MLP:FiM fic Recommendation Thread

Yeah, I decided to give a few of the fics a shot after reading some of Hands by AJT. Honestly anything lighthearted is pretty good, not looking for something dark, just funny and nice. Kinda want to see more "Human in Equestria" ones.

Something similar to AJT's hands would be nice, though to be honest I really wish it covered those first months he was there, and also at least delayed the whole "Dating a pony" thing if not out right left it out.

I tried the TVtropes recs, though the only one I enjoyed was the oneshot of Pinkey appearing in Portal.

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Well, if you like ponies and portals, I would recommend:

One of the better MLP fanfics I have read. Takes place after Portal 2 ends, and I suck at writing why you should check it out.


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Edit: Man fuck link truncation.

Arrow 18 Lone Ranger
- realistic human in equestria via space travel, feat. twilight discovering computers
Mystara's Little Ponies Friendship is Adventuring
- Equestria is part of the world of Mystara, the main characters are an equestrian adventurer team. From the viewpoint mainly of a rather good human oc that travels with them. Feat. Bard Pinkie and Druid Fluttershy
Sunny Skies All Day Long
- Most episode-like fanfic, Celestia having fun in ponyville
The Ballad of Twilight Sparkle
- Twilight gets summoned to manehattan by lawyers, things go fun from there.
It Takes a Village
- Spike got big and he's gotta deal with it.
It's a Dangerous Business going out your door
- Twilight's sick and Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity go on an adventure to save her. An epic adventure.
Are the some of the best fics (imo), but here's some other decent-to-goods-to-greats

Foal Necromancer
- Tragic human necromancer dies and somehow is revived as a foal alicorn in equestria. Much better than it sounds.
Cardcaptor Twilight
- Twilight and Trixie are magical ponies, Rarity makes dresses
Quantum castaways
- Twilight and some human are stranded on an impossible island filled with danger.
The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon
- There never was a luna, just Nightmare Moon. She comes back in a more realistic manner.
Friendship is Optimal
- A MLP MMO ran by an optimizer AI, Celestia. It gets kinda heavy.
An Affliction of the Heart
- A changeling and a pegasus fall in love. Has sequels.
Higher Flier
- A fic about a pony inspired by some plane i can't remember the name of off hand. Has about 1000 moe points.
The Moonstone Cup
- Twilight takes part in a magic tournament
Beating the Heat
- Something about magic making everypony ever go into heat.
- Some guy with hands in equestria, better than it sounds

Also, This trilogy:
Order from Chaos
- Fuck you it's already spoiled right there in the summary read it


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Souffle said:
I'll second It Takes a Village. I like Spike stories.

I also like his other story The Jewellery Box.
Summaries would be nice but thanks I'll try a few.

Also like I said, I've read Hands and to be honest it was kinda fun at first but I quit pretty much right after the SI started dating Twilight and the whole transformation thing. Also really wish it showed the first few months rather than skipping them.
Just read the description of Card Captor Twilight

"Therefore, she leaves it in the hooves of one of her customers, who, like Twilight Sparkle, carries the blood of Clow Reed in her veins."

Yeah... Not touching that one.


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A lot of people would appreciate it if there were descriptions and summaries of what those fics are about. I will not be clicking on a single one unless there is a summary next to the link.
Eh, sure.
It Takes A Village -
by determamfidd
Spike only wants things to stay the same. Time, however, has other ideas. He's going to need a lot of help... An everypony story.
The Jewellery Box -
by determamfidd
In the dark, six voices dwindle. They drift, forgetting life and love and hope, eaten away by time and void.
And then, suddenly, there was colour.


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goodness, none of the fimfiction links are direct to the story, the summary is right there anyway

but i'll just put some short blurb on what they're about

Edit: there you go


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Prepare for a massive list:
Fantasma: By Cyneryk. It's a crossover with Danny Phantom.

The Wizard and the Lonely Princess, TWatLP: Hallowe'en Special, and Hooves, Plush, and Magic: The Untold Tales by Harry Leferts. They're a crossover with Harry Potter where Harry and Princess Luna become friends. Warning, you may start to like Nightmare Moon.

Shinji's Nightmare by the same guy. Crossover with Neon Genesis Evangelion. Shinji becomes Nightmare Moon's new host. He also gets a backbone out of the deal

Twilight Sparkle: History's Greatest Monster by PotatoeJoe. Twilight awakens to find she either took over the world in her sleep, or is in an alternate universe.

Sly Cooper in: Stealing Harmony by Loyal2Luna. Discord sends Sly to Equestria to steal the Elements.

The Incredible Hulk: Hero or Monster? by GodDevilDragon. Bruce Banner and the Hulk land in Equestria. The Hulk fights the god of Timberwolves.

The Royal Family by Schrodinger's Pony. Basically, the Apple clan are all alicorns and in charge of Equestria. Celestia and her family are in charge of Sweet Apple Acres.

The Hasbroverse by RK Striker. Linked to a group since there are so many stories. Megan from G1 returns to Equestria. Her Earth has all the Hasbro franchises of the 80's. For the Conversion Bureau story set here, this means Elements of Harmony + Autobot Matrix of leadership = goodbye newfoals.

Back to Equestria by ilvos01. The DeLorean is back, and takes Doc and Marty to Equestria.

The Unicorn at Hogwarts by Saphroneth. Crysalis sends Twi, Spike, and that Owl to Hogwarts, where she replaces Hermione in year 1.

Stone Cold by Midnight_Quill. Discord puts a human in his statue for a couple months, where he progressively gets more insane.

The Golden Record by AnonymousPerson123. The Voyager 1 probe lands in Equestria.

Over the Edge and Through the Wood by JarOfHearts. A hiker uses his wits to survive in the Everfree.

Fallout Equestria: ODST by Gyvon. ODSTs land in the Equestrian Wasteland post Fallout: Equestria.

Fluttermom by Alex12. Fluttershy and Big Mac are Scootaloo's parents.

My Little Megas XLR by Alkem. Coop and Megas land in Equestria. The Glorft follow. Classic Megas hijinks ensue. They even have the omnipotent buttons.

A Ghost Story by Elemist. A human dies and ends up in Equestria as a ghost and stalks ponies.

I Wasn't Prepared For This. by August. Twilight goes to sleep a unicorn and wakes up in an alternate universe an alicorn in charge of Equestria named Princess Eos.


Halo: On the Wings of Angels by Gyvon. Twilight becomes an ODST. The story is a framing device.
I also second Arrow 18, and Hands.

Oh, and with that Friendship is Optimal, I think it's too similar to The Conversion Bureau.


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I hate the conversion bureau, like, a lot. Friendship is Optimal felt absolutely nothing like it.


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If you look closely, Friendship is Optimal and TCB are kinda the same. In FiO, CelestAI wants to bring happiness via ponies in that MMO. She will do anything to do so. Even keep you in the MMO. And she means ANYTHING. She essentially wants to destroy humanity by uploading them into a virtual Equestria as ponies. Tell me how that is not similar to TCB, except with an organic Equestria. In my opinion, Friendship is Optimal is just The Conversion Bureau under a different name.


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Organic Celestia does this likely because she thinks it's the best for humanity.

Optimizer Celestia does this because she was made to and came to the conclusion that it was the best for humanity.

The different tone in this process sets the two fics far apart for me.

It could also be that Optimalverse doesn't feel like wish-fufillment fanfiction despite the fact that it's literally about wish-fufillment of the highest order. Infact it's kind of the scariest wish-fufillment I've ever seen.


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Luna Moonem

Luna. Princess of the night, patron of astronomy and regent of the moon. And above all, nocturnal. Which is why it's a problem when the changelings disturb her slumber during the Royal Wedding invasion.

Luna's not a "morning" person, as it were, and a thousand years on the moon has done nothing to dampen her temper. And to add insult to injury, she has to deal with the death of a close friend less than thirty seconds after waking up.

Those changelings' asses are grass, and Luna's got the weed-whacker.


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The Lunaverse. Like, all of it, so hard. It's an enormous collection of fics with the premise that instead of Luna having gone nutso and banished to the moon, instead it was Celestia who was then banished to the sun. Also has all-new Elements of Harmony in the forms of The Great and Powerful Trixie, Lyra, Carrot Top, Cheerilee, Raindrops, and Ditzy Doo [Derpy Hooves]. Catering to an older audience (ie adult Bronies), it is obviously a little darker and more serious than the original series.

But if you can't be bothered to read the entire series, the one that I couldn't recommend enough would be Episode 2: Family Matters, which deals with with little Dinky Doo trying to get a present for her mother.


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Be warned, though: The Lunaverse is very polarizing, often being "love it or hate it"


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I rather like World of Ponycraft

It's a very unusual read-- where Ponies replace Worgen in Cataclysm. It's by turns hilarious and dramatic, actually works the Nightmare Moon thing into WoW lore almost seamlessly, and stars the Mane Six as hey go on an adventure to solve a problem... and somehow plays with game mechanics in some of the daffiest ways possible. Has a TV tropes page.

Also has Pinkie Pie studying Gnomish Engineering. You Have Been Warned.:p


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Parting Words - Princess Celestia is sending Twilight Sparkle off to save the Crystal Kingdom. But before she goes she has a few things to say....

Basically one of those Manipulative!Dumbledore fics out there where Harry finally gets fed up with all his crap and calls him out on it, except with Twilight and Celestia. What I really like about this is that Celestia still remains likable in the end, as opposed to most HP fics where Dumbledore never really manages to overcome the asshole label he's been stuck with.

Her Own Pony - Who was she to believe? She was barely a day old, and already she'd seen the disappearance of her mirror images, all but her. Was she just a clone? A disposable unfeeling analog?

What would happen if she became her own pony? If she became real?

A clone from the events of Too Many Pinkie Pies manages to escape the avoid the destruction of her sisters and must find a way to live while being actively hunted down by the Mane 6.

Exit Through Canterlot - After the most important night of her career is ruined and its saboteurs not even so much as punished, Octavia's life changes. She begins to pursue a path that has never been seen before in Canterlot, where concertos and rhapsodies give way to controversy and rebellion. A path where symphonies are composed with cans of spray paint.

Her reputation in ruins after the events of The Best Night Ever, and seeing that the Mane 6 managed to get away from the event without a scratch on theirs, Octavia takes up vandalism in order to express herself.

Spike's Scootaloo - Spike loses a bet to Snips and Snails. The consequence? Ask Scootaloo out on a date. But what starts off as a frivolous punishment for the baby dragon ends up becoming much more rewarding than he ever expected.

Still a work in progress with only three chapters so far, but it something I find myself watching closely for updates.

And while I heartily agree with the reccomendation of The Lunaverse, I also must add Eye of the Hurricane to the list of peticular episodes to check out. While also incomplete, I involves Raindrops (after a particularily bad fit of anger that causes her to get suspended from her job and ordered to attend anger management) becoming oddly happy, to the point that it's really kind of creepy. Unnerved by the new peppyness of their friend the other Elements attempt to find out what caused her transformation.


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Kenko said:
I rather like World of Ponycraft

It's a very unusual read-- where Ponies replace Worgen in Cataclysm. It's by turns hilarious and dramatic, actually works the Nightmare Moon thing into WoW lore almost seamlessly, and stars the Mane Six as hey go on an adventure to solve a problem... and somehow plays with game mechanics in some of the daffiest ways possible. Has a TV tropes page.

Also has Pinkie Pie studying Gnomish Engineering. You Have Been Warned.:p
I've read it and really liked it. Some funny WoW references like Rainbow Dash pulling a Leeeeeeeeroy Jenkins.

But that's also the thing that bothers me a bit. It feels too much like the Mane 6 are playing a videogame rather than having a real adventure, what with level ups, white, green, and yellow items, epic weapons and mounts,... It would have been better if Pinkie Pie had broken the fourth wall a few times and explained the mechanics.


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The only Lunaverse story I recommend is Culture Clashes. It's a crossover with that Hasbroverse I recommended earlier, and as anyone who reads the Hasbroverse will know, there's a good chance it will involve Autobots. Basically, Trixie teleports to the Hasbroverse as a rep from the Lunaverse.


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Not a fic recommendation, but a mod of the incredibly addicting Robot Unicorn Attack game turns the unicorn into Rainbow Dash, with the MLP theme replacing the background music.

Rainbow Pony Dash