Moving the New Posts button


The Collector
Honestly, it's a small thing but caught my attention as I soon as I logged in following the update.

The New Posts button under the Forums tab at the top of the page has always been the farthest option on the right for TFF and most other forums I visit (and other forums its usually the only button) but it's now been moved to the far left, presumably as a default part of the latest update.

I'd recommend moving this back when you've got the chance.


Obsessively signs his posts
Staff member
:confused: ... I'm not sure if I understood you. What I did was swap the positions of "New posts" and "Mark forums read" buttons. Is that what you were referring to?



The Collector
Speaking of new posts, I think I'll switch "Post reply" and "Preview". Both are on the bottom right, but "post reply" is on the inside. It should be on the right corner in my mind.
Probably better to do that sooner than later if you go through with it, to avoid us getting used to them as they are.