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Looking for a fic titled Naruto the Barbarian.

I believe it's been taken down/removed, so I'm kinda hoping some one had archived it some where. All I vaguely remember is Naruto is taken as a slave and years later Kurenai ends up with him (I think she was given to him for being a good slave or something? Not sure). And that's about all I remember.


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Does anybody remember which Naruto Gamer fic had him being dumb at the beginning and putting all his points into ninjutsu for at least two level ups? I recall part of it was low intelligence and wisdom scores. Anyways, the result was that he sucked even at ninjutsu, since he didn't put anything into other stats like chakra control or whatever increased his chakra pool.
Later somebody gave him advice and he put points into chakra control, intelligence, and wisdom.
Note that the system might not have used separate stats for intelligence and wisdom, it might have been something like "mind", or maybe just intelligence.