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A very simple idea at its core: A teen develops the ability to convert any object or being into an anthropomorphic female version of itself, or a female dressed in an appropriate costume.


Jacob sighed as he watched the traffic light in front of him. It was red. It had been red for what felt like forever. No one else was at the intersection, no one else was anywhere near the intersection this late at night, but still, he was stuck here because some idiot did a terrible job of programming the light.

Letting his frustration get the better of him, he focused on the light, gave it all of his attention, and changed it.

There was a brilliant flash, and when it faded, the traffic light was no more.

Instead, there stood a rather tall young woman. Her hair, like her clothes, was jet black, and fell to her shoulders. Three circles, Red, Yellow, and Green, decorated the front of her shirt, with the red circle on top glowing brightly. He couldn't see them too well, but the sides had an identical pattern, though their green lights were glowing.

Her pants were a dark grey, and ended, surprisingly, in a pair of ten foot long stilts. She had no apparent difficultly in maintaining her balance, easily hopping back and forth between them.

"Excuse me, miss." He stuck his head out the window, catching her attention.

She tilted her head at him in surprise, and a bit of confusion.

"I'm kind of in a hurry, do you think you could change the light to green for me?"

She paused for a moment, considering his request, then smiled, "Sure!"

Immediately, the sides of her shirt flashed yellow, then turned red, and finally, FINALLY, the red light in front of him turned green.

He smiled at her, "Tanks! Have a nice evening!" and drove off, leaving the stilt wearing girl smiling and waving behind.


Basic rules:
-He can turn any reasonably sized object into a girl. "Reasonably sized" is variable, and mainly exists so he doesn't transform countries or planets into girls.

-They retain all functionality of their original form, though the appearance and expression of that functionality can be different.

-He can turn them back, but the longer they remain girls, the harder it is. Past a certain point, it becomes impossible.

-They automatically have basic knowledge. They understand the basics of how the world works, and how to talk

-Their personality and appearance is based off of their purpose.
--For most of them, this means they will be rather bright and cheery. They've never known anything outside of being a traffic light, or a bowl, and weren't even capable of thinking about anything else. For other things, like say, a military weapon, they will be more serious. The more complex an object and its purpose, the more variant its personality and appearance can be.
Example: A computer filled with nothing but porn will be... very forward. One devoted to high end gaming will be highly competitive. One who is filled with Children's shows will be very childish and friendly, and so on.

-They will grow and learn like regular people. The bright and cheery mindset is probably a phase for many of them, especially if they go about interacting with people. They can still remain bright and cheery, but in a more matured form.

-People currently don't notice. Either this world is already strange enough, they have a weirdness censor, or think it's some sort of elaborate subculture, they mostly ignore it or take it in stride.

This is meant to be a comedy idea, and probably would work better if drawn as a manga, but I have no ability to draw. So for now, we have it in written for.

Finally, another short snippet. This one is a bit more philosophical/creepy than the first one, but I hope you enjoy.

"Eat me!"


"Eat me!"


"Did you have to moe-fy that guy's meal?" Sean asked Jacob.

"No, but he's an asshole. Putting him through something liek this seemed appropriate."



Sean watched as the steak-girl picked up a knife and casually hacked off a finger. She smiled as she did so, not because she was insane, or she got off on the pain, but because it was what she was meant to do. She was fulfilling her life's purpose, and she knew it. She was a delicious steak dinner, meant to be savored and enjoyed, and she was damned sure going to make sure that happened, even if she had to make it happen.

"Deserved it or not, it's still pretty creepy."

"Don't make me moe-fy your noodles."

"I'll be good."


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Odd concept but could tell an interesting story (it could of course end up as a total crack story but hopefully that could be avoided). It definitely sounds like the plot of some obscure manga you'd stumble across years after it ended.

any idea for the origin of this oddly specific power? Strange Artifact? Mischievous third party who want s to watch the fun? a power that has run in his family (thus he's fully aware and immune to the weirdness it causes)? etc etc