Phantom Detective


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Okay, I basically mentioned this idea when something similar came up in the Naruto section, so now I post this idea here.

Danny Phantom Pre phantom planet.

One, Danny phantom had a kind of sixth sense, well, not phantom really, danny had it since he was a kid though it didn't act up often. I don't remember what part this was going to play in the original story.

Anyways, Sam's real excited because one of her favorite cousins is coming to Amity Park for a visit.

She doesn't know that he actually has a job to do there as well. And of course, job includes danny phantom.

This of course leads to Danny Fenton meeting Sam's Japanese hooligan cousin, Yusuke Urameshi.

The Job, to find Danny, who at the time of his creation was also exposed to large amounts of spirit energy, and train him to be the next spirit detective.