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TES's decision to delete a post, justification, and the content of the post itself all lends to one big question.



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While I don't think the deletion was justified, I was willing to let it drop. I don't think a whole thread is needed. Then again, maybe it is, to point out a big issue. Because if an admin or mod can delete a post they don't like, even if it isn't breaking the rules, what's to stop them from doing it everywhere? He's the admin. No matter his actions, if he decides to abuse his power there's not much anyone else can do about it.


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Borderline undesirable post (rule 1 cat 2) I guess. Wasn't particularly constructive and the poster had no desire to even debate the criticism he was posting about. Thus useless and potentially inflammatory.

edit: Also is deleting a post the equivalent to punishment?

If no warning/infraction/points were received, IMO a deleted post is just a deleted post.

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Allow me to offer my apologies for the deleting the post, I overstepped my bounds. However, Ragnarok, if you're seriously going to make a post like that in a thread you've got no interest in, wouldn't your creative energies be better spent elsewhere?


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That post had like, a very poignant criticism on the entire loop 'genre'.

I mean, if you want an example of a not off-topic post, that would be it. And if you want an example of a not useless post, in terms of actual story criticism and not just a masturbatory wank-fest, that would also be it. It's the complete opposite of 1:2.

The fact that the original poster didn't want to stick around to push that point is like, quite irrelevant, and in no way invalidates the actual content of the post. Call it a drive-by critique. It's entirely valid.

Additionally, supposing that it is off-topic, and supposing it is useless, deletion is still unwarranted. 1:2 explicitly lays out that only in cases of extensive threadjacking will the posts be moved into their own appropriate thread. Not a single post thought. And not deletion.

Heck, if we want to talk about 1:2, off-topic and useless posts are in fact allowed in moderation. So, if that's the rule that was broken, then that wasn't the rule that was broken.


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Ero and I talked about this. Ero has a problem with feeling the need to police the forum, when that's not his job or what we wanted admins for. I've asked him not to use admin powers in the future except when actual rules have been violated.