Nanoha Megaman X

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Sorry for posting three challenges in a row. However I am curious to see what people can come up with this unusal crossover

Basically create a Megaman x Magical Girl lyrical Nanoha crossover story.

1) No OC charecters, unless they are side charecters like shari that don't appear too often

2) Must be from the megaman x series none of the others

3) no war between the the hunters and TSAB, aka Megaman and friends cannot be fighting Nanoha and friends in a war

Sorry about the last one, not to fond of war fanfiction and I think it takes away from stories, note this dose not include epic battle scenes. Also had the misfortune to read well written stories I didn't like

I will clarify or change the rules depending on what people want to put in.

Point is be creative and write some fanficiton!