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You can put up ideas and see if anyone's interested, but that's if anyone's interested.


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You could try issuing it as a challenge on the Challenges subforum, though it's pretty inactive. Alternatively, you could always suggest it as a story idea in the Digimon ideas topic (I am assuming it is Digimon, anyways, given you tagged this topic with Digimon).


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I think there are a few TFFers that take commissions, not sure off the top of my head though. We don't usually see requests, mostly because it's sorta the same thing as asking someone irl to do work for you without pay 'for the exposure' :p
That really depends on the fandom you want to see a fic for. As stated before, you might want to try posting in the challenges thread or even posting your idea in one of the idea threads.

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Pretty much any and all of them. But some fandoms have more followers than others.
Not a fandom I think anyone here is familiar with. I've never even heard of it myself. It might be up to you to generate interest in it.