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<a href='http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4230320/1/Journey_of_a_Thousand_James' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Journey of a Thousand James</a>
How has this not been rec'd before? It's written by Meinos Kaen and that's really all you should need to know to read it.


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We should no it is average at the very best? Should we also know that it's about a character that no one cares about as well?
<a href='http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7530589/11/Like_No_One_Ever_Was' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Like No One Ever Was Ch 11</a>

Enter: The Charizard


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Chaotic Symbolism said:
<a href='http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7530589/11/Like_No_One_Ever_Was' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Like No One Ever Was Ch 11</a>

Enter: The Charizard
This fic - All of my tears!
<a href='http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7530589/12/Like_No_One_Ever_Was' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Like No One Ever Was 12</a>

For some reason I cracked up when I read this line, "Well, he's not the one who got Ash killed because we had to drag his lazy ass down a stupid mountain."


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So are there any interesting, decent-length fics that haven't been mentioned already? Preferably focused on adventure, action and/or romance. I've only come across 4 or 5 fics so far that I considered worthwhile.


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Symbiosis is a newer one, I only read through about the first 8 chapters before the guy went on a mad updating spree and I fell behind in reading it (242k words in slightly over a year).


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Symbiosis is my favorite of the realistic-Pokemon fics, because it adds realism but doesn't go all herp derp all is grimdark about it.


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Yes you have. Post #41.
Pokedex is amazing and still being updated. EDIT: Apparently TkMacintosh already recc'ed this, but it's worth seconding.
A drabble collection of the sort of pokemon world lore you might find in an expanded version of the pokedex.
poison Disregard the lack of capitalization in the titles/summaries of faces sunward's fics, it's a stylistic choice and does not affect the quality of the actual fics.
team rocket is human nature. — red, giovanni
with each passing day, it becomes harder and harder to get up and walk by his side. — pikachu, red, green
This one is beautiful, and quite possibly my favorite pokemon oneshot. In fact, every oneshot by faces sunward is decent, with a few really exceptional gems among them. He has some focus on later generations in other fics though, which I tend to avoid.

A Legend in Seclusion
A trainer who commands the legendary beasts battles Red atop Mount Silver.
This is also amazing, and written by the author of Pokedex linked above. Birdboy has a few really good pokemon fics, and his favorites list is worth looking at IIRC.

I find a lot of good pokemon oneshots, but multi-chapter fics that are worth reading are a rarity. I've been horribly spoiled by Sun Soul and Game of Champions now.


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I may have found the greatest Pokemon Crossover of all time.


"This is the story of Doctor Doom's Pokemon adventure, where every Pokemon can be improved with the magic of science and where blood is most certainly not optional. Features Magikarp as the starter, gym battles to the death, and a lot of foreboding evil laughter. Doom currently has three badges and is working his way through Team Rocket."


Doom gets handwaved into Pokemon Red/Blue just cuz ("Doctor Doom got tired of ruling over his own world so he decided that becoming a Pokemon Master would be a good way to spend a week or two." is the first sentence of the story), and just derails everything from there. Its pretty much hilarious.

As an example, Doom modifies his pokedex so it can be more 'accurate' or whatever, and here is the entry on Beedrill: ""Beedrill, the Drill Pokemon. Whatever god created this thing was a genius. A bee with drills for arms is simply a marvelous way to spend one's creative time. You should catch this one."

And oh god the rival fight lolololololol

Biggest downside to the story is that its one of those 'Every time the scene changes, I'll just post it as a new chapter!' stories, so its got 138 chapters but only 79k words.


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H-Man said:
If I post a link to my fics here, will you guys read them?
Since that's the entire purpose of this forum, yes.


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Master of Squirrel-Fu said:
pidl said:
H-Man said:
If I post a link to my fics here, will you guys read them?
Since that's the entire purpose of this forum, yes.
Yes, but be warned, if it's not up to standard, most here won't hesitate to rip you a new asshole.
But we'll be polite about it, saying please and everything :p


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Chaotic Symbolism said:
Anyone know any good Brofics involving Ash and his Pokemon? More for the Pokemon then for Ash really (I can't help if I find their characters more interesting despite having no idea what they're saying), but they are hard to find under the heaps of Shipfics or the recent boom of Evil/Dark/Betrayal/Ash Leaves then Returns as a "Bad Ass" fics that if dominating the anime fandom currently.

"A Snap In the Right Direction" was overall enjoyable (could have included Pidgeot though). Also Time Travel Fic "Ashes to the Past" has been great so far (note: this is a fic that doesn't take itself too seriously. Ex: Squirtle is a Gurren Lagann Fan and regularly channels Kamina/Simon).

Really I'm just a sucker for those "A Boy and his Mons" fics. Very touching, funny, and generally enjoyable. It's the characters that make the story for me and this is one of the formats that do just that. Actually I'm fine with Original Trainer fics too-it doen't even need to be set in the Anime.
This one was actually pretty good. I enjoyed it. (Ashes)

Any other multi-chapter fics you guys would consider really good? I remember the Sun Soul but I stopped following that one for some reason I can't recall.


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Eh, fair enough. Most of my best crap is not available yet but well...

Pokémon Johto - The Funne Version!!, version 1.0. A novelization of the second generation of Pokémon games, where Kenta Seliro is forced upon a heroic quest to become a Pokémon Master! Whether he wants it or not. Actually, that's especially if he does not want it to happen. Tag along with insane Pokémon, snappy narration, and great(ing) comedy in a journey of greatness and joy! (Remakes not included.)

Pokémon: Thunder Yellow Version, currently not quite alive but not quite dead either. Ash Ketchum, Pokémon Trainer extraordinary! ...or so he will be, once he becomes one. A novelization of the original Pokémon Yellow game with the expansions of the third generation details, meant for glory! ...too bad I can't put myself to write this...

Not, one-shot. A little characterization ditty. Was supposed to have a companion story but... ehffort. I can't write one-shots that well.

Alternate Paths: Destiny of the Chosen ONe, another journey of adventuring starring a ten-year old kid with a little beast of war under his control. This adventure is just like every other such adventure! ...right?

CXD: Resurrection of Evil, an attempt at writing a story more centered on adult characters and situations. Predictably, I failed. (Nah.) My biggest flaw for this one is not having a good start in mind, because I think I have a good middle and end, but I just can't get to them.

...yeah, these can be old. I apologize already.


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Alola, Galar! Champion Sun/Elio decides he's had enough of being the Champion and heads off to the Galar region to have an Adventure.