Naruto / RWBY Crossover Challenge


"Naruto the Celebrity Huntsman" (or if you can come up with a better title, feel free to use that instead).

The challenge if you choose to accept it is to make a crossover story, which involves a reincarnated Naruto being born (or adopted into, either's fine with me) into Pyrrha's family, growing up alongside Pyrrha and subsequently heading to Beacon and becoming involved in the events of RWBY.

  • Naruto must be human, not a Faunus.
  • Naruto would use Aura (not Chakra) and have his own semblance (preferably a wind based semblance) and combination weapon.
  • Naruto must have a reputation for being one half of the "Invincible Duo" along with Pyrrha for never losing a match in the regional tournaments for several years straight.
  • No Naruto/Pyrrha romantic pairing, theirs is more of a brother/sister relationship between the two. Though you are free to pair them up with other characters (but no harems).
  • Naruto must be placed on the same team as Pyrrha.
  • Naruto must wear a similar outfit to Pyrrha's own (like in the picture above).