Missing a BIG fanfiction fandom!


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Hey all,
When I saw that TFF had been resurrected, I jumped at the chance of being active again. So, like the title says, you missed a BIG fandom, nameley: worm!

Worm is a popular webcomic which is dark but VERY well written. I really love it and it has a HUUUUGE xover potential as well.

I posted the topic here, but I'm not convinced this is the right place, so if I'm wrong, I apologize and request that it is transferred to the right place by the mods!


I am a COMPLETE blind idiot. I only now saw the suggestions forum. Do i delete this and repost it there or, will a mod transfer it?


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Resurrected? When did it die? We've been here and pretty active for quite a while. More than a decade as far as I recall.

Why does Worm need its own separate section exactly?

First of all, it's not a web comic, it's a web novel/serial. Yes it's good, but that alone isn't really enough to warrant making an entire section for it. You seem to have the cause and effect backwards, having a dedicated section for it is the result of a lot of fanfiction for it being posted, it won't cause more of it to be written.

It just doesn't have that much fanfiction, and it's not really huge. It barely has a cult following and is pretty niche. It has a fandom, but it's relatively under the radar and kind of an underground thing.

I really just don't think there's enough content to support it having its own section. It's just not big enough and would just end up being pretty sparse and relatively empty. A waste of space really.

It's also not 'missing'. We have a place where fanfiction about it goes, in the Books section. There already is Worm content there, there are a few threads and stories involving it. Just not enough to warrant it having its own separate area really.

Most of the stuff that has its own space is because of the sheer volume of content for particular franchises. Harry Potter got its own space because otherwise the Book section would have been 90% Harry Potter stuff for quite a while if it didn't have its own section.

The same goes for the areas revolving around other specific franchises. It's just that some of them are leftover from fandoms that have faded somewhat.

Ranma isn't as popular as it once was and doesn't have near as much content as it used too anymore, but there was a period of several years when the anime fanfiction section would have been 90% Ranma fanfics if it didn't have its own space.

As good as it is, Worm is in no danger of flooding the Books section of the forums with content to the point that it will overwhelm everything else there. That's kind of why some franchises have their own areas, to keep that from happening to the more general sections.
Speaking from 2023, Worm is one of my favorite fandoms. I have been told it is horrible, and horribly good at it. I'll take that on faith - I've never read Worm, and do not intend to read it. But it's spawned a lot of very, very good fanfiction.

Two major reasons for writing fanfic are "I want more" and "Let's see if I can fix that". The former can be -well - somewhat horrible, but sometimes the end is a pratfall for the bad guys, all the better for being unexpected. The latter can give create great levity. There are stories I turn away from for good reason, just as there are in many fandoms. And there are writers that almost never fail me. Two are MP3.1415player and ack1308. The former has a very long story, Taylor Varga, which I am still happily reading as it blows past the two million word mark. Insect Outside is a piffling twenty thousand words. That's one of those that starts unhappily, continues slowly uphill, and at the end pulls the multiverse out from under the conspiracy's feet.

Of course there are crossovers. One type is "I wonder if Harry Potter can fix this for Taylor?" and another is "I wonder if Taylor Hebert can fix this for Harry?". There are others.

You never can tell what a fandom is gonna do in the future. Harry Potter fics these days include a lot of "Harriet Potter". Ranma fics have come roaring back, but it seems everybody in them is transsexual now. Even with its quirks, Worm fandom is mainstream - or rather, the ones I read are.

Hope you don't mind wordiness. I'm back to a functional computer now, and while my muse of fiction is asleep, my muses of prose and editing are up and eager.


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The only thing I know about Worm is that is seems to devour fanfiction writers.

Fanfiction writers will write all kinds of stuff, but once they discover worm, they suddenly become Worm Fanfiction Writers. Everything is either Worm, or a crossover with Worm, and god forbid you not care or even dislike Worm, as that Is A Mortal Affront.

Needless to say, I find the vast majority of the worm fanfiction community insufferable to interact with.

And that's coming from me.
I've never felt the desire to write Worm fiction. I've written Ranma, Sailor Moon, Tenchi, and a bit of Harry Potter, but those fandoms are either disappearing, or heading off in directions I don't care for. Worm hasn't done that yet, so that's where my reading tends to go. A few writers are doing fun Xander Harris fics, though I don't really need Buffy fandom as a whole. But - while it's interesting following a fandom, following writers is more reliable.