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I was reading Ultimates 2 and found it a good read; not par for course but something I can probably have a good time getting into (Also, Ironman Mk. VI with Drunk!Tony was kind of fun to have) if you can ignore some of the character stupidity. So, taking that aside, I'm posting a mega-idea of a novel-length Ponyverse as per the Ultimate Marvel universe, titled the Ultimate Ponyverse.

Don't get me wrong, I won't be turning any of the characters into superheroes or anything, but I will be trying to turn it into a more "multi-layered" version of the Ponyverse rather than what we're used to in the show itself. So, here's pretty much each part of the story, short and sweet and the inspirations that come from it. It's a massive AU.

Episode I: Stardust

Queen Faust rules over the technological marvel of a Kingdom known as Equestria. Her daughter Princess Celestia is a renowned Sorceress and Scientist, working hoof-in-hoof with her fellow ponies to expand the potential of the ponies, minotaurs, zebras and mules. Faust has ruled for three thousand years without incident for the ponies and their peace-loving comrades, a true beacon of harmony and happiness.

However, all is not well. The Gates of Tartarus, the Ever-Closed Doors of Madness are creaking open... along with the horrors that they contain, threatening to destroy everything held dear. In the fiery South, the Queen Tiamat, All-Mother of the Dragons rises once more from her throne, the first time she has woken in more than ten years, crying vengeance with a roar so terrible, and the reclamation of her stripped powers.

Strange to think that now all of Equestria's future is in the hands of a mare, her six friends... and a teenage dragon.

Episode II: Unfurling of the Wings

It is the darkest hour for the ponies. Queen Faust has been trapped in the Gates of Tartarus, some fear for-ever, after the attack of the malicious Discord. Princess Luna's awakening has far-reaching consequences, as the Second Ever-Closed Door on the moon shakes to receive the Fallen Scion once more. Leading the home front, Rainbow Dash and what remains of the now-split Elements must gather what remains of the broken Wonderbolts and deal with a frail truce held between the now-leaderless Equestrians... and the hungry eyes of the griffins.

In Ponyville, Applejack and Fluttershy race against time to gather what they can to combat the now-released Windigoes that threaten to engulf the land in an endless winter once more. With Twilight and Celestia away, it's all they can do to actually pull off a miracle at the front lines. Tiamat is making her move, her endgame unknown.

Meanwhile, Spike, Celestia and Twilight Sparkle search for the Changeling Queen and the true secret to Twilight Sparkle's past across the deserts of the planet Mars... and the search for Discord.

Episode III: Heir To The Empire

With her sacrifice, Pinkie Pie becomes the new Discord, and as she descends into a spiral of possibilities, the universe moves on. Twilight and Cadance move on their mission to re-seal the Horrors Beyond the Doors once and for all as the ruins of Mars rise above the smoke of Tiamat's wrath.

Shining Armor begins to assemble the changeling armada to counter-attack the double threat of the Dragons and the Windigoes. Spike, now aware of his position as the Scion of the Royal Empress, Tiamat's son, must make a choice whether to stand by his friends... or turn against the only family he has and always wanted.

Princesses Luna and Celestia, now truly bereaved of their mother in the Shattering of the Doors, must find a hold in this brave new world, and make the ultimate choice for the sanctity of their falling kingdom. The griffons have fallen to the titanic forces of the Dragons, with only Equestria on the horizon... These are the last days of the Stardust Wars, and the days where Heroes were made.
Squirelly Reviews: More FiMFiction

Yeah I'm doing this again, you all know my standards and rating system, or if you don't you can check a few posts back to refresh your memories. Now it hasn't changed and to let you know I am not above having biases, but at the very least I'll let you know about them and not simply hate on something because of one little thing I disagree with. I personally dislike Akane and enjoy stories where she's usually ignored on part of the author but if I see her as Ranma's main pairing I'm not going to say the story sucks ass unless it really does suck ass. Same with FiMFiction, I've gotten a large enough sample size to form some small biases, for one I like Trixie she seems cool and for another I find the mere notion of humans (ponyfied or otherwise) getting into relationships squicky without alot of build up, and even then only romantic since I find the notion of Clop unsettling to read through. But again I'll try not to let these effect my judgement of the stories quality too much and at least make note of when my judgement might be less then impartial.

The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine: 5~7/10

It kind of wavers through out but it averages 6 give or take. Not really stellar but still above what I'd believe to be the average, it's a decent read. The summery is simple but not quite precise if not really lie, it's an AU in which Twilight was male and named Dusk Shine. But what it fails to mention is that this Equestira isn't quite what you'd think. It's a good comedy fic and it's main source of humor is lampshading the series affectionately, Harem antics, lowbrow humor (usually proceeding said harem antics), and a Pinkie Pie who is fully aware of the fourth wall. There's quite a bit of inventiveness within the world that surprised me, some good some... less than good. For better or worse meme-asaurus took alot of liberties with the world and history of Equestria. Personally my favorite parts where Princess Platinum's story, which I hope will be picked up in a separate fic, and Trixie. Now that I think about it the structor of the story is fairly similar to a Rorchach's Blot fic, comedy for the sake of comedy without any sense of shame and more than aware of itself. It has it's problems, some jokes fall through, and like a Rorchach's blot fic it tends to include base breaking elements like Pinkie's and Pinkamena's backstory towards the end. I'd recommend this story though, but I would say at least try to get past the rather lower start at the begining with Nightmare Moon, as meme seems to be trying to find his wings at the begining.

My Little Naruto: Friendship is--WHERE AM I!?: 2/10

Okay first off, just skip ahead to chapter 3, absolutely nothing before that really matters enough to read it before hand as it won't be brought up again. So in this story Naruto dies, meets death who decided to revive him as a pony, also the Kyuubi died so Naruto is weak. Now before anything else I'd like to say that your enjoyment (or more likely hatred) of the story will be determined by just how forgiving you are towards cliches, particularly of the Naruto fandom, and even then at best this fic would never exceed a Guilty Pleasure. So, digressing, Naruto get's found by Twilight and for the most part it's pretty okay from there with some bumps in the road. One of the problems I had was Naruto's odd acceptance of being dead and separated from his family and friends so early while they were still dealing with Akatsuki and shit, but honestly I wasn't expecting much from a Pony/Naruto xover so I guess I can let some things slide. But there where many other problems I found, some big some small but there were alot so I'll just go over the one's I found most important. First is DragonLS's weird bipolarity regarding Trixie, he doesn't seem to know whether she's awesome or the devil incarnate in the beginning, and using Naruto to voice his opinions was just kinda shitty. Blackie too, he actually seemed pretty cool at first before suddenly turning into generic stand in abusive villager/Dursley. Naruto himself doesn't get off scot free either, ignoring the whole Tail-Swag thing he has going he still has a load of problems with his characterization, sons a bitch actually seriously considered leaving a drunk passed out Trixie in the woods after being attacked by fucking Timberwolves cause she was kind of a jerk, seriously what the fuck hero!? There's also his weird dislike of Pinkie for being hyper as well as Rarity for calling him unfashionable. Last major problem I had was with the whole rediscovery of his Jutsu kind of thing, it just seems weirdly and aggravatingly limited, he was pretty badass in Shippuden and then got nerfed so he wouldn't break Equestria, in my opinion it would have been nice to see a story where he is overpowered for the setting only for it not to matter (or actually be a hindrance) because they simply don't solve every problem with violence and massive property damage. I don't recommend this story but if you feel the need to read it, skip to chapter three and read that, if you don't like it than quit because it's not really gonna get better.

My Little Insano: Madness is Magic: 3/10

So, how hard could it be to fuck up a story about a mad scientist with an intelegence inveresely proportional to his common sense trying to conquer a world of magic ponies? Apparently not has hard as I though prior to reading this piece of crap! I went into this expecting a good comedy about a Mad scientist trying and hilariously failing to conquered Equestria either do to earlier mentioned ponies or his own incompetence. And for a while it looked kinda like that, and than it happened. Okay, so Dr. Insano of Spoonie fandom decided to conquer and enslave an alien world, I don't know for shits and giggles it doesn't matter. He some how ends up a pony and lost in Everfree while the Mane 6 go out to investigate the explosion that heralded his arrival. There was actually some good jokes and humor there, especially the Gaydar thing, if you decide to read this at least read until that part. Now as I said I have a bias against clop related things, and by god did this ever squick me out. Oh sure there wasn't anything graphic but pretty much half the damn story was lesbian ponies and Twilight dealing with coming out, it read kinda like a bad kigo fic in that regard. But no the thing that marked this stories decent into shit was the moment they tried to take off Insano's glasses and then it took a turn for the Angsty. Now I don't really follow spoonie so I don't know if the guy was following some kind of canon but apparently in this story at least Insano is literally blind without his goggles, having them literally replace his eyes and connected to his head with wires, so when they pull them off they fucking rip bits of skin with it. The rest of the story is just bad lesbian jokes and humor mixed in with Insano's grimderp past. Highlights include: he's transgender, hates his mother for pitying him, and angstyness about the whole blindness thing. The only reason this gets a 3 at all is because the first part was at least mildly entertaining and there's still a few good jokes hidden under the shit that is the rest of the story.

Raising a Human in Equestria: 3.5/10

It's... acceptable I guess. Something to read if you're really really bored at least. So pretty much exactly what the title states, the Mane cast minus Twilight find a baby human on AJ farm and don't know what the fuck it is. RD is scared of it, AJ is cautious, and apple bloom finds out it's a baby. So anyway they decide to raise it in secret at AJ's (this was apparently voted on according to the AN), I don't know why in secret from everyone not in the mane cast or an Apple family member. Really I'm kinda miffed at the lack of explanation on how they even figured the baby was even intelligent rather than the offspring of some regular if unknown animal. Would have been interesting to see them try to raise it as a pet only to get the shock of the lifetime when it calls them mama or something. So soon afterwards it just timeskips to Twilight's arrival and it ends soon afterwards, it's only 6 chapters.

Arrow 18 Mission Logs_ Sparkle's Notes: 8/10

Sort of a side story of the main Arrow 18 story, telling it from Twilight's prospective. It's pretty interesting and answers some oddities from the main story but very short, being only 2 chapters, and incomplete having only just gotten to the point where math was exchanged. I hope for a continuation but I wouldn't hold my breath. If you've read Arrow 18 than you really should read this.

Shinji's Nightmare: 1/10

Just shitty, so shitty in fact I couldn't even make it to the 2nd chapter. Nightmare moon possesses Shinji right after the whole 400% sync thing and turns him into an Alicorn. First off it's present tense, which just sucks for to read unless the story is in second person which in itself only really works for CYOAs, second is the bashing such as Asuka's over the top stupid reaction to Shinji and his reaction to her as well as everyone's opinion of Gendo in general no mater what he does, then finally there's just the fact that it's simply plain shitty. Yeah, don't read this... at all.

Cutie Mark Crusaders Z: 5/10

From PotatoJoe, the mind behind Twilight Sparkle History's Greatest Monster. Pretty good, but short. It's only a one shot after all. Still pretty funny and worth a read. I wouldn't want to spoil it but for those who don't like DBZ, don't worry, they only borrowed one small element from it for this fic so I'm sure you'll like it.

The Day After Nightmare Night: 6/10

Another fic by Potato. A cute and somewhat humorous little Luna focused oneshot that takes place, as the title states, the day following Nightmare Night.

Friendship is Witchcraft: 9/10

An abridged series of sorts, only far more divergent from cannon. They use creative editing to create entirely new storylines for episodes. The first two are slightly lacking in quality, in the same way that the first season of Yugioh abridged did, but it gets a massive bump up by the third episode and only gets better. It has new music and singalongs added and the jokes are hilarious, and the characters. Twilight: the narcisistic sociopath magnificent bitch who no one seems to realize is evil and plotting a coup; AJ: Straight man and war vet who did horrible things to "protect the Apple Family"; Rarity: Shell shocked deserter from the same war and follower of the doomsday Cult of Smooze; Fluttershy: Evil Leader of said evil cult, while still just as shy submissive she regularly tosses bunnies into bonfires and "tempts the devil with her dulcet tones"; Rainbow Dash: So self absorbed she regularly lapses into smurfing or even pokemon speak and is proud of the fact she has no character depth; and finally Pinkie who is remarkably sane and smart as well as chipper regarding her hilariously bleak childhood, also a gypsy. I hilarity recommend this to anyone who likes a good laugh.