Naruto / Marvel Movies crossover challenge

During the 4th Shinobi World War, Ino Yamanaka is knocked out on the battlefield and wakes up in the Marvel universe. After realising she has no way home, Ino takes up work as a freelance spy and information broker. However, her high success rate and eerie ability to infiltrate secure locations via her ' possession mutation ' ( Mind Transfer Jutsu ) leave Ino in a very dangerous position : SHIELD's crosshairs .

No one else from Naruto crosses over
Ino keeps all her abilities
Ino can accept or reject SHIELD's offers/demands

This challenge is open to anyone who wants to write it on Fanfiction or Ao3. If you decide to write, pm me so I can check it out. I'm lagoon childe on Fanfiction and lagoonchilde ( 1 word ) on Ao3.

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How about a please and thank you?

Prince Charon

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There's a challenge subform for stuff like this, if you scroll down a bit. There's nothing wrong with posting ideas, that's what this section is for, but if you're going to post a challenge, you'd probably get less negative responses there.

Loki Fenrisulf IV said:
What is Ao3?
Pretty sure that's Archive of Our, though I could be wrong.