Phineas and Ferb 40k?


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I blame the song j-pop(welcoem to tokyo) from the recent 1-hour special for this... it got stuck in my head... and then I read a 40-k novel.... and it got me wondering

what if a ROB decided to fuse phineas and Ferb into the 40k-verse

would the charcters be all of the same faction... or would the rule of funny allow them to be split up among the groups... ala Cultist-chan (Who had a space marine boyfriend for chaos sake?)

and if so who would be what..

would Heinz doofenshmitz be a Adeptus emchanus, chaos worshiper.. or perhaps a scrawny Mek-boyz (with roger of course being a uber successful Nobz)?

Perry the platypus Inquistor?

Candice would have to be human.. if only for the line "MOOOM! Phineas and Ferb are being Heretical again!"

THoughts.. suggestions.. cracky scenes?