Point Break: Bank-Robbery (American Jail)

This is a short-story fanfic inspired by the film Point Break.


RANDY: I can't believe I told you my friends and I almost robbed a major bank in L.A.
DENNIS: Well we are prison cell-mates and you seemed bored and imaginative!
RANDY: Maybe the lack of a good 'Jailhouse Rock' inspired me to be lyrical.
DENNIS: Lyrical...or silly-insane?

Of course, Dennis actually believed his cell-mate Randy's outrageous story that there was an unsolved L.A. bank-robbery that had an 'explanation.' Dennis wondered if Randy was simply another anti-TrumpUSA protester anxious about capitalism claustrophobia. However, he had a strange feeling Randy actually pulled off the unsolved robbery involving four men wearing masks of U.S. presidents such as Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. Two months later, Randy committed suicide, and Dennis told the guards Randy simply went nuts. This was a real American tragedy.

Dennis began keeping a journal in prison, and he wrote in it his theory that Randy really did rob that bank in L.A. And then committed suicide when jail just became too taxing on his mind. Dennis wondered if such a tale would reflect American fears regarding the unrequited aspirations of capitalism itself. No one would remember Randy, but Dennis decided he was the modern-day rendition of Ichabod Crane who became the psychological victim of fate(!).

When the prison-guards found the journal with an outline of a book about Randy that Dennis was writing(!), they turned it over to the prison-warden who demanded to know if Randy really did rob that bank in L.A. When Dennis suggested the tale was simply a romanticization of his sympathy for the claustrophobic cell buddy Randy, the warden wanted to know why Dennis was so moved by the notion of writing a fabricated tale about his jail-mate(!).

RANDY: I'm psyched you're writing a book about me, Dennis!
DENNIS: Why are you visiting me in my dream, Randy?
RANDY: I thought if I came to you as a ghost, you'd freak!
DENNIS: Did you really rob that bank, Randy?
RANDY: All that matters is you're writing a romantic fable!
RANDY: America needs more 'tall-tales.'
DENNIS: Maybe bank-robbery is an American nightmare.
RANDY: I want you to be my 'scribe.'
DENNIS: Maybe I'm only glorifying crime...
RANDY: No, you're 'elevating' dementia(!).
DENNIS: In that case, we'll celebrate 'American dogma.'


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Here's a nostalgic photo-image from the actual 1991 film starring Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves(!).