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"...And so, in light of current events, I would like to direct our attention to the accomplishments that have been attained by our fine ninjas over the course of this fine year..."

Gaara tuned back out. The head of the Jounin Council was giving some big windy speech again, with his wineglass pompously raise in front of him.

He scanned the audience. Temari was looking glassy eyed, standing over with some of the other kunoichi; probably they had been gossiping about boys or exploding tags or something like that until the Head Jounin had cleared his throat and announced he would make a toast.

Kankuro had a confused expression and was slowly mumbling to himself. He was probably trying to follow the logical thread of the speech, and falling more and more behind.

"Therfore! To the fine ninja of Sunagakure!" The Head Jounin said.

Gaara was already raising his wineglass in time with everyone else, but that was because he had kage-level reflexes and reacted to the others in the room, not because he had been paying attention to the speech.

There was a dramatic pause before everyone tipped their drinks back.

Naturally, that was when Naruto crashed through the window, spraying shattered glass everywhere.

He somersolted in the air and landed in a stupid pose, his girlfriend coming through the window behind him.

The room froze.

Naruto glanced around, seeing all the Jounin and important people of the village standing around in the middle of a toast.

Gaara didn't know why he was acting surprised. That timing had to be on purpose.

Naruto thought quickly, reaching over to drag his girlfriend against him with his left arm hooked over her sholder. She was carrying a wine bottle under her arm, so he snagged it with a smooth motion, popping the cork out with a complicated chakra trick using his thumb, before he raised the entire wine bottle.

"To Sunagakure!" He boomed, tilting his head back as he took a vast draw on the wine, then turning to dip Tenten for a kiss.

Wine ran down the corner of her lips from their joined mouths.

"To Sunagakure." Gaara agreed, twitching his shoulders in laughter as he raised his own glass.

He studiously ignored the intense feeling of expectation that was coming at him from where Matsuri was standing beside him.

"To Sunagakure!" The rest of the room chorused, tilting their heads back.

Gaara lowered the wineglass, his eyes twitching to the floor at Naruto's feet before raising to consider the man in the orange jacket.

That kiss was going on kind of long.

Kankuro coughed, awkwardly.

Tenten tilted her head back.

Finally, Naruto stood up, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. "Right, where was I."

Gaara tilted his head, expectantly.

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Of course I'll pay for the window."

Gaara nodded fractionally. Without blinking.

Naruto just grinned.

The muscle at the Gaara's brow tightened slightly.

Naruto's grin got wider and sharper, and he slowly nodded, twice.

Gaara turned and handed his wineglass to Matsuri.

"I knew I could count on you!" Naruto cheered.

"Kankuro." Gaara ordered.

"Yes?" His brother asked, confused.

Gaara sighed softly, annoyed that others couldn't keep up.

"Uh, over here, dude." Naruto said, raising his left hand off Tenten's shoulder. He was clutching a weird doll with it.

When he saw that he had Kankuro's attention, he tossed the doll to the older boy.

"Huh." Kankuro said, frowning as he examined it. "It's clearly cheap for mass production, but I'd recognize Sasori's work anywhere."

Gaara's breath caught.

"See!?" Naruto said, turning towards Tenten with a victorious smile. "Gaara agrees, this is really serious."

"He does?" Tenten said with an uncertain frown.

Gaara glanced at her.

"Be nice." Naruto said, scolding him. "There's no need to be so snippy."

Gaara strode forward, gesturing with his hand to create a platform of sand outside the broken window, and he confidently stepped outward onto it, turning to look at the room. "Kankuro. Temari." He gave both of them a significant look, and then repeated himself because they were a little slow on the uptake. "Take care of things until I get back. I shouldn't be long."

There was a giant frog sitting on his building.

It wasn't important. Gaara turned expectantly to Naruto.

Naruto chuckled nervously. "About that.