 2. Izuku Midoriya, 3. Katsuki Bakugo, 4. Tenya Iida, 5. Shouto Todoroki, 6. Fumikage Tokoyami, 7. Mezo Shouji, 8. Mashirao Ojiro, 9. Eijiro Kirishima, 10. Mina Ashido, 11. Ibara Shiozaki, 12. Ochako Uraraka, 13. Tsuyu Asui, 14. Yuuga Aoyama, 15. Hanta Sero, 16. Denki Kaminari, 17. Kyouka Jiro, 18. Touru Hagakure, 19. Kinoko Komori, 20. Minoru Mineta

Mineta started crying and sobbing. Sensei gave him a few seconds before he said, "oh, by the way, I was joking. The threat of expulsion was a logical ruse to get you to give it your all."

Yaoyorozu claimed that she knew it was a ruse the whole time, but I interrupted her, saying, "sensei, I can usually see through lies. Don't you think we can handle the truth?"

"Oh?" Aizawa-sensei said, lifting his eyebrows, "and what truth do you think is that?"

"That you fully intended to go through with your threat, had we truly displeased you," I said, frowning a bit.

Aizawa-sensei's eyes turned red, with his hair spreading upwards, and I felt as if something was missing. I tried to use an explosion, and yelped when I failed. Then, sensei blinked and I could feel my Quirks again. "Eraser-head," I said, the name coming out of my mouth with reverence, before I could control myself.

Sensei laughed, and it was a deep, humorless chuckle. He looked us all in the eye, lingering on Mineta, Yaoyorozu and me. Then, he said, "Midoriya nailed it. I have expelled over forty students in my years in UA, usually booting them down to the General Course. While coming in last is not enough for me to expel anyone, if the attitude of any of you were that of an overconfident slacker, or I judged you to be a liability, you would have been expelled immediately. I simply saw that none of you has zero potential - that's all. Oh, by the way, Mineta - I know about your history of peeping. If you don't shape up, I WILL expel you."

Mineta fell onto his ass, and not just because of all the girls (except Yaoyorozu, who was still looking between me and Eraser-sensei with her mouth open) glaring at him. In the meantime, Kirishima said that 'peeping isn't manly' and Katsuki glared at Mineta as hard as any of the girls did, letting out growl-like sounds. I hadn't known that Katsuki felt so strongly about perverts.

With that emotional roller-coaster done, the next day, we reached Foundational Hero Training, which lasted three periods, up from two last year, according to Eraser-sensei. Each period lasted fifty-five minutes.

'Fuck, it's All Might, isn't it? What about his time limit? If it gets any lower, he won't be able to teach,' I thought, but decided to ask him that question later, if I was right about him being the teacher.

All Might entered through the door, 'like a normal person'., to everyone else's awe and surprise. I rolled my eyes at him, and he stuttered in his speech for a moment. Todoroki noticed, but nobody else did, I thought. All Might had us gather up, gave us our hero costumes, then he had us follow him to a certain location.

He wanted to gauge our skills, so All Might had us face off against one another, in teams of two versus two. We all had two minutes to strategize, and ten minutes to finish the assignment or the Villain team won by default. The victory condition for the heroes was to touch the 'bomb' for two seconds without interruption, or to be touching it when the time ran out. Both teams were able to win if they captured both opponents.

I was paired with Yaoyorozu, and faced off against Katsuki and Uraraka. "Good luck, Midoriya-kun!" Uraraka said, and we separated into the pairs.

Yaoyorozu and I gave one another some more information on each our Quirk; all the while, I was trying to get her boobs out of my mind. I did ask her if her costume HAD TO be that revealing, but she only innocently said that her original design was even more revealing.

Well, at least she wasn't like Midnight, who would do the same on purpose. "I wonder if Midnight's Quirk works better the more the target is sexually attracted to her instead of gender (mumble mumble-)"

"Midoriya-kun! Do you have any ideas?" Yaoyorozu said, and I tuned back in.

I told her what I knew about our opponents and their Quirks (which was a lot, especially in Katsuki's case). Though I knew that most of my information on Katsuki was outdated; he had improved hugely. I proposed an infiltration through the roof and asked her if she could make two jetpacks.

She could and did. We flew over to the roof, and I ditched the jetpack. Yaoyorozu was to be more stealthy, while I would draw attention at the right moment.

So we went, eventually realizing that Uraraka was with the 'bomb' in the fourth floor, while Katsuki had left her there. The bomb was floating, but it was not alone in the air - Uraraka detected me too quickly (I had never bothered with learning to be sneaky), and various items and some debris were launched at me, but Yaoyorozu attacked Uraraka with a staff, with the latter barely managing to dodge the surprise attack.

I went for the 'bomb', only to have to dodge in midair by making an explosion a bit to the side, but far from the direction of the 'bomb'.

Katsuki had arrived. He said, "So you DID get used to our Quirk ner- Izuku. Show me what you've got!"

The glint in his eyes showed me that he was going to enjoy the fight very much.

I powered up with my Full Cowl at fifteen percent and got into hand-to-hand. I used a low kick to make an opening for a quick punch, which in turn was used to allow me to kick his gut, full force. Katsuki barely managed to use an explosion quickly enough to roll with the hit, but I could tell that he was affected.

I followed him to the corridor outside the room the 'bomb' was in. Katsuki was sweating a bit more heavily and looked nauseous. Then, he unveiled his support item and threw a fucking grenade at me.

'What the hell!' I thought. I had hoped he would have become a little more careful over the years... or maybe his desire for victory overrode his common sense.

I made sure to keep my explosions away from his grenade and threw myself away, but didn't manage to avoid the grenade's blast fully. Still, I managed to avoid anything other than my hero costume being damaged, and it was only barely-there cosmetic damage (maybe because I had asked for it to be explosion resistant).

We got into hand-to-hand combat again, but this time, Katsuki outmaneuvered me by using his Quirk to get behind me... only for me to kick backwards like a horse, and this time, he didn't manage to soften the blow. My One For All: Full Cowl was still at fourteen percent when I did that, so Katsuki was launched away, cursing all the while.

I never bothered exploding Katsuki once during that fight; his resistance to explosions was likely insanely high. I looked at his wounded form, then turned around to go help Yaoyorozu.

"Don't you dare, nerd- Izuku! I'm not finished yet- ow! Ow! Fuck! You got my thigh, nearly got my balls, you asshole! Oi, don't ignore me!" Katsuki said, cursing all the while and trying to get up.

I ignored him - didn't even bother rolling my eyes. I entered the room again, only to see that Yaoyorozu had started floating. 'Wait,' I thought, 'she still has the jetpack from before-'

Yaoyorozu flew towards Uraraka in a semi-controlled way, and I touched the 'bomb' while the latter was distracted, causing All Might to announce the Hero Team's victory, with barely a minute to spare.

On my way out, I could see the expression of despair and self-loathing on a now upright but limping Katsuki's face. 'Is he still that obsessed with winning? Moron,' I thought, full of disdain.

A few medical droids took Katsuki to Recovery Girl, and we went back to the lesson, this time with me as a spectator.

Standouts included how Hagakure the 'villain' manipulated light to blind Tokoyami and in the process, managed to take Dark Shadow out of commission (I tried not to think of the fact she was pretty much fighting naked). Another standout was Todoroki, who found the 'villains' quickly thanks to Shouji and froze both of them to the ground, then walked to the 'bomb' casually.

It took two of the three periods to finish the fights, the last one being used for All Might to make us analyze one another's performance and to advise us on how to improve. Yaoyorozu was worried that that last kick I used could have caused serious damage if it hadn't been Katsuki that took it, who had a relatively strong resistance to all impacts, and All Might agreed with her. I reluctantly acceded the point, especially after I found out that Katsuki had a cracked bone.

Many of us needed to improve our physical fitness, or strength, or flexibility, or even control over our Quirk - at least, that was what I thought, since All Might talked with each of us separately. Some of us REALLY needed an attitude adjustment... especially Katsuki.... 'Well, I might be being unfair, but when I keep a grudge, I keep it for very, very long,' I thought.

When All Might reached me, he asked me how much of One For All I could manage without injury, and I told him that I could manage twenty percent in my legs without immediate problems, with seventeen to eightteen percent in the rest of my body.

"Interesting," All Might said, his grin a smaller and more genuine one, "I think you are just about ready to learn how to use air pressure attacks."

After hearing that, I shouted in joy, but All Might shushed me. He told me to come find him in one of the fake cities in UA's campus on Saturday, an hour after noon, and on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, Dagobah tended to become crowded; our cleaning efforts had paid off. I saw Todoroki's eyes narrow at me and All Might when we approached the others, and I found myself panicking over him suspecting the truth of my second Quirk.

When the time came to see All Might, I went to UA's fake city, only to be met with his normal form, along with Recovery Girl. I said, "hi, Yagi-sensei," smiling at him. Then, I greeted Recovery Girl politely, only to be greeted in turn.

"Oh, young Midoriya," the man said. After exchanging some pleasantries, he said, "have you been training your body and One For All?"

"Yes sir," I said, "I persuaded Tetsutetsu-kun from 1-B to train with me - it benefits both of us really, and I managed to get my body to be more durable and able to withstand hard collisions quickly, especially my hands and torso. You see-"

Yagi-sensei put his hands up. He said, "you are rambling young Midoriya. STOP RAMBLING!"

I barely heard him at first, but then, when he shouted, I stopped talking and simply blushed. Then, I apologized, but Yagi-sensei waved me off.

Yagi-sensei first turned into his buff form and had me strike him with all my power, while only using Full Cowl, and no extra enhancement. After a bit of protest, I used my current maximum, which was eighteen percent, and punched him in the shoulder, which he withstood with barely a grunt.

When I saw that All Might had no trouble taking my hits and I had no trouble dishing them out, I got bolder and tried to do something I had never done before. I decided to go up by half a percent. I used eighteen and a half percent in my Full Cowl and stomped on the ground a few times, then punched it twice with each hand, though my knuckles ached a bit after said punches. Fortunately, I was wise enough to target a place with dirt, and not anywhere made of concrete or asphalt.

Recovery Girl checked out my hands, then kissed one of them. The ache went away without me tiring much. I asked Recovery Girl, and she said that either it's because my knuckles were only bruised, or I was gaining more stamina; likely both. She talked to Yagi-sensei, then my sensei decided to teach me how to maneuver a city without use of a Quirk, using some variation of Parkour or Free Running, mainly to increase my stamina.

Recovery Girl protested against this kind of training despite being the one to suggest raising my stamina, so as a compromise, the three of us went to a part of the 'city' that contained shorter buildings, though still very tall. If I hadn't had a resistance to all impacts and ways to reduce the damage, she would probably have protested more.

Eighty-five minutes later, I sat down to rest (jumping from building to building was tiring! Even my stamina ran out relatively quickly, and according to Gran Torino, my stamina was more monstrous than Yagi-sensei's had been at the same age. Unfortunately, I have nowhere near as much upper-body strength as Yagi-sensei did). I was also bruised from several falls.

On a happier note, I learned how to call upon Full Cowl in less than a second, eliminating the need to slow myself down using explosions (which Yagi-sensei discouraged, seeing as how we were training One For All at the time).

Recovery Girl gave me a few of her special candies (designed to be digested absurdly quickly, if you have forgotten), and I downed them slowly; I was tired enough to choke on them if I wasn't careful.

After me sitting down for a quarter of an hour or so, Recovery Girl healed my extensive collection of bruises. A wave of tiredness hit me. According to Recovery Girl, I was good to go for a further half hour, but no more.

The last half hour was mainly used for training my original Quirk. I managed to blow up a few buildings, then tried my explosive double stomp while using twenty-and-a-half percent of One For All in my legs and eighteen percent in the rest of my body. Recovery Girl rushed to check me, and declared my body to be fine, if a bit strained.

"This skill, this jump and stomp on the opponent when landing - 'Ground Zero'... it's a dangerous skill - to you, your allies and your opponent. It leaves you open, and can kill anyone you land on it near, including an ally or civilian. Promise me that you will only use such a thing on a person if you intend to kill them or are certain that they will survive, and that you will watch yourself carefully for collateral damage," Recovery Girl said.

"I promise to only use Ground Zero in training against objects, not people, nowhere near allies or innocents, and only on emergencies against people," I said. Then, I noticed her wording and said, "wait, 'intend to kill'? I thought that heroes never killed...?"

Yagi-sensei took over from there, saying that as my mentor, it was HIS duty to explain. He said, "young Midoriya. It is true that heroes are to avoid killing if they can. Unfortunately, sometimes, it cannot be avoided. Heroes are human too, after all, and accidents happen. Sometimes, one even needs to make a conscious decision: the victims or the villain."

I felt sick. Heroes were meant to save lives, not- I subconsciously walked backwards. I said, "have you ever killed anyone, Yagi-sensei?" Dreading the answer.

"Yes. On one occasion, when I was in my twenties, I used too much force in the heat of the battle. And, twice, I have even had to make a conscious decision to go for the kill; though there is a chance the second one is still alive," Yagi-sensei said, his smile still present, but looking more sad than anything. Then, he said, "of course, without a hero license yet, it's a moot point; it would need to be a dire situation indeed, or you would likely be prosecuted."

I was breathing hard and shaking. I felt hands on my shoulders, and an elderly voice that told me to just breathe slowly. I recognized Recovery Girl, then after I controlled my breathing and calmed down a bit, realized that I had been hyperventilating.

Yagi-sensei talked to me softly, saying, "go to rest, young Midoriya; and if you feel up to it, come around to UA tomorrow at eight in the morning. There are no trains for UA on Sundays, but it shouldn't take you more than twenty minutes to half an hour, at most, of jogging."

...I debated with myself on whether I would or should, but in the end, I did end up going to UA the next morning. Yagi-sensei and Recovery Girl were waiting for me at the entrance of the school, and both looked relieved to see me.

He tried to make small talk, but I was silent and sullen - fortunately, Yagi-sensei got the hint and stopped talking. I had yet to come to terms with what he had told me the previous day, but I forged on. We noticed that my proficiency in One For All Full Cowl had jumped from eighteen-and-a-half percent to twenty, and my legs could take twenty-one percent.

According to Recovery Girl, it might have been due to her healing that I improved so quickly; her healing my bruises must have sped up my progress.

Yagi-sensei showed me how to use air pressure to throw kicks and even punches that would hit from afar. We decided to meet every Sunday morning, and to make Saturdays and Mondays my days away from physical training. Since Saturdays were half-days and on Mondays, we didn't have any physical classes other than Aizawa-sensei's, Recovery Girl took it upon herself to tell my homeroom teacher about Monday being my necessary rest day.


* Yes, I gave Monoma a boost.
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Three words for you to ponder: Guts Gets Isekai'd.

Well, I suppose you'd like more details, but consider the variables for the author to decide on. At what point does Guts go to the other world? I'm thinking for most flexibility, it's just after he leaves the Band of the Hawk. He's on a relative high, he's not consumed with his need for revenge and isn't ridiculously OP. But it depends on the preferences of the author.

As for where he goes? Well, that would depend on what genre of story you want to write. Comedy? Slap him in KonoSuba or El Hazard.

More serious? Gaia (Escaflowne).

Pure crack? The Saga of Tanya the Evil. Hell make him Tanya.

Want to torture Guts? Make hime deal with Takahashi shenanigans in an InuYasha cross.


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I still think Guts in Seikiri would be the most amusing.

Or have Guts replace Iseei in DxD.