New Warriors: The Tv series


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First off there isn't a New Warriors TV show but this is a topic where we can talk on how if there was one how we would want it too go.

I see the first Episode following Vance Astrovik during what seems like a normal day for him. Sneaking out of the house too get too school and avoid his father. Then watching the new student Angelica Jones who had recently left some privete school in Mass. Avoiding Dwayne Tayor an the other gang memebers of the Folding Circle street gang. Then rushing too his job delivering pizzas for Victory Pizza. Just as he about too make his last Delivery for the night a Figure steps out wearing a full body suit in dark blue an white and holding a strange gun who says too him.
"Sorry about this Vance but it's for the Future."

And then he shoots him with the energy gun.

Vance would then wake up at home in his bed and wonderign if it had been a dream as he then gets ready for his day. Unnoticed by him as he rushes too get ready things seems too be moving on their own around him. On his way out he would see the newpaper talking about the place he had been last night had blown up when SHIELD Agents had raided what turned out too be a A.I.M. lab.

When he gets too School he meets Robbie Baldwin who had just started after his Dad got the job as DA. Robbie turns out too be a bit of a geek when it comes too Superheroes and Villians. When he asks about the guy who had shot him Robbie says he never heard of any hero or villain who looked like that.

Meanwhile Dwayne Taylor was at home looking over a set of armor an weapons as he he readies himself for tonight as he starts going out as Night Thrasher too hunt down crooks and seek clues into who killed his parents. He had only joined the Folding Circle too learn more about the underworld. He has spent his life studing an training for this while useing his Company too develop the things he would need.

Also Angelica is trying too adjust too being in a normal school after her time among the Hellions and the short time she spent with the New Mutants. She also trying too get a handle on her slowly returning memories of things she had done under Emma Frosts control before it had been broken by Xavier.

Meanwhile washing up on a beach wearing a strange outfit was a blonde girl with pointed ears and wing like fins on her ankles.

An that's about what i've got for the first episode with the genral idea for Season one too slowly have them each coming into their own with the Thing showing up in a episode set after Vance runs away from home and tries too make some money in the Unlimted Class Wreastleing Fedaration. That being where he gets his costume an the name Marvel Boy.

While in the background of things watching Vance an the others is the man who shot him who later on it's learned he's called the Major. He seems too be setting trouble in Vance an the others path in the way of diffrent Villians or helping them out like Helping Nita escape from a A.I.M. Lab or saving Night Thrasher when he finds himself in over his head when he runs across a crook with super powers. the Major gives him a file on Vance and Angelica before disapearing.

Another Episode would have Robbie starting his new part time job at Stane Lab helping the researchers keep notes and clean up. There due too a cat who gets in, him and the cat get exposed too energies from another reality. This leads him too createing a costume and calling himself Speedball.

The whole First Season would climax with the newly Gathered young Heroes faceing off against Terrax and defeating him. Meanwhile Watching the event was the Major who was holding a list of names. The Names Marvel Boy, Firestar, Night Thrasher, Speedball and Namorita are checked off while the next name on the list is Nova.

So let me know what you all think, Thanks. After I hear a bit from you guys I'll then post some of my ideas for season 2.


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Yeah I noticed that only after it was posted. Posting things while in that rare mental state between awake and sleep tends too have a few problems show up only after you slept.


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No it will stay here becuase i've got no idea on how too move a topic from one point too another. If you know how i'd be glad too move it once you tell me how.

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lcpoketoon said:
No it will stay here becuase i've got no idea on how too move a topic from one point too another. If you know how i'd be glad too move it once you tell me how.
You have to either create a new thread, or ask Hawk to move it. The latter requires Hawk to be paying attention, which he sometimes does, and sometimes doesn't.


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It's simple.

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